Making "Illegal" Immigrants Legal


If several people broke into your house and made themselves at home, would you set the dinner table and ask them what they want for supper? Would you let them move into your guest room or maybe give them your room and you take the couch? Being nice, how long would you let them stay? How long will you provide for the ones that can't find work? What about paying their doctor bills when they get sick? … and so on, and so on?

Reality is that if someone breaks into your home, they are criminals and you will do whatever you have to do to get them out ASAP!

Well America is OUR HOME and we have been broken into! Rewarding the intruders for breaking into our home is NOT an option. They should answer for their CRIME! They broke our laws and they are criminals!

Here is a potential option as I see it:

  1. Give 60 – 90 days for all persons here illegally to “turn themselves in” and plead “guilty” to a charge of trespassing or whatever legalese that is appropriate for their crime. The Department of Homeland Security already has 48 HUBS (fully computer networked facilities, utilizing facial recognition software, etc. ) located strategically across the U.S. where the illegals could report to for processing.

  2. They should be fined at least $5000 and given 1 year probation with deferred adjudication. They should have 1 year to pay the fine or face further action – to include jail time, etc.

  3. They should apply for (and be granted) a one year work Visa to “work off” the fine. During that year they can start legal process if they wish to remain here and become a citizen.

  4. There should be a background check on all applicants and they should have to account for their residency and work history for the time they have been here. (Obviously, those who have a history of illegal activity or no employment need to be shipped out.)

  5. There should also be a requirement of obtaining and maintaining employment to keep their “work Visa”; and, being on “probation”, they should have to report in monthly and make payments on their fine. Not reporting or missing a payment would be a probation violation.



  1. It gives a legitimate way to resolve the large number of illegals without awarding them blanket amnesty. Amnesty IS NOT FAIR to the thousands of immigrants who have come here and are being processed legally. Those here illegally can “come clean” of their CRIME, become law-abiding members of society and not be “rewarded” for their illegal activity. That is like telling all bank robbers that just because we haven't caught them, we forgive them and they can keep the money they stole.

  2. 11,000,000 immigrants paying a $5000 fine would cover the costs of personnel needed for processing and probation and would have plenty leftover to be used for locating, processing and deportation, etc. of those remaining illegally.

  3. It is a legitimate plan of action. We would not be awarding citizenship to “illegals” because they would not be illegal at this point.

  4. It would help “weed out” criminal elements (I really don't expect many of this group to voluntarily turn themselves in, but there will be some.) Also, by disclosing their whereabouts for the last few years, it will give us clues as to where those who do not come forward might be staying and it will help us close doors that new illegal immigrants might try to come through in the future.

  5. This would establish a way to manage the mass of people who opt into this program.


After 90 days, anyone (citizen or immigrant) that does not have valid identification should be questioned. Anyone that is caught being here illegally at that point should be processed as ILLEGAL, photographed, documented, finger printed, etc. and then deported with the understanding that if they come back they WILL automatically be imprisoned for a minimum of 2 years.

Your thoughts:

This is just an idea off the top of my head. Feel free to post comments on any ideas to improve it or if you have any questions as to why this would not work. Who knows, maybe our discussing it here will give us something to send to the President and Congress.

Definitely get hold of your Senator and Congressman and let them know your stand. They need our input of they will just follow the herd.

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Josak profile image

Josak 3 years ago from variable

This is all actually pretty similar to the amnesty. In the amnesty instead of being fined back taxes will have to be paid but the result is the same, everything else is pretty much the same too.

Obviously illegals already do not qualify for welfare etc.

Jayfort 3 years ago

It should be called what it invasion! And our government is allowing it to happen to create a political "football" that can be passed back and forth for votes.

Justin Earick profile image

Justin Earick 3 years ago from Tacoma, WA

Unless you are Native American, you are an immigrant too, big guy.

There is no such thing as an illegal person.

Have you ever sped in your car or jaywalked? Then you too are an illegal American by your jaded logic.

It is not illegal to cross the border, so your entire premisce is completely false.

BTW, immigrants pay FAR MORE into social services than what they receive back - maybe do a little research before spouting nonsensical falsehoods in a brazen attempt to further your hateful nativist propaganda.

Oh, and net immigration from Mexico less than zero these days, has been for a few years now.

What are you so afraid of anyways? Might it be that brown people just give you the creeps?

"Get off my lawn!"

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

Thank you Justin for making my point - the identification and classification of "legal" immigrant and "illegal" immigrant. The definition of "illegal" is defined by Congress!!!! Not ME!

Get caught breaking the law, we ARE penalized! In all too many cases, when an immigrant is found to be here illegally, they are released.

According to the GOVERNMENT, most "illegal" immigration is from Mexico.

NET IMMIGRATION IS LESS THAN ZERO????? Maybe "legal" immigration, but you are sure ignoring A LOT of sources!

Here is a link to help you get a true understanding of the COSTS of illegal immigrants. I have no idea where you got your numbers, probably from someone in the MSM saying it, but read this link - especially the section titled "Economic and social costs of illegal immigration ":

I do not mind being pointed out when I make an error - I am not perfect and I am NOT always right. But in the future, if you want to call out someone saying that they need to "do a little research", please heed your own advise. Also, if you want to challenge my data, PLEASE include the link to your sources. (MSM is NOT an acceptable source.) I do not use FOX as a source and I do not accept the mainstream media (including FOX) propaganda as "proof".

The idea in this article is simple: "Illegal" immigrants admit their crime, pay a fine and get on with life "legally". WHAT IS WRONG (or prejudice as you infer) WITH THAT?

Jayfort 3 years ago

FYI - Native Americans did not originate in the Americas. Current thought is that they migrated from Eurasia across Beringia (a land bridge across what is now the Bering Sea) when sea levels were lower. They too are immigrants. They have just had a longer term of occupancy than later arrivals.

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

Good point Jayfort... and since there were no immigration laws in place at that time, they were NOT illegal. LOL

Justin Earick profile image

Justin Earick 3 years ago from Tacoma, WA

This is the problem of arguing with fools - simple matters of fact must be relitigated for their benefit.

Unauthorized immigration has been falling since hitting a peak in 2007. Your assertion that the majority of migrants emerge from Mexico is not news and is not germane to net migration. Again, net migration from Mexico is less than zero. They should be the one's complaining, not nativist white people here who simply have an apparent problem with brown people.

Cost of "illegals"? What cost? They avoid paying taxes now - legalize their status and allow them to pay into the system they are already taking advantage of. If their wages increase, then they have more money to put into the economy, which creates more jobs for me, and in turn increases my own wage outlook.

What is wrong with referring to human beings as "illegals"?

For starters, it is not illegal to cross the border. Second, human beings are not illegal, no matter their migrant status. Third, you are not better than them - in fact, the one's who took the initiative and risk to leave their homes and come here are not louts waiting to suckle off the gov't teat. They are patriots who love this country and just want to get to work and feed their families.

I simply do not understand where all of this hatred comes from - my parents certainly did not bring me up to condemn people whose only crime is not being born like me.

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

"For starters", yes it is illegal to cross the border - the way the majority of the "illegal" immigrants have. YOUR reference link (pewhispanic) says: "After four decades that brought 12 million current immigrants—most of whom came illegally—" agrees with me. They are criminals!

That said, the politico and cnbc links (which would not be allowed as a source of "proof" because they are blatant apologists for this administration), in this case, both are agreeing with me. I completely agree that the economy would be aided by the illegals being legal. My point is that I am against blanket amnesty!

The "time" reference you used is slightly eschewed. They totally avoid the primary loss of US funds. Last year Mexico received over $17 BILLION from US immigrants. Income from immigrants is Mexico's 2nd largest source of revenue for their country.

Next... A "fool"?... What is with the name calling? I am one of the furthest from being prejudice, or consider myself any better than anyone. I have not called you anything, though you leave yourself wide open by having an attitude of having to put down someone who has a view different from yourself. You have done GOOD by supplying supportive links, but then to demean yourself by calling me a fool and throwing a false accusation that I would consider myself any better than them... Where did that come from? Don't lower yourself to the level of the left media tactics.

We can have a healthy discussion and try to come up with a solution to a MAJOR issue. Countering views is good and can lead to progress. That said, I have posted a "potential" solution. You have indicated that my having an idea is somehow racist and inflecting a superiority over them. Question: What is YOUR SOLUTION?

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

Justin, as it is obvious by your last comment which I am not going to approve, you have not even read my blog. I will repost the only paragraph that has any (and that being questionable) value to the conversation. (For anyone reading this, his other two paragraphs were pointless, name calling etc.)

You said: "Solution? Stop labelling human beings as illegals. Stop imagining the deportation of 11 million inhabitants. Stop with the blatant discrimination. Offer many more work visas, stop limiting Mexican migration to the same numbers as Sri Lankan migration, and employ a simple path to citizenship retroactively to current inhabitants whom already pay sales taxes and fees."

First, it is not a label. A person who steals is a robber, a person exceeding the speed limit is a speeder and a person who enters the country illegally IS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT! Call them what you want, but they are what they are. You can call someone "vertically challenged", but that won't make them tall. Call them what you want, but if they broke into YOUR house, you would be calling the police. Break into a house or break into a country; they still broke the law!

Second, had you read my blog, NOWHERE does it say to deport 11 million people. Whatever you been drinking or smoking, you might aught to quit. You are seeing things.

Third, NOWHERE is there "blatant discrimination". The process to become legal will work for every illegal immigrant no matter where they come here from.

Fourth, "offer MORE work visas"???? In my blog, I have suggested work visas for ALL of them. How many more can I offer? (Had you read the blog, you would have known that.)

Fifth, you got me on the "limiting migration"! I have NO CLUE what planet you got that from.

Sixth, the entire blog "IS" A SIMPLE PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. (Again, you would have known that if you had read it.)

For future comments, either add to the conversation or just go somewhere else.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 3 years ago from USA

Since when a bank robber is hired by our society? Since when a bank robber corresponds to our national demand?

I agree with you Justin.

No Native Americans opened their borders for the flow of the European dregs, that is how we were called, to invade their country, did they? Therefore every American born that can't justify his/her presence through DNA with the Native Americans is illegal. Therefore who are we to judge them?

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

Maxoxam41 - So let's follow your logic. Since your ancestors, by your logic, came here illegally over 200 years ago, you have to accept anyone who does the same thing today. That is like saying that since you had an ancestor who was a murderer, you cannot prosecute any murderers now?

(I can say "your" ancestors may have come here illegally because mine migrated LEGALLY from Germany in the 1930's and EARNED their citizenships. )

You can't justify current crime because because you were related to someone who committed the crime over 200 years ago. If that were the case, none of us could prosecute anyone for any crime because most all of us has an ancestor that has done almost everything. LOL

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 3 years ago from USA

Don't use fake parables to make a point. Every native in any country can pass the DNA test. You are an illegal as I am. You have no more legitimacy than the Mexican crossing the border. Your ancestors came without the acquiescence of the natives. Same as Israelis with Palestine.

It is not a crime to me. When corporations are stealing the wealth of our country you stay silent. Why aren't you protesting? But when it comes to poor individuals, you are ready to shoot at them!

The Jews are incessantly blaming the Germans, why wouldn't I?

You are still a criminal. You want to do the right thing then give the Natives their country back!

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

OK, you can be a criminal because of what an ancestor of yours did and go pay whatever penance you feel it would take to PAY for your crime; but as to the topic of this blog..... I am simply providing a possible solution for persons who are illegal in accordance to the Laws made by our Congress to become legal. I did not declare them to be illegal, the LAWS did.

IF YOU ARE GUILTY (because your ancestors were not "native"); then, by your own definition, wouldn't current immigrants be equally as guilty as the rest of us?

Since "giving the country back to the natives" is obviously not an option that we would be able to achieve, what is your alternative solution for you (and the rest of us) to NOW become legal and what is your solution to make all the current illegal immigrants legal? Where do you see that my ideas could be modified? Please focus on potential solutions rather than just putting other people down.

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

I came across an article that shows another reason that blanket amnesty is NOT a good idea - that we need to close the border, identify and document all illegals, BEFORE giving amnesty!

Shi Tuck 3 years ago

How was this $5,000 number acquired?

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 3 years ago from USA

Like Israel we invaded America, we established colonies and now it is ours! Who do you want to fool? We are all illegals. But now YOU want to control the flux of populations based upon which right? That's their right to come here as it was your ancestors' rights. Did they ask the permission to Sitting Bull or Geronimo? No why would Mexicans do so? We stole their lands, Mexicans can too. In what way are more entitled than them? I am pretty sure that anthropologically they are closer to the Natives than a Kennedy.

My solution, no borders.

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

Shi Tuck.... $5,000 is not a set fee and the exact amount would need to be determined by by those who would administer the program. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it costs the US Government $5000 - $15000 PER PERSON (depending on the scope) to administer programs that need monitoring and verification of compliance. The concept of paying a fine is to recoup administrative fees (much like the fees paid by people on probation and parole) and to establish some form of penalty for those that are here illegally (just like what we would pay if we were caught committing many other crimes).

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 3 years ago Author

maxoxam41... First off, your utopian concept of "no borders" is unsustainable and illogical. Even the bedroom you sleep in has walls (borders) so that people that have no business in your room can just walk in and out as they see fit. (Do you let the people in your neighborhood walk in and out of your house, using your utilities, etc. as THEY see fit?) Your house, your school district, you municipality, your state, etc. - ALL have borders. No civilized country will ever exist without borders.

Second - YOUR ancestors may have invaded Israel or America or Italy or Europe or any other place in the world throughout history, but it is all irellivant to NOW! Every country, once established, has borders and they build defenses to protect their borders. ANY country that cannot defend her borders WILL lose their country. History WILL repeat itself continuously. Even your "native " Americans (like Sitting Bull and Geronimo) established and protected "their" borders from the other "native" Americans. Apache, Comanche, Cherokee, etc. were all conquerors who took territory from tribes that were unable to defend their borders.

You attempt to defend the concept of having an open-border with Mexico and the rest of the countries of the world. Feel free to walk into Mexico (or ANY other country - your choice) and live "illegally" in that country. Let me know (if you survive their prison system) how it went for you. :-)

Godvox 2 years ago

By law they are ALL to be shot ON SIGHT ..period..end of discussion

Rheagl profile image

Rheagl 2 years ago Author

Godvox - I have to admit that I do not know what the law is for this, but there is no doubt that your solution would work to stop the influx. LOL

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