Mamata Banerjee’s Arrest Of The Professor – An Arrogant Act

Biman Bose Considers Mamata Banerjee As Secular

Biman Bose Considers Mamata Banerjee As Secular
Biman Bose Considers Mamata Banerjee As Secular | Source
Biman Bose Considers Mamata Banerjee As Secular
Biman Bose Considers Mamata Banerjee As Secular | Source

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Mamata Banerjee’s Arrest Of The Professor – An Arrogant Act

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Mamata Banerjee’s Arrest Of The Professor – An Arrogant Act

Mamata Banerjee, The Most Inefficient And Arrogant Chief Minister

Can’t A Citizen Depict The Chief Minister In A Cartoon?

West Bengal is boiling. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has the Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra who is employed in the famous Jadavpur University in Kolkata for sending a cartoon in an e-mail to his associate. The cartoon depicted Mamata Banerjee in poor light. But this is part of the democratic freedom a citizen has. Are the political and government leaders above criticism? When there is freedom to criticise even the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and his policies, why can’t one mock at the acts of a Chief Minister and depict it in a cartoon?

Mamata Banerjee, The Most Inefficient And Arrogant Chief Minister

It seems Mamata Banerjee is living in Stone Age and is the monarch of some archaic nation whose citizens are her slaves. In advanced countries like USA and UK, a citizen can criticise the government leaders freely. An American can criticise President Obama and his policies without any fear of retribution. On the other hand in countries like North Korea where dictatorship exists, citizens will be killed at the pretext of slightest protest. This is what is happening in West Bengal. Perhaps Mamata Banerjee is proving to be most inefficient and worst Chief Minister among all the States in India.

CPI (M) Is Confused

But there is no serious opposition to her policies and programmes. The principal opposition party CPI (M) is confused as to whether to oppose Mamata Banerjee seriously or not. CPI (M) leaders periodically issue statements opposing her policies. But they have not indulged in vigorous protests and demonstrations to highlight Mamata’s dictatorial attitude and suppression of democracy and freedom. What is the reason for it?

For The Communists, Secularism Is Important

There is no doubt that the CPI (M) leaders like Buddadev Bhattacharya and Biman Bose are opposed to Mamata Banerjee’s style of functioning and her arrogance. But they are more concerned about the rights of the minorities and particularly the Muslims. CPI (M) leaders feel that there is a real threat to the freedom of Muslims and secularism from the communal party BJP. On the other hand, Biman Bose feels that the Congress and its leaders are secular and the Muslims will be safe under the Congress rule. This has been stated by all the communist leaders many times in the past. As Mamata Banerjee is aligned to the Congress, the communists fear that an attack on Mamata Banerjee may be construed as an attack on the Congress itself which may weaken the Congress and the central government.

Biman Bose Considers Mamata Banerjee As Secular

Communists fear that this weakening of the Congress may benefit the communal party BJP and threaten the religious freedom of the Muslims. The communists, under no circumstances, want this to happen. On the other hand Biman Bose feels that Mamata Banerjee is a secular leader and Muslims in West Bengal are safe under her rule. This is the reason why the communists are indirectly supporting Mamata Banerjee and the Congress though outwardly they issue statements to the press opposing her. For the communists who are more concerned about opposing communalism and safeguarding secularism, BJP is their main enemy and not the Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee. Even though the communists are opposed to Mamata Banerjee’s other policies, they appreciate her in defending the minorities’ rights.

Biman Bose Prefers Rahul Gandhi To Advani As Prime Minister

There is truth in what Biman Bose says. In the name of attacking Mamata Banerjee and Congress, the BJP should not be allowed to be benefited in West Bengal and other places. Therefore Biman Bose’s policy of supporting Mamata Banerjee indirectly makes sense. Biman Bose wants Congress to retain power at the Centre in the next parliamentary elections and has privately instructed his cadres to work for that. Biman Bose’s argument is that the Muslims will be safe under Rahul Gandhi or Robert Wadhers (who themselves belong to the minority community) than under Advani. As long as the communists adopt this policy, Mamata Banerjee can escape from the consequences of any act that she does recklessly. Poor Professor, he has no friends either among the Left parties or among the Trinamool Congress and its ally Congress.


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