I can't believe that one of the banks that received a bailout is planning a trip to Vegas. What can be going through their minds when there are so many people who are being foreclosed on or being forced to sell or rent out their house to pay their mortgage? I guess that they must be wearing rose colored glasses and are blind to the suffering or misery that surrounds the rest of us.

     You can imagine my outrage on the amount of money being spent and not on what it should be put for. They can lay off thousands of employees, stop the amount of loans given to businesses or customers, and watch our stocks sink as the economy gets worse.

     I guess when you are lving high above in the clouds in a penthouse. There are no signs up there. That people are being thrown out in the streets. The amount of homeless shelters being closed because their are no funds being donated by these same huge corporations, and the amount of homeless are growing by the day. This includes women, men, and children. When you are blind and deaf to people's suffering, than I guess it doesn't matter.

     I don't know about you, but as a citizen who's tax money is being spent on non business expenses, and now we might expect another bonus check. I think that a member of our congress needs to spend a day living on our income and we will see how much they are willing to spend on the next bailout or stimulus package. When you spend a day in someone else's shoes, than you experience a whole different aspect on life.


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