Malala Yousafzai Issue

Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan

Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan
Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan | Source

Holy Koran Sanctions Punishment

Talibans Try To Assassinate Malala Yousafzai

The whole world is boiling because the Talibans in Pakistan have shot a fourteen years old girl by name Malala Yousafzai who gave a statement against the Talibans. The girl Malala Yousafzai is seriously injured and is battling for her life in a Peshawar hospital in Pakistan. Even if she is saved by the doctors, the Talibans have threatened to kill her. What is the issue involved here? Girls’ education is the burning topic that has taken a heavy toll of lives of girls like Malala Yousafzai.

Holy Koran Bans Girls’ Education

Talibans are opposed to girls’ education as they say that the Holy Koran, Prophet Mohammed and Allah are against giving education to girls. Talibans feel that girls have to be confined to their houses and they should not be allowed to venture out and mingle with even other girls let alone males. Talibans say that it is a sin against Islam and blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed to give education to girls. If at all a girl is to be educated, it has to be Shari at, Holy Koran and Prophet Mohammed’s teachings and even such education should be confined to the home and not outside, according to Talibans.

Talibans Murdered School Girls in Afghanistan

Talibans banned education to girls in Afghanistan when they were in power. Though the Hamid Karzai government is allowing girls to go to schools now, the Talibans are throwing acid bottles on the faces of school girls and murdering them in broad daylight. Malala Yousafzai, a fourteen year old girl defied the Talibans and ventured out to attend school in Pakistan. Talibans got angry and shot at her. Malala Yousafzai is now in hospital.

It Is None of Others’ Business

I do not understand why the world should boil at this episode. Christians, Hindus and Jews have no right to comment on this episode as Muslims have a right to manage their own affairs. It is none of the business of others to interfere in the internal affairs of a religion. Talibans are Muslims and the girl who was shot at is also a Muslim. What right the others have to comment on this episode?

Islam Prohibits Girls’ Education

Many Muslim theologians and scholars agree that Islam is against girls’ education. Muslim people also agree to this. Muslims think that whatever Prophet Mohammed has said should be obeyed without questioning. Therefore there was nothing wrong on the part of the Talibans to enforce the Islamic code of conduct in Pakistan. Pakistan people also support the Talibans. A recent public survey indicated that the Pakistan public consider India and Hindus as their number one enemy and not the Talibans. The Pakistan people consider Talibans as their friend and saviour.

Holy Koran Sanctions Punishment

When the Talibans attacked the World Trade Centre New York and killed close to four thousand Americans, USA retaliated and killed more than one million Muslims in Afghanistan. That was an understandable and correct action by USA in punishing the Talibans. But in the present case, the Talibans are trying to enforce an Islamic code of conduct in Pakistan which is an orthodox Muslim nation. They enjoy the backing of the Pakistan public. Therefore I support their action and the people of Pakistan are entitled to enforce Islamic code of conduct through Talibans. If anybody fails to cooperate, there is nothing wrong in eliminating them as the Holy Koran itself sanctions it. One cannot make an exemption to this rule just because the person happens to be a fourteen years old girl

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maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

What a degenerative way of thinking! Before the American involvement in Afghanistan Talibans did not even exist! The Americans caused the retrogradation of countries it invaded. And you are justifying their killing of a million of Afghans because the US government itself attacked the twin towers?

If women had guns, you would see if you would open your mouth! You are a shame to the human species to justify once again the attack of a young by dogs who have no education, the same ones who are insulting your country worldwide by their actions. If Mohammed was an idiot so will you? If ever he really said so in Quran. People who really read it say that he is generous, why would he be pleased in the killing of a girl? How would you think if it was your daughter? Only slave-minded like you can agree with idiots killing children!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to maxoxam41:

I do not understand whether you are supporting Prophet Mohammed or opposing it or supporting America or opposing it. But one thing is clear. You are supporting Malala. Sitting from USA, you may pass comments about Malala and Talibans. You should understand that Islam prohibits girls' education. Prophet Mohammed never gave important posts or insisted on their going to schools. Women have to be covered with burqa and confined to home, according to Islam. Many Islamic scholars also agree to this. You say that Talabans are not educated. They may not be educated in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry but definitely they are Islamic scholars.

You say that it is the Americans who have encouraged the Talibans. I agree to it to a limited extent. For countering Soviet invasion of Afghanistan which was affecting USA's geo-political interests in the region, USA did prop up the Talibans for a brief period. The honeymoon ended soon with the Talibans considering USA as their bitter enemy.

I do not subscribe to the view that USA attacked the World Trade Centre. People talk something sensationally and become popular. There were talks that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide and lived for thirty more years in a Latin American nation. There were rumours that Armstrong did not really land on the moon. While these theories are interesting to read, I cannot accept them as true without strong evidence.

You say if women had guns my mouth would be shut. Don't worry. Even without women taking to guns, enough assassinations are committed every day to make news! You say I am a shame to justify the attack on a young girl by those you describe as dogs. Dogs have high loyalty. Talibans are highly loyal to Islam. USA is number one enemy of the Talibans and they want to kill all the Americans including you! And mind you, Malala is not opposed to such an action by the Talibans.

You ask if Mohammed was an idiot, so will I? You speak as though I am a follower of Prophet Mohammed. I only stated in my article that the Talibans are true followers of Mohammed and not me. You ask what would I do if Malala is my own daughter. If I were a Muslim and Malala is my daughter, I myself will kill her for wanting to practice Hindu culture because Hindu girls give importance to education. By insisting on girls' education, Malala was justifying Hindu culture.

But I am educating my own daughters in schools in India because I am not a Muslim. Prophet Mohammed's insistence on girls should not be educated is applicable only for the Muslims and not for other religions and so I do not follow his advice. I am a supporter of girls education for other religious people.

If Malala and her supporters are so particular about girls' education, they should come out of Islam and convert themselves to Hindus or Christians or Jews and then canvass for girls' education. That will make sense. Instead of remaining as Muslims and opposing their religious tenets, they should have the guts to throw away their religion and become free.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

Talibans, islamic scholars? I've never heard of such nonsense. The only schalars would be the imams and I pretty sure that they transgress the law since I saw in a documentary men using dancing kids as their sexual toys or girls marrying old perverts. If you as a man can't see the difference between wrong or right, especially an educated where does your society go? Obscurantism.

It is interesting that you can't support those rumors because there is no tangible evidence to sustain their existence but what Mohammed said hundred years ago, the mathematician that lives through logic and rational, admits it as true! I guess it is convenient for you. It is convenient for old men to marry young girls, it is convenient for you to keep girls, women far from education for them not to overpower you. It is called insecurity.

Unfortunately for you there are evidence of the American attack on the Twin towers. That Hitler flew to South America it is a possibility but remains a possibility, although not realistic. Given the new finds concerning the moon it is not likely that Armstrong walked on the moon. However, I'm not a mathematician, but it seems that I have more reason than you!

That's true that's what people like you need loyal dogs and when the wind will turn bye, bye loyalty. They only act in their interests and yours since you justify their barbaric actions. They have the guns therefore the power. I read a lot about Saladin. He would be the epitome of a religious man by his tolerance. And when facing a valiant knight, he respected for his qualities. I guess the man prevailed over religion.

By wanting to kill all the Americans, including me, I understand, after all we created them. The monster always bites the hand that nourished him. Salafists are not representative of Islam. People like you are used by the US to destabilize Libya, attack Syria... You obey to us when we snap our fingers. Is it what your people (the one that doesn't criticize, the one that accepts the killing of a child) are about? Easy to manipulate? We created the Talibans and you accepted them. No criticism at all. We bring evil to rule people, and people embrace them. Is this self-determination? I don't think so! Look at Syria, it's fighting for its freedom, for its secularism. That's what I call People! Not a bunch of sheep ready to servitude Allah or Vishnu!

Hindu women are educated? Are you joking? Ask the intouchables, the peasants...! India is under our power, let's see what will happen if it decides to rebel from our authority! You are living in dreamland.

Now you removed your mask. You are Hindu. You think there is no extremism in your society? As an Indian you can't be objective. Since the Indian/Pakistani partition, where they killed each others like animals, there's a vivid hatred between both communities. You will tend to point fingers at each others more often than we, westerners, would do it. Don't dream, as I said it, if India decides to break free from the US domination, we will destabilize your country by supporting financially the right wing, the same one that attacked Prashant Bushan and we will see, if your daughter will go to school or not, and we will see if they will kill her or not if she suddenly decides to speak in the name of freedom!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Talibans are undoubtedly Islamic scholars and they interpret Islam in the correct sense. Those who oppose Talibans and their actions call them as brutal people. Those who oppose Talibans call themselves as moderate Muslims. There is no such thing as moderate Islam or soft Islam. Islam is a brutal religion. It encourages violence and killing. It accords cruel punishment including stoning to death for acts committed against Prophet Mohammed. Talibans have interpreted Islamic laws correctly whether people like you like it or not.

As a Hindu, I do not agree with the preachings of Prophet Mohammed or the actions of Talibans. But at the same time if I were a Muslim, I would have supported them. If Muslims do not like the hardcore preachings of Prophet Mohammed, they should come out of Islam and convert themselves to Hinduism or Christianity instead of remaining in Islam and criticising the Talibans who only advocate the path of Prophet Mohammed. If Talibans are brutal, so does Prophet Mohammed. If I am employed in a company and they impose strict rules which I do not like (like for example night shift), I should quit the company and join a company which I like. But remaining in the company and refusing to follow its rules and regulations is not correct.

Rumours are rumours till they are convincingly proved. If the evidence that US government attacked World Trade Centre is true, then it would have made a bigger wave than the Watergate scandal of yesteryears. The fact that it has not shows that the so-called evidence is not a real evidence at all.

You talk about aged people marrying little girls. In Islam there is nothing wrong in it. Prophet Mohammed himself married Aysha when he was 54 and Aysha was just 6 years old. Therefore Islam does not oppose pedophiles. But I am opposed to it if people of other religions follow it.

Syria is not fighting for secularism. Once Assad is overthrown, they will follow a fundamentalist Islamic path guided by Talibans and Al Qaida. I never said Hindu women are educated. There are educated as well as uneducated women in Hindu. For that matter there are uneducated women in every religion. No religion has 100% literate people. But Hinduism does not oppose girls' education. In fact the goddess of education Saraswati is herself a woman.

You say India is under your power. The sentence is not clear about whose power you mean. I guess you are suggesting that India is under US control. India rebelled from your power and went nuclear. What could you do? Second time India tested a nuclear bomb and what could you do? You imposed sanctions on Iran but Iran is least bothered. You never recognised a country called People's Republic of China. Today your departmental stores are flooded with Chinese goods including toys. What could you do?

You say I removed my mask and exposed me as a Hindu. But I have never lied in my article that I was a Buddhist or Jain or Christian or Muslim. It was a figment of your own imagination to assume that I had hidden my religious identity. I am proud to call myself a Hindu. There is no need to hide my identity. I have never said there is no extremism in Hindu society. There is extremism. In fact in every society there is extremism. When a twelve year old boy shoots the teacher and other students in a classroom in USA, it is also extremism. No country or no society is devoid of extremism. It is present everywhere.

Yes, Indians and Pakistanis killed each other like animals. Settlers in USA killed the red Indians like animals. White people killed the aborigines like animals. Colonialists butchered the local people in many South American nations. Japanese massacred Chinese when they invaded China and captured a part of it including Manchuria. History is replete with numerous such examples. To list everything here is difficult for want of space and time.

If because of such killings Indians cannot see things objectively, so also the Americans and many other people. You say we Indians have hatredness against Pakistan. In that case why should I support the Talibans? In fact the Talibans are hostile against India but still I support many of their actions because they conform to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed whose teachings I do not follow or like.

You say you will finance the right wing in India. Right wing is ruling the roost in India. Left has very small base in two states West Bengal and Kerala. In West Bengal also the Left base is eroding because Bangladesh Muslims are fast occupying the West Bengal. In another ten years time there will be no Hindus in West Bengal and with that the Left will also die a death. Indian people support the Right parties even without your finance. Your country is economically struggling. It is dependant on borrowed money for survival. China is fast eclipsing your country both in economic power and military might. In another decade, your country may have to saute the mighty Chinese. You have much bigger things to worry. If the Talibans capture power in Pakistan as is most likely, they will acquire the Pakistan nuclear bombs. Few bombs will be dropped on your country first. When this big threat looms large, you will no longer have the time and mind to worry whether my daughters are properly educated or unless you play fiddle in the burning Rome. Even if my daughters are killed, that may not save your country from the attack of China and Talibans. That will only be a poor consolation to celebrate for few days.

Prashant Bushan wants Kashmir to be handed over to Pakistan. Already he is no popular person in India except among the Indian Muslims. India and Indians do not care what happens to him as they have better things to focus and work.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

Iraq, Iran have an education rate superior to 55% for muslim countries, can India say so? Obviously not! Iraq was at a 100%. I am pretty sure that your country has the lowest among the women that are educated! India has also its amount of pedophiles (unfortunately for you, I don't recall that in India old perverts did not marry young girls) especially in the country side. Therefore I will too assume that India doesn't condemn it! For a mathematician you lack of rigorism!

Syria is not secular? Are you only educated in mathematics?

Yes you did hide by justifying the attack on Malala and then, by pointing fingers at Islam! Why not talking about the acid attacks, the immolations of women in your country? Or it doesn't happen anymore?

Russia has also the nuclear, it did not impede us to foment upheavals few weeks ago!

You were right to list everybody's barbarity, it goes against the innuendoes of your article that gives the monopoly of violence to Muslims.

The difference between the relationship between the Native Americans /"white" majority and the Indians/Pakistanis is the tension is still existing at the border of the two countries. If my memory is good, there were shots exchanged not a long ago between the guards in faction.

I guess I did not express myself well, I meant the extreme right wing! Or better, you just gave America the solution, we could take advantage of the religious dissenssions undermining your country to develop the Indian spring.

If Pakistan has to drop bombs, I will first count on their visceral hate for India (that is more accessible) to regain the land lost during the partition!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

India can certainly claim a superior rate of education compared to majority of countries in the world. Indian scientists outnumber the scientists in many countries. Indian software engineers have made their mark both in India and abroad including USA. Obama has to make outsourcing of jobs to India as an election issue. This could not have been possible without education. USA refused to sell supercomputer to India but India developed its own. India developed nuclear technology which was indigenous. What more proof is needed for the superiority of Indian education? IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is ranked at par with MIT in USA. Indians are employed right from Pentagon to NASA and in other countries. Is this possible without superiority of education? Has Iraq produced so many software engineers or scientists or nuclear technologists like India? Are Iraqis employed worldwide like Indians? Is Obama scared of outsourcing of US jobs to Iraq?

Indian women have also made their mark in education like their male counterparts. Indian women are taking up high end jobs in places like US, Europe etc. So much is the progress of Indian women that extremist organisations like KKK (dot busters) are targeting Indian women elsewhere.

Yes India has its amount of pedophiles. So also USA or for that matter any other country. Pedophiles cannot be wiped off from any country. Every nation including India condemns it with the possible exception of Muslim countries. Muslims logically do not consider pedophiles as criminals because Prophet Mohammed at the age of 54 married Aysha who was 6 years old at that time. When Prophet Mohammed himself has shown the way, what is wrong if an ordinary Muslim does it? Indian government has recently amended the law and has raised the age of consent for sex to 18. In many so called developed and Western countries, the age of consent is very much less compared to Indian law. For example in Spain it is only 13. Compared to many other countries like Spain and many states in USA, Indian government and media are acting against pedophiles.

I did not say Syria is either secular or not. What I said was once Assad is overthrown, see the consequences when Al Qaida and Talibans create problems there.

I did not hide anything while justifying the attack on Malala. I have not written my views covertly. Overtly and directly I justified attack on Malala by the Talibans as she had violated the preachings of Prophet Mohammed and deserves punishment in the name of Holy Koran. You are asking why not I talk about acid attacks and immolations in India. If I write about them, you may ask why not I talk about school students in USA shooting and killing their teachers and fellow students, why not I talk about drug addiction in USA, why not I talk about teen aged girls getting pregnant and coming to schools with their babies, why not I talk about second rated treatment to the blacks in USA etc etc etc. So many things I can talk and I am talking. Malala issue is not the only article I have written. I have written more than five thousand articles right from stock market investment to Indian victory in the cricket world cup in 2011. I will continue to write on many issues.

You may foment upheavals in Russia and kill a few hundred people here and there. But Russia will not collapse because of this. It is a great nation. Even before USA ever thought of space programmes, Russia launched its series of Sputniks. Even before USA knew the technology of descending on land from space (it was descending on sea), Russia knew it. Now that the repressive communist government is also gone, Russia will bounce back. You cannot stop its progress and will have to content with planting such upheavals here and there.

I have not stated in my article that Muslims have the monopoly of violence. In fact the Talibans killed four thousand Americans through their attack on world trade centre. Americans killed one million Muslims in Afghanistan. Who is more violent?

You stated the difference between native Americans/white and India/Pakistan is that tension is still prevailing among Indians and Pakistanis. Had the red Indians been alive, such tension will be prevailing even now. But the white people have massacred all the red Indians and have silenced their protests. This is the only difference.

Extreme right? Ha ha ha, all the political parties and politicians in India are extreme right only. Nobody is centre Right or Left. Indian spring? It is taking place in every election. Congress is replaced by the BJP and BJP by the Congress, then by NDA, then by UF etc etc. If you don't consider these things as Indian spring, what else it is?

Yes, India is in the neighbourhood of Pakistan and logically the first nuclear bomb should land on New Delhi or some Indian city. But when the Talibans took pains to target the World Trade Centre New York and killed four thousand Americans, is any guess needed where the first Pakistani bomb will land if the Talibans gain power in Islamabad (the day is not far)? Go to any Pakistani city and mingle with the people there. The Pakistanis talk only about destroying USA and killing the Americans. When you mention that you are an Indian, they eagerly ask whether they could so and so Bollywood (not Hollywood) movies. Indian music, dance, saris worn by Indian women and so many things ring honey in Pakistan people's ears. Yes, they are anti India. Yes, they hate India. Yes, they are antagonistic towards India. But inspite of all these things, the first nuclear bomb is likely to land on Kansas city or New Yord or Washington. Your prediction is quite off the mark. My prediction will become the reality. That will prove my mathematical precision. Albert Einstein used his mathematics to predict Physics theories. I am using my mathematical sense to predict the doomsday for USA and Americans at the hands of the Talibans. You said I am educated only in mathematics. Maybe, but that is more than sufficient. You can apply a mathematical model to every problem confronting the world and predict the exact results. It doesn't need anything more than mathematics!

alikhan3 profile image

alikhan3 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

calm down guys....

now Mr . Remikamme u need to prove that islam forbades women from getting education ... or Taliban are following True Islam ........ let me tell you that suicide atacks are strictly prohibited in islam........

Pl prove with relevant references from islamic teaching as for what u have said above....

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

We were talking about women let's not divert! You know that I am right. Did you know that journalists are objective? Contrary to a number of hubbers, I am objective.

I've never said that India was not technology oriented or creative!

Iraq, too, has a solid scientist based educated men labor force! It is factual. Most of Muslim students are gratuated in science.

If the US employs Indians, it's because they are cheaper but also you have to acknowledge that the religious obedience of the Iraqis goes against the Americans'.

Why aren't Indian women working in their own country like most of the other women? Indians need the American employment, not Iraq. Iraq has oil to ensure the prosperity of the country. No dependence!

By pedophilia, I referred to the one that is publicly accepted like in Afghanistan, India and many other poor areas of any under or in development countries! I was not referring to the worldwide scourge.

I am tired that you refer to Muhammed that died years ago to justify pedophilia Since you are hindu why not refer to your prophet's instead of muslims'.

If Assad is overthrown, Al qaeda that we created will rule the country, to my regret. That is the reason why I want Syria to keep fighting for it to remain independent and sovereign!

Since you are not objective as an hindu, you will tend to criticize islam more than hinduism. I told you that islam has a soft branch and you rejected it! Sufism is. Notice that I am an Atheist. But you have to be realistic in your statements.

You never stated it, it is more subtle!

Many Russian states seceded from the Union! It is the "Divide to conquer" logic!

Once again, check your facts, we have Native Indians in our country. No our ancestors did not massacred them all, fortunately!

By Indian spring, I was alluding to a coup, not a civilian disagreement with the actual government. Like what happened in Egypt! Our puppet!

You are telling me that cavermen like the Talibans attacked the US. It makes no sense. It would be more consistent to accuse people with financial means first, then consider who it will benefit to? But I guess, your knowledge on us is limited! Didn't we possess the exploitation of the oil fields in the countries we invaded? Wasn't it our goal?

You did not convince me. I still believe that you would be the first to taste the nuclear bomb.

Which mathematician will allude to Einstein? He was a liar, a plagiarist

James Maxwell, Lorentz, Larmor, Poincare, Olinto de Pretto (who discovered FIRST that e=mc2),... were the real fathers of what "Einstein" found!

With mathematics, you advance theories, it doesn't mean that they will solve the problem. Example, the math used to support capitalism, failed the economies that depended upon! The mathematical model failed the theoretical application on economies!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to alikhan

Islam treats women as inferior. There are many proofs for this.

So said Arlene Peck, in his article "Arab Men Treat Their Farm Animals Better Than Their Women":

"The animals and woman do, however, have one thing in common: both are used for breeding. In the case of Islamic fundamentalists, women are used as breeding stock for future terrorists, or now, often, as suicide bombers. Come to think of it, goats and camels are treated better. They're not forced to wear those hot and repressive burkas."[1]

According to Islamic theology, women are not equal to men, as women are deficient in intelligence and cannot equal men in piety (Bukhari Vol. 1:Book 6:No 301). They inherit only half that of men.

Women are also considered unclean in Islam as says the Quran (4:43): “Believers, approach not prayers with a mind befogged or intoxicated until you understand what you utter, nor when you are polluted, until after you have bathed. If you are ill, or on a journey, or come from answering the call of nature, or you have touched a woman, and you find no water, then take for yourselves clean dirt, and rub your faces and hands.”

Hadiths also compare them with unclean pigs and dogs: “Narrated 'Aisha: The things which annual prayer were mentioned before me (and those were): a dog, a donkey and a woman. I said, "You have compared us (women) to donkeys and dogs. By Allah! I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in (my) bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I disliked to sit and trouble the Prophet. So, I would slip away by the side of his feet." (Bukhari Vol 1, Book 9 No.493)

Moreover, most of the women will be the dwellers of hell (Bukhari 1.22.28, Muslim 1.142)

Islam does not recommend education to women. This is what the Talibans are strictly advocating and following. Talibans are true followers and interpreters of Islam.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

I have not diverted. By way of reply to your points I too had to digress from the main topic. The main topic degenerated from the Malala issue to where atrocities are taking place most - in India or USA. You are arguing that India tops the atrocities by quoting old aged people marrying girls children, extremism and other things. I am arguing that USA tops the atrocities by citing inferior treatment by white people to blacks, drug addiction, shooting of school teachers and fellow students by young people, teenage pregnancy etc. I had not deliberately diverted from the topic. If I don't reply to your points, you and other readers who follow our arguments closely may mistake that I have no counter points to offer which is not the case.

You say I know you are right. In what point? I accept that for a Hindu like me and an atheist like you, the Taliban acts represent sheer barbaric doing. I cannot digest a terrorist organization killing a 14 years old girls. It is crude and unacceptable. However from the Muslims' point of view, Malala deserves this punishment as the Sharia laws prescribe crude punishments like stoning to death for an act committed against the preachings of Prophet Mohammed. Had I been a Muslim, I would have killed Malala for opting for a Hindu culture in a conservative Muslim land. There was nothing wrong on the part of the Talibans to commit it. Please note that had the Talibans killed a Christian or Hindu or Jewish girl, I would have opposed it tooth and nail. Islam prescribes harsh punishment. There is no point in criticising Islam and Prophet Mohammed for this. If a Muslim like Malala does not like it, then let him or her come out of Islam and embrace Hinduism or Christianity or become a Jew and then follow freely whatever she wants. I am not against that. If you don't like apple but like orange, there is no point in criticising apple. Apple is an apple and will always taste the way it is. If you don't like it, don't criticise the apple, throw the apple out and eat orange or any other fruit you like. This is my point. You claim you are an objective hubber. I am happy at this. But other people should complement you for that. Self complementing is not a right thing to do.

Your point about Iraq is correct. During Saddam Hussein's regime, Iraqis enjoyed access to education and the country was also secular. Saddam Hussein was not an Islamic fanatic. USA overthrew him and opened the floodgates for the entry of Al Qaida and Talibans into Iraq. Iranian influence has also increased in Iraq as both are Shia countries. USA did a foolish thing in overthrowing the Saddam regime. You may claim your puppet is ruling Iraq but the puppet is unable to tackle many hostile forces that have entered Iraq. Very soon, Iraq may either disintegrate or fall into the domain of Iran directly or indirectly. More than ten thousand US soldiers have been killed so far by these hostile forces and the US army was forced to vacate Iraq to save further loss of lives. You call your country powerful but see the loss of lives in your puppet country.

So you say US is employing Indians not because of their good education but because Indians are cheap? If a person offers his 'services' for a cheap rate will US software companies employ them even if they cannot type a single word in the computer? Your argument is totally wrong even while you claim you are objective. My understanding is that US companies are preferring Indians because of (1) their good education (2) their knowledge in the domain (3) mastery of English language by the Indian educated people (4) discipline of Indians (5) they are available for a cheap rate. Please note that Indians' services are cheap only to America. Indians consider earning in US or any other part of the world is rewarding as they receive more pay than in India itself.

I don't understand how the religious obedience of Iraqis goes against the Americans. Are the Americans against religious obedience? I don't think so. There are many Americans attending the Sunday Church Service even today (maybe their numbers have fallen over the years). Many Americans give importance to religion and religious duties. Moreover if the Iraqis are showing religious obedience, in what way it hurts America or Americans? I can't understand.

You are raising a question as to why most of the Indian women work in their own country India like other women. The answer is already most of the Indian women are working in India only and only a small percentage of Indian women take jobs abroad. You say Indians need American employment and not Iraqis. Will any American software company employ as many Iraqis as it is employing Indians? Never. Because Iraq has no educational standard equal to that of India. You say Indians need American employment and are dependant on it. The fact is that USA needs Indians and the Chinese to run the show. Send all the Indians and Chinese back home, US will collapse like a pack of cards. You need us and we don't need you. Indians find enough employment and business opportunities within India because of huge domestic population. The same case with China.

Your another point is wrong. You say pedophiles are publicly accepted in India, Afghanistan and many other poor areas. You are off the mark as far as India is concerned. In India pedophiles are viewed by the society with aversion. Young girls will refuse to marry old people even if lot of money is offered. Indian law is also against marrying minor girls. Pedophiles are booked under criminal law. In fact Indian laws are harsher than US and European laws. Age of consent for sexual act in India is 18 whereas in many US states and European states, it is less than that. Poverty has nothing to do with it. Poor families also have virtues and rich people can be criminals and arrogant because of their sheet money power. Poverty has nothing to do with pedophiles. In India, if you visit a house of a poor man, you cannot talk to the lady members of the family. For talking to the ladies, you need to get the permission from the male family head and only if he is convinced will he permit you to talk and that too in his presence.

You are tired of hearing Prophet Mohammed. You are asking why I am quoting Mohammed to justify pedophiles. You also ask why not I quote some Hindu Prophet in the matter. First of all I have not justified the acts of pedophiles in religions other than Islam. In Islam as Prophet Mohammed himself married Aysha, 6 years old girl when he was 54, the Muslim society does not look down at the acts of Pedophiles. That is what I stated and never justified for other people. In fact pedophiles in other religions can convert themselves to Islam and enjoy their acts without fear of punishment! I cannot quote any Hindu Prophet in the matter as Hinduism gives its followers freedom to decide in the matter. One Hindu God Lord Rama had only one wife Sita throughout His life. Another God Lord Krishna had many wives and enjoyed with them. It is up to an individual in Hinduism to follow either Lord Rama or Lord Krishna. But Indian law prohibits the acts of pedophiles. But in many cases, child marriages are allowed to take place and the law is not invoked to punish the couples. Personally I feel child marriages are an effective way to control the acts of pedophiles. Pedophiles exploit the sexual innocence of young girls and cheat them. But once the girl is married, she will enjoy the protection of her in-laws till she becomes knowledgeable in the matter. In the past India followed the practice of child marriages. As soon as a girl attained puberty, she was married off. Even now child marriages are common in many parts of India. I am a supporter of such a system. If the marriage for a girl is postponed, she may fall into the trap set by the males and lose her virginity. This was what happened in Western societies. Please understand, I am a supporter of child marriages but opposing the acts of pedophiles (except in Islam). I continue..

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Continuation of my reply to maxoxam41

By the way, to justify the act of pedophile in Islam, I have to necessarily quote a Muslim Prophet and not a Hindu Prophet. If I quoted a Hindu Prophet, will the Muslims accept it? But they will readily accept Prophet Mohammed's preachings and actions.

I said that if Assad is overthrown, Al Qaida will gain prominence in Syria. You have agreed to my views. Thank you. I agree that Assad should keep fighting. But Assad is losing his stranglehold day by day and the rebels are gaining strength. Saudi Arabia is also backing the rebels I suppose. But Russia is strongly backing Assad. Let us see what happens.

You say that since I am a Hindu, I tend to criticise Islam. But in my articles, I have supported the actions of Talibans who tried to assassinate a 14 year old girl. If I am hostile to Islam, would not I have criticised the actions of Talibans and called them as cowards? You say Islam has a soft branch called sufism. But sufism was a clever ploy by the Muslims to lure many soft Hindus from Punjab, Bengal and Sind Province into their fold. They pretended like Hindu saints and practised a Hindu version of Islam. Many Hindus fell into the trap and converted into Islam. This was only a ploy to lure Hindus. Islam is really a harsh and hard religion. If a bitter medicine is given coated with honey, can one say that the medicine is really sweet?

You say I never stated it and it was more subtle. I can't figure out what you are talking. If you precisely point out what I was subtly suggesting, I can reply whether you are right or wrong.

Many Russian States seceded from the USSR. True. That has benefitted Russia. If you are carrying overweight on your heads and some of them fall down, will you not consider yourself as lucky? Russia will progress hereafter as it has shed its overweight and also thrown out the crazy and murderous ideology of communism also.

Yes, you have a few native Indians left out and you can cage them in a zoo and show them to the visitors as a showpiece. You have massacred almost everybody and you can show the remaining few to state proudly that you are kind enough not to massacre the entire community. By the same logic, Australians also have left a few of the aborgines in their land and they are showing it as a showpiece to the visitors. Their tourist income is fast increasing by this exhibition.

A military coup and that too in India? The Indian army is divided into caste and religion and Indian politicians are clever enough to maintain it that way. Recently there was an age controversy with the Chief of the Indian Army Staff and he lost the case. Did you not read it? Moreover Indian army is also involved in equal amount of kickbacks along with the right wing politicians. So where is the question of a coup in India? Your understanding of India seems to be poor and you have to update your knowledge.

Egypt is a Muslim country and people aspired for an Islamic rule like Iranians aspired in 1979 when Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Shah of Iran. Comparing India to a Muslim country is not correct.

USA exploited the oil fields of those countries it invaded. It is no doubt a temporary gain for America. But how long can it sustain the gain in the midst of adverse world opinion? Has not USA been forced to withdraw from Iraq already? In Afghanistan, the NATO forces (read US forces) are feeling the heat and are talking about 2014 deadline to pull out. If you aspire for other people's belongings, you will face stiff resistance and your gains cannot be sustained for ever. Ultimately your loss of credibility and financial loss will be much more than the gains obtained. You ask whether cavemen like Talibans could attack the world trade centre. Inside the caves, they possessed technology and material resources to produce the attack. Saudi Arabia gave money and Pakistan government propped them up. Pakistan people want to destroy USA and kill all the Americans. They will give nuclear bombs also to the Talibans to drop them on your nation. Beware of it.

You say my knowledge of your country is limited. I cannot talk about my knowledge because that will be wrong. Let other readers who read this exchange say whether my knowledge of USA is good or not and give reason for their opinion. I would welcome that.

You say that I have failed to convince you. Getting convinced or not is your prerogative and I have nothing to do with it. I have only offered replies to the points raised by you. You say that Pakistan's first nuke bomb will fall on Indian soil because of distance. The Talibans in their training camps and class rooms are preaching their cadre to destroy America and Americans. They give only 5% priority to spread hostility against India. Moreover Pakistan knows that if it drops a nuclear bomb on an Indian city like New Delhi, no doubt millions of Indians will die but because of proximity of distance, India will be able to destroy whole of Pakistan and the entire Pakistan population will perish. They are not fools to take this risk. They will not be prepared to perish entirely just for the sake of killing few millions of Indians.

Your criticism of Albert Einstein is not new. In fact you are plagiarising the criticisms levelled by many physics scholars against Einstein. When Einstein proposed that a star light approaching sun's disc bends, the whole world laughed at him. His critics said this was a foolish statement. They demanded strict proof for it. When Einstein gave mathematical proof for his theory, they refused to accept it and demanded experimental evidence. Einstein joked that he was unable to offer an experimental evidence because if the star is present in the night, the sun was absent and if the sun was present during day, the star was absent!

But a chance to silence the critics came during the total solar eclipse in Johannesburg in 1919 (may be 1920 I am not sure). All Einstein's critics and supporters congragated in Johannesburg on the d-day. Prayers were held that the sky should be clear and there should be no rain on that day. Their prayers were answered positively and the sky was clear. Everybody adjusted their telescopes to view the spectacle in the sky. As the moon started covering the sun's disc, heartbeats could be heard. When the totality came, everybody could clearly see the star light bending when it approached the sun's disc. Einstein was correct. Or rather his mathematics was correct.

The critics lambasted Einstein because he refused to conduct experiments in a Physics laboratory and was relying instead on mathematical equations to prove his physics theories. The world thinks and acts conventionally.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

continuation of my comments to maxoxam41:

The world refuses to put up with any unorthodox act unless many people start doing it. But Albert Einstein was only one of his breed who relied only on his mathematical genius. In fact after the success of his theory tested during the Johannesburg total solar eclipse, one of his disciples asked him what would have been his reaction had the star light not bent. Einstein quipped 'I would have termed it as an experimental error'. Einstein would sit for hours together on the banks of German rivers with a note book and a pencil, scribbling various ununderstandable mathematical equations which led to many ununderstandable physics theories.. In fact Einstein never conducted even a single experiment in a physics laboratory (he might have visited the lab at the invitation of his students - that is another thing).

After failing to prove that Einstein's theories are wrong, his critics harped on yet another criticism that he was a plagiarist and copied the works of other scientists. Nothing could be more absurd than this. Einstein was a genius above par. If the equation E = mc2 was discovered by somebody else before Einstein, Nazi Germany would have produced atom bombs and destroyed USA and Britain. Einstein was a creative genius and an outstanding mathematician.

But I agree that many people despised Einstein. Believers did not like him as he was an atheist. German people hated him as he was a Jew. Peace lovers hated him as his discovery led to the production of atom bomb. Feminists hated him as he was not good in relationship with women. Even his wife divorced him, unable to put up with him. Therefore majority of the people disliked and hated him. But that does not diminish his importance or genius. Albert Einstein remains the outstanding twentieth century mathematician and scientist.

You say mathematical model on some economies failed. If a person says four plus four is nine, the mistake lies in his calculation and poor mathematics. You can't blame mathematics for that. You are right that some economies are failing but the mistake is not with mathematics. The mistake is with the programme implementation and administrators. Take for example the US economy in the thirties. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR as he was affectionately called) pulled the economy out of trouble during the Great Depression. He followed the Keynesian model and created huge job opportunities by implementing programmes like Tennessee Valley Corporation etc. He did not care for the soaring budget deficit but cared for reducing unemployment. He was successful in his mission. No doubt, the Americans elected him four times as President (1932, 1936, 1940, 1944). Can we say the same thing about Obama and Bernake? Are they following correct mathematical models to pull the US economy out of trouble? Did Alan Greenspan advocate correct theories to advance economic welfare of US? Greenspan recommended huge spending, even borrowed spending to boost supply side economics. When income is dwindling and expenditure is increasing, how long can you sustain the show? The fault does not lie with mathematics, you see, but with the model developers. China has met with success with the same capitalism (though it calls itself as a communist country) by following a correct economic model.

alikhan3 profile image

alikhan3 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

will soon be posting their correct interpretation ov verse (4.43) as well as I will be consulting versions of bukhari for ur above mentioned quotations.

will be back here soon

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Welcome alikhan. All the best to you

alikhan3 profile image

alikhan3 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

am doing my research .... on this topic.... and will be back soon with solid arguments

alikhan3 profile image

alikhan3 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

First of all correct interpretation of verse (4:43)

Here this means that touching women with lust causes impurity and as the state of lust is considered unclean in Islam one cannot approach prayer in the state of lust which can come after man has touched a woman. This does not mean that women are unclean…..the state in which a man gets after touching a women which is not halal on him (ie na-mehram for him) , that is the state of lust is actually unclean.

Thus if you touch a women with intention of lust u get unclean and you must perform ablution before going to prayers. This verse refers to only women which are na_mehram therefore touching your mother or sister won’t make u unclean as it cannot give rise to lust.

Answer to vol 1 book 6 no. 301

Man and women have different roles and responsibilities in Islam and in some areas Men are are superior and in some cases women are superior. it is important to note that according to Islam men and women have been created in different forms for different but complementary purposes. This stresses a difference in role and nature but not a difference in status (as illustrated below in ahdis and qoutations).

This Hadis actually mentions some of the exemptions that are entitled for women only that they are exempted from prayer and fasting during menses. Allah Almighty makes it perfectly clear that those superior in the sight of Allah are those who have more taqwa (god fearing consciousness)(mentioned in ahadis below)

Surah 49:13

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).

More Ahadis and qoutations on Equality of Men and Women.

.In Surah Al-Nisa Chapter 4, Verse 19 (4:19)

“Live with them (wives) on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing Allah brings about through a great deal of good.”

In Surah Al-Baqarah Surah 2, Verse 228 (2: 2228)

“And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable but men have a degree of advantage over them.”

Here a degree higher does not mean in superiority but refers to responsibility. The Qur’an has stated in Surah Al-Nisa Chapter 4, Verse 34 (4 :34).

“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women because Allah has given one more (strength) than the other because they support them from their means.”

Therefore men are not one degree higher in superiority or dictatorship but one degree higher in standing up for responsibility.

Islam entitles women to possess money, property and other assets. (Ch.4:V.33 – … Men shall have their share of that which they have earned, and women a share of that which they have earned…)

Men should not be harsh with women, they should treat them with kindness...

Surah 4:19

O ye who believe! Ye are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should ye treat them with harshness, that ye may Take away part of the dower ye have given them,-except where they have been guilty of open lewdness; on the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and God brings about through it a great deal of good.

Mu'aawiyah ibn Haydah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said:

"I said, ?O Messenger of Allaah, what are the rights of the wife of any one of us over us?' He said, ?That you feed her when you feed yourself and clothe her when you clothe yourself, that you do not say to her, "May Allaah make you face ugly!", and that you do not hit her.'" (Reported by Abu Dawood, 2/244; Ibn Maajah, 1850; Ahmad, 4/446).

Unfortunately there are many people who think that just because Islam give men the right of having authority over their wives then that means that they are superior to them and have more honor to them. Men are not superior to women and women are not superior to men in Islam due to gender. Allah Almighty makes it perfectly clear that those superior in the sight of Allah are those who have more taqwa (god fearing consciousness)

And finally the importance of Education :

Surah Iqra and Surah Alaq Chapter 96, Verse 1-5.

The first instruction in the Qur’an was, not to pray or fast or to give Zakkat, but to read. This instruction was to both male and female. Islam gives a great deal of importance to education.

“Read! Recite! Proclaim! in the name of thy Lord and cherisher who created - created the human, out of a congealed clot of blood (a leach-like substance). Read and thy Lord is Most Bountiful. He who taught (the use of) the Pen- taught man that which he knew not (96 : 1-5).

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to Alikhan

If lust is unclean in Islam, then marrying a woman is also an unclean act and having children should also be an unclean act. This means Islam is against marriage or childbirth. But this cannot be the case as Prophet Mohammed himself married several women and begot children. Therefore the verse refers only to the fact that women are unclean.

Verse 6:301 mentions that women could inherit only 50% of what men inherit. This is a clear partiality and is a proof that Islam treats women as inferior compared to men.

Hadiths also compare them with unclean pigs and dogs: “Narrated 'Aisha: The things which annual prayer were mentioned before me (and those were): a dog, a donkey and a woman. I said, "You have compared us (women) to donkeys and dogs. By Allah! I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in (my) bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I disliked to sit and trouble the Prophet. So, I would slip away by the side of his feet." (Bukhari Vol 1, Book 9 No.493)

Islam also curses that most of the women will be in the hell.

You have mentioned that Koran insists on reading. Talibans also have no objection for girls' education. But what type of education do you recommend? Talibans say that girls can be educated only on the tenets of Islam, Holy Koran, Prophet Mohammed's preachings and Islamic theology. They are not against girls learning all these things. What the Talibans oppose is the Western and Hindu education like mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. These text books contain images which Islam is against.

I feel Talibans have correctly interpreted Islam and are advocating the girls in Pakistan to follow it. There is nothing wrong in this. If a Pakistani girl like Malala does not like Islamic education but wants to follow Hindu or Western culture, let her come out of Islam and embrace Hinduism or Christianity and then follow whatever she wants. She should not be sitting in a glass house and throwing stones at it. The fact that the Talibans wholeheartedly receive public support in Pakistan clearly shows that they are the correct interpreters of Islam and not people like Malala or yourself.

Women are treated as inferior stuff in all the Muslim countries. In many countries, there is no voting rights or political rights or property rights or educational rights for them. You cannot quote that Muslim women in India enjoy educational, political and other rights. India is a Hindu nation and according to Hindu culture women are given their rights. Muslims living under their shadows in India also enjoy these rights. Once an Indian Muslim migrates and settles down in Pakistan, she will lose these rights as she will come under the control of the Talibans. In a recent public survey, Pakistan people considered Talibans as their friends and considered India as their number one enemy. Had the Talibans not interpreted Islam correctly, Pakistan people would never have supported them.

Anyway I appreciate your efforts to project Islam as a religion giving property rights and education rights to women. The fact is otherwise as I have cited proof. It could be your wish that Islam gives rights to women. If wishes were horses, everybody would flog at them.

alikhan3 profile image

alikhan3 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

Now who says we oppress women and not allow them to get western education.........its the western culture that we discourage.....and malala is not a patron of western culture she always keeps her head covered even in this age.

Now boy if you say that we support Taliban ..... or we are very fond of their ideology.....boy give me a proof.....let me make it clear that after the advent of the so called pakistani taliban public opinion has turned against Taliban...come here and see for yourself WE DO NOT SUPPORT TALIBAN....(those dwelling in and around Kandhar the original ones deserve to be supported).

And man you are forgetting that Islam gave women right to trade to own property and the right to inherit 1400 years ago........when u people were busy practicing suttee with ur women. and has not been more then 100 years since the modren world has recognized women rights.

You say that women are unclean ......... bcos touching them negates wazu.....note that during lust semen is produced within a man which brings him in and unclean state not the women.

do you think we consider ourselves unclean when we touch our mothers or sisters no certainly not.....

will be giving the interpretation of your qouted bukhari hadis soon.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to alikhan:

I never said you don't allow women western education. In fact only because you allow women the western education the Talibans are raising a revolt and killing the enemies of Islam like Malala. You say Malala is covering her head. But should the face also not be covered? Is it not a sin against the Prophet Mohammed to expose one's face?

The proof that you are all fond of Talibans and their ideology is a recent public survey which stated that Pakistan people consider Talibans as their friend but consider India as their bitter enemy. Is this proof not enough?

You are insisting that Islam gave women the rights 1400 years back. But if we see the plight of women in Muslim countries, it is difficult to believe it. Women are worse off in Islam than in any other religious community. Hindu girls and Christian girls are far better compared to their Muslim counterparts. Recently Saudi Arabia even banned car driving by women. Islam prescribes very harsh punishment for women like stoning to death for activities it considers against Prophet Mohammed.

I don't say women are unclean. In my religion Hinduism, women are held in highest honour. In fact the Goddess of education Saraswati herself is a woman. I have only quoted some Islamic verses which say that women are unclean and compared to pigs and sheep. This does not mean I support these verses. In fact I do not approve or support any of the Islamic principles including terrorism.

I never said we consider ourselves unclean if we touch our sisters and mother. I only said Islam says touching a woman is an unclean act. You say touching a woman produces semen in men. But it also produces a discharge in women also

I once again insist that Pakistani people support Talibans because of two reasons. First, the Talibans are against USA and want to kill the Americans which is to the liking of the Pakistani public. Secondly the Talibans want to kill Indians also which is very dear to the Pakistani people and particularly to the Pakistani youth.

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