Lyin' and Cheatin' Stealing and Deceiving... Politics as Usual?

Ba Ba Bad.....Ba Ba Bad
Ba Ba Bad.....Ba Ba Bad

Lyin' and cheatin' and stealin' and deceivin'...

Cheatin' and deceivin' and lyin' and stealin'...

With that, I've just had a song come to mind and it is not a Country music song!

Do you remember the song by Dusty Springfield, 'Wishin and Hopin'?

In lieu of 'Wishin' and 'Hopin', prayin' and plannin' and dreamin'...Insert...'Lyin' and 'Cheatin', stealin' and deceivin' and shady.

{No, shady will not work, it interrupts the natural flow of our Revised Lyrics. Instead, let us go with, schemin'} so let's try it, are you with me?

Lyin' and cheatin' and stealin', deceivin' and schemin'..... that won't get you into his arms!

Yes, that works, but now that song is stuck in my head! Fortunately, it's the Original version, which I have always liked, so it's okay.

Oh my, The Donald has too many people convinced that Ted Cruz is worse than Obama and Hillary and even Hitler.

Well definitely Hillary, because she is just, well you know....we heard it in the Big Reveal over the weekend. Wait for it.......

She is Crooked.

I guess he's diagnosed her with scoliosis or something to do with a curvature? Maybe one of her fingers, that both she and her husband are so good at pointing and wagging, is crooked.

So Hillary gets her 'Crooked' label and then Trump is back to destroying any chance of joining forces with the good Senator from Texas, by continuing with the ever-growing list of labels for Mr. Cruz.

I think Mr.Trump could accuse Ted of being from another......


Lyin' Cruz from another Planet.

No, not Trumpified enough, let's see, how 'bout.....

I've got it, Saturnin' Ted. That's a good one. Also Saturn sounds a lot like 'you know who'. If Trump can somehow link Cruz to 'you know who', all while convincing his Supporters that Cruz comes from another Planet, I think it could work for him. I think it would stick. May be the nail in the coffin!

As soon as Trump starts referring to Cruz as Saturnin' Ted though, I'll begin reading commentary from his Supporters. It will go something like this:

  • "Oh yeah well lyin' Ted isn't even from here, he's from 'you know where'.
  • "Cheatin' Ted is a liar and he's not even from America, he's from Saturn or Pluto or somedamnwhere".

You've read some of the Trumpsters comments too? Oh my, Right? I have to believe that the worst offenders, aren't really Republicans at all, they're posing as Republicans to deflect and wreak havoc! Please God!!!

Seriously, Mr.Trump has unloaded so many nasty names on Senator Cruz, that he has nothing left in his arsenal. All of the ammo has been discharged, but on the wrong guy.

It has been spent on the guy within the same Political Party!

All that he had left to choose from in the Insult Bag, when it was finally time to start insulting Hillary, was Crooked.

Ooo, that's some tough talkin' there. Hillary must be shakin'.

Okay enough of that!

I think that there is some schemin', (oops I can't help myself) going on alright, but it isn't coming from the good Senator from Texas!

I can't figure Mr. Trump out. Lord knows, I've tried. It's not as if he's elusive, he has more Face Time than the latest and greatest Hollywood Hottie or Sports Star or Country music Artist!

But, even so, with all of his Overexposure, I cannot put my finger on it. I've heard all of the theories too. He has a secret pact with Hillary. He never intended for it to go this far. There's a really, really yuge bet on the table...

Yada Yada Yada

Things are down to the wire now and he is indeed a serious contender. He is never is just evident that he is seriously being considered by many.

I do not like it a bit, but Name-calling has 'Trumped' Substance in this Campaign!

We've come so far, here in America, let's get behind the guy with the best one-liners, insults, jabs, etc. Forget substance or considering the shape of things, let's just go with the Rodney Dangerfield of the Republican Party and see what happens!


I have some 'Names' entering my mind, but I'll keep those to myself for now.

Not falling for the guy with the best insults, we need Substance and for that, I haven't reluctantly settled with my choice, I don't just like Ted for President, I Trust Ted for President and I know that he is the best man for the job, at this critical time in America's History!

Posing for Pics at a Cruz Rally
Posing for Pics at a Cruz Rally

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abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 10 months ago from Central Florida Author

No problem. My pleasure! I could have gone on and on!

It is so important for each of us, as Individuals, to know what we believe and why we believe it. Our Beliefs and Values should reach to our very core.

Being Wishy Washy, Following the Crowd or Jumping on the latest Bandwagon, without thought, is never in our best interest.

God Bless!

junko profile image

junko 10 months ago

Thank you for answering my question about your support for Senator Cruz.

abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 10 months ago from Central Florida Author

With a Cruz Presidency, the Constitution would come out of the moth balls and be respected once again and that would be a big plus for all of us!

The Constitution exists for one reason only, it Limits the power of the Government and that is in the best interest of We the People. Mandates are not to be placed on We the People and Obama doesn't care, he is the Mandate Master.

Cruz has said that he wants to close down many Government Agencies that are costly, inaffective and unnecessary.

There are so many regulations and restrictions placed on Small Business Owners that it is stifling (I know, I am one) Those regulations and restrictions limit other new small businesses from ever opening their doors. It should be a positive thing and an American dream to to open a Business. It should not be an endless maze of hoops to jump through. Obama is not a fan of Small Business or Entrepreneurs

The People are not to be so Limited, the Government was designed and intended to be Limited, not us!

Barack and Dems in general are either confused about this or they understand, but choose to ignore it.

There are also Moderate Republicans that are just as bad.

Cruz wants to end the IRS...Hallelujah...can you imagine a life without the IRS? The IRS was never intended to be a permanent fixture in D.C.

I love the idea of a consumption tax via a flat or a fair tax, so does Cruz.

I believe in Ronald Reagan's Peace through Strength Philosophy when it comes to our Military and so does Senator Cruz. He wants to rebuild our tattered and torn, beat down and down-sized Military. I personally believe that a stronger Military is in the best interest of my Grandchildren and that is where my priorities lie.

More and More Government spending on everything BUT the Military is definitely not in their best interest or any American's best interest.

Our Veterans will no longer be The Forgotten Ones under a Cruz Presidency, not a doubt in my mind.

Don't let Trump fool you, Cruz was talking about securing our borders long before Trump decided that he was no longer a Dem.

Securing our borders and ending Sanctuary Cities is a must and Cruz will do that.

junko profile image

junko 10 months ago

Needed to do What? I don't want to argue I just want to understand what some voters hope Cruz can do to help solve the problems of the World. I believevthat is the job of the POTUS. The current President was no match for a House and Senate that wouldn't co-operate. He would be just another first term Senator to become a hated President in the Senate and the House and we the people will suffer more. What would a Cruz Presidency be like?

abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 10 months ago from Central Florida Author

Thanks for commenting.

Actually Conservatives haven't even been allowed into the Bakery. That's why we need Cruz. He is more than ready for Prime Time, in my opinion and so very needed!

junko profile image

junko 10 months ago

Cruz is not ready for prime time in my opinion but what choice has the party of Lincoln. Conservatives baked the cake and now Republicans has to eat the cake.

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