If you think this hub is going to be me venting, you're right, OUR ECONOMY SUCKS. I want to personally invite the boys in Washington to come to work with me for one day. I sell construction equipment and I work with the common, everyday, hard working, show up sick or not, middle class, make the world go round, blue collar worker. I work with the contractors, landscapers, and farmers of this world. Don't tell me the economy is getting better when I get phone call after phone call from a guy who is trying to sell his equipment because he cant stay in business. It's an absolute dog eat dog world for these guys and it's to the point where they have to under bid the job just to get it and all they do is break even, and all that does is just prolong the agony. My heart goes out to these guys. They are some of the hardest working people on this earth. But boy, if you watch the national news they say things are getting better all the time. It scares me. What happened to America? Where a man or woman could start a business and work their tail off and make a decent living. I DONT WANT TO SOUND LIKE A PREACHER OF DOOM, BUT THIS COUNTRY IS IN BIG TROUBLE. It's not America anymore. It's been so depleted by every body's rights by people that are wrong. Not just the economy but morally. This 'if it feels good, do it' attitude is killing us. Nothing is considered wrong anymore. And God forbid you mention that dirty word 'sin'. I believe this is still the greatest nation on earth, and I'm very proud to be an American, but its future scares me. If all of us would stand up for some of the little things that are right, we could make a difference. Instead of all these weirdo groups that scream bloody murder if you step on their toes. You know what it is? It's that the average common man doesn't have time to complain about everything because hes too busy making an honest living, raising his family and maybe even going fishing on the weekend. My point is WE THE PEOPLE need to start being heard. If I sound a little frustrated that's because I am. I love this country and don't want to see it get any worse than it is.

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FanUSA 5 years ago

You absolutely hit the nail on the head. Things are bad for the average worker but, guess what? They are fantastic for the top 2%. Read my blog on: The “Job Creators” Myth where I have addressed one of our problems. The rich are sucking this country dry all the while they are paying the lowest taxes in the last 50 years and are outsourcing our jobs to the Far East. When is the last time you were able to buy anything with "Made in the USA" on the label? I have tools from 30 - 40 years ago which were made in the U.S. and are still in good working order. Buy anything made in China today and it will fall apart in no time at all.

Unless the rest of us who are not considered "job creators" stand up to Washington and let them know that we had enough, nothing will change. Nobody in Washington has been talking about the job problems in months. See your representatives when they come to town during their summer recess and let them know how you feel. You said it so exellently in this blog.

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ansonia 5 years ago

SAM SPOT: I agree with you that we keep being told that things are slowly getting better, yet we see no improvement.

Fan USA: If the top 2 percent of the people in the country could be magically brainwashed into paying 90 percent of their income in taxes, if every tax loophole were closed, and magically, the top 2 percent made no changes, and just tolerated having more of their money taken in taxes, how much closer do you think the government would be to having the amount of money it is currently spending?

Here's another question: If we all paid more taxes, then--knowing what you know about human nature--how likely is it that the government would not increase its spending?

Another question: How likely is it that the government will ever be forced to remain within a budget if it can always impose more taxes or influence the federal reserve to do more quantitative easing?

Last question: What does a government, spending above its means, do to its country's economy?

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FanUSA 5 years ago

Please consider the fact that, not only do the top 2% not pay their fair share of taxes but so do many of America's top corporations - see


And, don't tell me that they generate jobs with all the tax breaks they are getting. The facts prove otherwise.

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ansonia 5 years ago

Would you please quantify what you mean by "fair share"?

I pay 20% of my income in taxes. Do the people in the top 2% of the population also pay 20% of their income in taxes or do they have to pay a higher percentage ? Exactly what percentage of their income do they have to pay in taxes?

Would you please explain why it is fair that we don't all pay the same percentage of our income in taxes if ,in fact, we don't?

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FanUSA 5 years ago

Not knowing your tax situation I can't say if it is fair that you pay 20% especially since I don't know if that rate includes state and local taxes as well as property taxes. While the top Federal tax rate is their 35%, the top tax rate on long term capital gains is only 15% and that's where the rich get their breaks. In addition there are countless tax loopholes (trust funds etc.) which can be employed to lower their taxable income. For example, Warren Buffet admitted that he pays only 17% on taxes and he is amongst the five richest people in the world.

Also, our corporations avoid paying taxes at all cost. See this article by Bloomberg which says it all. The Republicans want to allow corporations to bring back their offshore profits tax free but that is the same as rewarding them for playing games not paying their fair taxes in the first place.


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ansonia 5 years ago


All of my taxes(federal, state, property) add up to 20% of my total income. My federal taxes--alone--are no more than 10% of my total income.

Does Warren Buffett mean that his federal taxes alone are 17% of his total income?

If that's what he means, then compared to people like me who pay 10%, isn't he already paying more than his fair share of federal taxes?

Would you define "fair share " for me?

When I asked him for an information source on all this, my husband suggested I carefully read "Warren Buffett Is Wrong On Taxes" by Stephen Moore. It's in the Wall Street Journal, dated July 28, 2011. He also suggested Chuck, an author for HubPages. I'm just passing that along in case you're also interested in more information.

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