Machines F***ing Machines: Deleuze and Guattarri's Anti -Oedipus

Dead Machines Worshipping Dead Machines

The world as we understand it is a series of codes and flows macro and micro managed by machines.  "Machines driving other machines, machines being driven by other machines, with all the necessary couplings and connections."  Within this world Culture breaks and recodes flows so as to make individual machines more productive for the machines at the top of the Cultural hierarchy, all of whom serve the Cultural machine.  It is a mistake to assume that Culture is anyone's friend or that it helps or benefits anything other than itself.  The Cultural machine desires simply that; to be the Cultural machine and to grow and spread its ideologies across the globe and beyond.  All the while it is breaking and recoding flows in order to accomplish its goal, yet, in doing so it will inevitably transform in ideology and appearance over and over and over again.  Destroying itself while growing, deterritorializing while gaining territory.  The most powerful Cultural machine is the one which can decode the most ideologies while recoding them under its own term, phrase, title or name (identity).  This means ensuring that "the" ideology of the Culture be recoded in a way that a majority of machines can accept and function within it.  This requires a delicate and constant breaking of codes and flows, a rearranging of values and ideas that can then be dressed up and paraded as tradition, as ancient coding for machines to process.  

Like all despots this Cultural machine remains dominant through the use of pain, fear and even outright cruelty.  However, unlike the tyrant this punishing iron fist does not come from the police down the street or the royal guard but rather the machines themselves have internalized the codes of punishment and will whip themselves.  This is needed not only for the sake of keeping the worker machines in line and functioning but also as a means of establishing communal history, identity and culture.  This "cruelty is the movement of culture that is realized in bodies and inscribed on them, belaboring them."  Whereas most machines will tell you that their culture is important to them they cannot tell you why outside of "its part of who I am."  The Cultural machine is no truth making machine but rather an illusion generating machine that desires more illusions for its producing machines.  Indeed it uses these illusions to create producing machines, crush rebellious machine and ensure its own decoding and recoding of the flows.  This is no natural process or flow but rather a twisting of breaks combined to appear as a flow.  All Cultural machines do this, even freshly created ones.  No matter what the initial intention of the machines involved in its creation, all Cultural machines exist for the same reason of decoding the natural flows of process and production and recoding them inside individual machines.  There is no true choice in Culture, as a member, machines are limited in freedom by the codes that have been created by it and will be punished, indeed will punish themselves, if any dare challenge the Cultural beast.  Even rebellion within Culture only happens when the Culture not only allows it but creates it.  Individuality cannot happen where Culture is present.  The Cultural machine is, by definition, a great breaker and divider which offers its machine-slaves no choice beyond how to take it.  What Culture each machine chooses is up to the individual machine, Culture has no preference as long as one is chosen.  It certainly does not believe whatever codes it forces upon its machine-slaves, nor is the spread of Cultural ideas some great revolution of thoughts that happens from time to time.  Cultural events are highly orchestrated by the Culture itself and that is wherein their effectiveness lies.  Cultural machines allow their machine-slaves to choose their own Cultural adventure and through that illusion of choice force the codes of the production into the machine-slave. This is of course not true choice but rather a perverting of the desiring machines will to desire, its desire for desiring, its lack.  "Culture is not the movement of ideology: on the contrary, it forcibly injects production into desire, and conversely, it forcibly inserts desire into social production and reproduction."  In this way any Cultural machine in the world can usurp the will of these desiring machines and command them to produce the desired result, product, society, identity, history or whatever else it may desire to see produced.
What then are we to do?  How are we to free these flows from the coding that the Cultural machine has embedded within each individual machine?  These breaks in flow cannot be restored through the use of more culture.  We cannot use the cultural machine against itself lest we fall victim to its illusions again and destroy it only to have it replaced with yet another Cultural machine.  How can any machine break from the encoding which Culture has forced onto it?  The answer lies with the schizo, the great ridiculous Shaman for whom the codes are but nonsense.  Only the machine that has awakened as "body without organs," that exists solely for the flow and for the creation of more flows, can finally destroy the Cultural machine.  Only the machine for whom there are no breaks, but rather only flows and the transfer of flows can resist the comfort of Cultural security, pride, identity and history in exchange for true choice, freedom and transformation.  But where can we find this schizo?  Where in the Cultures of today are the schizos, decoding all codes and becoming flow?  Perhaps there are no more.  Perhaps our Cultures have become so great that our once mighty Shamans can no longer exist.  There are no more codes for Shamanism in today's Cultures because they have been decoded and recoded into a number of other areas.  Today we have the psychoanalyst, the doctor, the chemist, the artist, the teacher, the astronomer, and so on and so forth.  That is why our heroic schizo the Shaman is nowhere to be found today, yet his parts can be seen peppered throughout our culture.  But if there is no schizo Shaman, strung out on the local plants, naked, running through the streets with a torch, coming to chase away the demons of Culture then what is to be done?  The answer very well may lie within we machines, ourselves.  This reliance on larger machines to constantly decode and recode the flows that produce our reality can only lead, time and time again, to the inevitable fate of slave-machine.  Only in embracing our bodies without organs can we free ourselves.  To live as flow machine, constantly creating different breaks and flows for ourselves, constantly pushing the boundaries of the coding, recoding and decoding until the Cultural machine is replaced by the mass schizo mind, flowing and breaking together as one yet many.  Always shifting and changing, never claiming tradition or value.  Never desiring anything bit desire itself, true desiring of desire, openly and freely.  No complex web of hidden flows and codes, under codes, over codes all designed to keep the Culture living, just flow.

But if we are to abandon the Cultural machine then we must cast off all of its illusion as well.  Its institutions of religion, education, art and all its value systems must be destroyed as well.  Nothing must be saved, not even the memory or history of the Cultures.  Too many machines celebrate their prisons which Culture gives them and thus those must be broken too.  Everywhere that Culture injected its flows into the veins of the earth the new schizo mind must free and allow the flows to spill over.  This means the end of art as object or as an independent process of life.  Art must be liberated from the museums and galleries, no, from the very pages an places within which they exist themselves.  Art will become the way in which life is lived, the art of walking the street, the art of picking fruit, the art of love making, and so on.  Art flows spilling into every corner of life until the lines and codes are unrecognizable.  Returning the mystery to the mysterious and thus allowing for different flows to be discovered.  The schizo must take the flame of education out of the false alter of institutions where it has been dying, illuminating no one, and return it to the streets.  The education of curiousity, discovery and danger are the only real education that any schizo machine needs.  Institutionalized education is for imprinting the Cultural codes into young machines and forcing the internalization of those codes, ensuring that the machine can never escape.  This guarantees the slave-machine a life of repression, self mutilation and nihilism.  Of course the most deceptive and controlling of the Cultural machines is the institution of religion, the great deceiver.  For only religion can take coding so far as to enforce a deep, moral and spiritual system of codes that affect not only the machine in this life but that machine within the machine, the potential master machine as well.  It is the institution of religion that made sure the news of God's death took so long to "come to consciousness."  But indeed if we could be done with the Cultural machine of religion each machine could realize the truth that "the death of God makes no difference to the unconscious" and thus is irrelevant.  Beyond irrelevant, the idea of the life of God may be man's greatest error.  Not because it was false or true but because it is truly a confused question.  The issue with God is that "alive or dead it is still a question of belief: the element of belief has not been abandoned."  How cna we speak of God as having died withotu affirming that He lived?  And how can we say He never lived and not say that God is dead?  It is the concept of God, the word itself and the belief in the word which begins to obscure these investigation.  What do we mean by God anyways?  The great flow?  The greatest breaker of flows?  Both, simultaneously?  If we all had an opinion on this topic we might discuss it but instead we machines yield our will and thoughts to our Cultural machine which demands we love Jesus, or some other diety or denounce all deities.  There is no time for philosophical discourse within the Cultural machine, except behind the walls of the education buildings.  For the schizo God is but a word, even if the schizo finds a truth, or the great truth of truths, you will not here him label it God.  To say this is God is to say all else is not and to say all is God is to say that nothing is not God.  What then is the point of dividing the indivisible to call it the indivisible?  Our very machine language has been created and manipulated by the Cultural machine thus we cannot find a way to communicate anything.  We desiring machines stand at a crux.  Now is the time to liberate ourselves through the desiring of desire alone, through schizo naked moon love and whatever else can be found.  Decoding and recoding all flows to be just that, flows.  For it is in the flow that freedom may be found, the freedom to match different machines to different energy sources, the freedom to create flow from flow, the freedom to be flow.  To become the "universal producer," the schizo, a flow creating flows, "multiple and at the same time limited; the ability to reaarange fragments continually in new and different patterns or configurations."  This is the schizo, this is our heroic destroyer, this is the machine that each of us can be.  Like Nietszche's Overman the schizo is waiting within each machine, waiting to bring on new flows and breaks, to threaten those established by the Cultural, dominator machine.  Free your machine and your ass will follow, the flows are within.

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r0n 6 years ago

If a machine accepts the language governed by a machine, then that machine is a final state in the grammar of a language accepted by that machine. Furthermore, final states infer a dependency on space functionally proportional to the set of transitions from a beginning state to any terminal state. So it's easy to conclude that given any input, a functionally dependent output must exist. What is not so obvious is that there are equivalencies for all non-deterministic finite automata such that the transition graph can be altered but still arrive at the final state, using the same expression. What does this mean? It proves that choice in any machine is illusion regardless of the set of transitions from one state to another. It means machines are regular. That no matter what level you take it to, you can still take advantage of the system, and still make the same conclusive connection to the final state. In fact, you don't have a choice in the matter.

Blaine 5 years ago

If you give me inputs, there are oracles within that will transform them into unpredictable outputs for I am a super-Turing machine.

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