The 3 Middle Easterners that really wanted to cruise around the Marine Camp.
The 3 Middle Easterners that really wanted to cruise around the Marine Camp.
Camp Pendleton, California
Camp Pendleton, California

Three Middle Eastern men , 40-year-old Afghani Ahmad Rahmani Naeem, 41-year-old Iranian Vahik Petrossian and 27-year-old Iranian Sengekdi Norvik Avanosian made two attempts to enter the Camp Pendleton military establishment without authorization.

The three men were heard making threats at a gas station in Oceanside where they stopped for gas. Their remarks were reported by an alert from Be On the Lookout. (BOLO) The men asked for directions to Camp Pendleton. One man drove a rented car and while he was stopped and being questioned the other two entered in an other car and despite being told to wait, they continued into the base until chased down and stopped. All three claimed to be lost and looking for the city of Glendale. They also said they didn’t know each other.

The cars were searched and the only odd thing was the air bag in one car had been removed and then taped back in. Airbags contain a charge that can be used to make pipe bombs. The three were photographed and released but one of them returned and again tried to enter saying he was looking for Interstate 5. His car was searched again and he was escorted to the freeway and barred from returning.

Officials at Camp Pendleton have notified other bases and law enforcement. According to one undercover anti-terrorism officer an incident such as this could be a probe to check out the security procedures.

Despite the peculiar attempts to enter a military base without authorization, a Camp Pendleton official said, "After further investigation, it was determined that the individuals involved were not a threat to MCB Camp Pendleton or any other military installation in the area. MCB Camp Pendleton officials are not investigating these incidents further."

In the same week a flight bound for Oregon from Washington DC was forced to make an emergency stop when three Middle Eastern men were seen acting very strangely. One lay down on the floor and complained of being ill while another became combative with a flight attendant. The plane was diverted to Chicago and the three men removed from the flight

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breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

Where there is smoke there is fire. None of these incidents seem benign to me. Up and useful.

mslizzee profile image

mslizzee 5 years ago from Buncombe County, NC Author

No, to think that they just wandered into Camp Pendleton is so absurd. It is enormous and very awesome looking and obvioulsy a military base.

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona

If nothing else, the gate guard detail will be on hyper-alert for a while...How did the 2nd car get onto the base..? I remember there being a steel bar that restricted entry at the main gate...

This incident reminds me of Beirut, 1983, when terrorists bombers gained access to the marine barracks, killing 299 servicemen, because the gate guards were not allowed to have bullets in fear of causing an incident...I wonder, in light of the present day political correctness permeating the military, if these Marine guards were armed with loaded weapons...

Voted up and useful...Thanks, Larry

mslizzee profile image

mslizzee 5 years ago from Buncombe County, NC Author

From what I read while two of them were keeping the guards busy searching their auto etc, the other just whizzed on by. It's so odd. If the guards at military basis and the borders had the right to shoot and ask questions later, do you suppose fewer people would attempt to enter places where they arn't not supposed to go? A few examples would be good, but of course that would land them in jail, like those 2 border guards that shot back and were jailed. Instead of guarding our borders, we go out of our way to rescue the illegals, give them food and water and escort them home. In fact we even leave water for them in the desert so they don't get thirsty. Is that odd or what?

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