Making Terrorist Threat Public?

ALL Events Should Assume Targets!

Much like Donald Trump (among many others) believes that the U.S. should not announce plans for fighting terrorists (or anyone else for that matter), I have to say that announcing a list of potential targets (which AnonymousHackers has done today) is only a good idea if those targets are CONFIRMED.

Unless something is a known target, we are simply spreading the fear of terrorism, which plays right into the hands of ISIL. However, if we have a confirmed threat, then the event should either be cancelled or the public warned so that it can make personal decisions about attending potential dangerous events.

My personal position is that EVERY event and location should be considered a target by every concerned, sensible person. Take precautions and be alert if deciding to attend. Decide for yourself what the potential risks are and whether the event is worth the risk.

Isn't this just common sense?

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