Mamata Banerjee’s Response to Killings Not Proper

Mamata Banerjee is arrogant

Mamata is arrogant
Mamata is arrogant | Source

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Can A Suicide Also Be Stage Managed?

Is Mamata Banerjee A Chief Minister Or A Dictator?

The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been very poor in her responses to big events in her State. Either she denies the allegations or tries to put the blame on somebody else, usually the previous rulers CPI (M). Recently two of the CPI (M) leaders were killed in Bardhaman. But Mamata Banerjee immediately responded with the remark that the killing was the consequence of internal sequel. How could Mamata Banerjee know about this when she was not present at the sight of murder? Is it not the duty of the police to enquire about the murder incident and come to a conclusion? What role the Chief Minister has got in this incident? Is it not influencing the State police with her diktat? Is Mamata Banerjee a Chief Minister or a dictator?

How Can Such An Incident Be Stage Managed?

When a 37 years old was affected, Mamata Banerjee remarked that the incident was stage managed. How could such an incident be stage managed? Will any person agree to be part of such a cruel drama where the reputation will be affected? Mamata Banerjee should know that it is impossible to stage manage such an incident. Instead of asking the police to enquire the incident, Mamata Banerjee has unnecessarily poked her nose into the matter and tarnished her reputation also.

Can A Suicide Also Be Stage Managed?

When 35 farmers committed suicide in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee reacted immediately that only one had committed suicide. Luckily she did not say that these suicides were also stage managed. If the earlier incident could be stage managed, how long it will take for a suicide to be stage managed? Mamata Banerjee is probably thinking that the Bengalis are fools to believe these sorts of senseless uttering.

Mamata Banerjee Has Violated Law with Impunity

In an earlier incident when the police arrested a person in connection with a crime, Mamata Banerjee went to the police station and staged a drama and demanded releasing of the person immediately. How can a Chief Minister interfere in the duties of the police? What right or authority Mamata Banerjee has got to enter a police station and ask the police to release an arrested person? Is it not the violation of the rule of the law? Is it not an arrogant behaviour on the part of Mamata Banerjee?

Mamata Banerjee’s Response to Killings Not Proper

Left considers Mamata as secular

Mamata is not Left's enemy as BJP is
Mamata is not Left's enemy as BJP is | Source

Mamata Banerjee’s Response to Killings Not Proper

Mamata Banerjee Is Jealous Of Her Own Party Leaders

Mamata Banerjee came to power in last year’s assembly elections as the West Bengal people were fed up with the misrule of the Left Front for more than thirty years. The people wanted a change and so opted to vote Mamata Banerjee to power. But instead of utilising the opportunity and doing good things for the people to earn their respect, Mamata Banerjee has considered herself as the Queen of West Bengal. She is arrogant in her behaviour. She does not respect anybody. She has the least regard even for the Prime Minister and other central leaders. She thinks that her diktat will run at all times in Bengal. She considers everybody subservient to her. She is jealous of even her own party leaders. That is why she does not allow her party leaders to grow and wants to corner the limelight always.

Left Considers Mamata Banerjee as Secular

The Left Front is keeping quiet for one important reason. The Left considers the BJP as its number one ideological enemy and not Mamata Banerjee. The Left Front wants to uphold secularism at any cost and it considers the BJP as communal and anti secular. But the Left and its leaders including the late Jyoti Basu considered Mamata Banerjee as secular. The Left is hesitating to oppose Mamata Banerjee fully as that might pave the way for the growth of the BJP in West Bengal. The Left wants the Congress to return to power at the Centre in the next parliamentary elections and is working for the defeat of the BJP to safeguard the interests of the minorities and particularly the Muslims. At this stage, the Left does not want to shift its opposition away from BJP towards Mamata Banerjee. In fact even if Mamata Banerjee is returned to power in the next assembly elections, the Left has no objections as they consider Mamata Banerjee as secular. But the Left has serious objections to the BJP returning to power at the centre. For this reason, the Left considers Mamata Banerjee and the Congress as its friend and the BJP as its bitter enemy.

Bengalis Will Throw Out Mamata Banerjee If She Does Not Mend

The Left may keep quiet and even appreciate Mamata Banerjee. But the people of West Bengal have limitations to their tolerance and patience. If Mamata Banerjee continues to behave in this manner, she will be thrown out of power by the Bengalis. Therefore Mamata Banerjee should be careful in future and rule the state with responsibility.

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The three kuwaris(miss) mamta,jaya and mayawati are the most dangerous for India.

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I thank you for your valuable comments. I fully agree with you.

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