Manifestation of the Rhetoric We Create

Evolving Humanity

Subject: Implementation of The Constitution We Do Not Have
Topic: Understanding the Evolution of Humanity

By:Louis Phillip Archambault

Changing the past requires changing the present; because the future becomes the present and the present becomes the past. Dwelling on past events as though it is not changeable impedes the change that will keep history from repeating itself. Failures and atrocities will continue to manifest themselves for however long it takes humanity to recognize the pattern of occurrence and affect the needed change of behavior that will create positive manifestations of inclusive civil selflessness; when this takes place humanity’s reality will reflect this change in behavior, attitude and temperament.

The Constitution of the United States as set forth by Our Forefathers has never been implemented. It needs to be understood that the freedom and liberty founded in the Spirit of the Constitution have been withheld. It is time to revisit the Spirit with which this country was founded and right the wrongs that have taken place.

Rehabilitating Government:
We need to revisit the notion of Democracy Our Forefathers proposed. A return to the spirit of Democracy is needed to solve for the positive change that will evolve our humanity. The self-rule of democracy will evolve the change in our world that is needed to create positive-growth and development. Self-rule is the notion which expounds the spirit of Our Constitution, it is declared in the words spoken by Abraham Lincoln "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth," this phrase is found in The Gettysburg Address.

The Economic Strategy Needed:
The strategy to exact the change is found in an economic system for wealth distribution that can support self-rule by divesting the nouveau-riche aristocratic faction of society their pseudo-right to dominate the political forms. The strategy model needed is a wealth sharing mechanism that applies an economic-wealth distribution methodology of thirds. A triad partnership of worker, developer and government this constitution will make it possible to maintain a balanced equilibrium of the wealth. Using an inclusive, civil and selfless process, procedure and rule this-partnership of thirds consist-of: worker-owner, developer-investor, and government-broker ownership in this universal economic-wealth-distribution-model for a humanitarian-system of self-rule. The worker-shareholder-ownership methodology puts all people on par with all other political interest groups simply because they are now part of it by purpose, motive and intent they have ownership in the equity of their equal efforts.

The Strategy Mechanism Needed: The developer-investor-ownership third maintains the capitalistic incentive to explore the boundaries of expansion within this structure of inclusive, civil-selflessness. Government-broker-ownership third minimizes intrusion into the freedom and liberty of the individual-people by this regulatory partnership with the regulated community. This arrangement minimizes the need for dispute because of the self-regulation environment created by using this synergy apparatus. With a scaled down government, sales taxes alone will support the small government needed to broker the decisions of the self-regulated people of this self-ruled era of humanity.

What Needs Fixing: The current problems in our economics stems from the fact that; the journey of humanity is not recognized by the core of its people. This is why our government systems are so convoluted? The governments of the world to include the United States are impotent, they cannot evolve humanity - They lack the will to germinate the seeds of self-rule. It boils down to the spirit in the intent of the Constitution, which derives the purpose of government's motive. Governments are weighed down with the overhead of management-control that should be vested in the people as the primary decision-makers as prescribed by the Constitution. This is an area legislators fail at miserably because it is counter-intuitive to their running after their tail mentality a routine that continues to be endless. The proposed economic model will stimulate the change needed with the incentive driven intent of the people's spirit in ownership of their sovereignty which is necessary to evolve humanity to a level of perfection that has yet to be understood by the current mentality of tail-chasing.

That Which Has Been Broken: Our Government's Constitution was a simply fine inclusive, civil and selfless social-economic model of self-rule till the greed-worms of society infected it with their human-greed-virus and broke our apparatus of Democracy. The greed-worms have reduced freedom to usury and liberty to the mismanagement of the intent and purpose stated in the Constitution.

How To Fix That Which Is Broken:
With employee-ownership-sharing of non-profit, full-distribution, service-based, capital-gain industry, commerce and business as the norm a minimal government would evolve. The unified direction of the purpose, motive and intent of the plans, goals and objectives generated by this inclusive, civil, and selfless humanitarian methodology allows the success of the triad partnership. If implemented this triad strategy will revolutionize the way humanity perceives itself and its reality; and self-rule of the people will prevail as was the intent of Our Forefathers.

The Moral Of This Story: Economics is about distribution of wealth not profit. If humanity has a mind to solve for the solution, it is quite simple - Implement the Constitution in its entirety as its spirit dictates - using the law, logic and natural-rule of inclusive, civil-selflessness. Current governments do not comprehend the requirements of inclusive civil selflessness that is necessary to evolve the purpose of its humanity; where our humanity is our cultural ancestry. Let us give to the heirs of our-cultural-ancestry what we did not receive from ours - the humanity we develop here and now can meet the needs for establishing the equation of worth; where the elements of worth is the wealth found in value; and value is wealth of worth. The words of the Constitution speak to the conscience of a civil-humanity in that it solicits the integrity, ethics and morals of their inclusive, civil and selfless consciousness to provide for their heirs what their ancestry had failed to secure them - a government of self-rule, The Democracy of the Constitution.

Freedom's Liberty

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loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Thanks you Organic Thoughts and kalinin1158 for the kind words. I'm happy to see that there is interest in this sort of thought...

And a word to encourage you both to keep up the fine work you both produce; its thoughtful and informative.

kalinin1158 profile image

kalinin1158 7 years ago from California

Dear Louis!

This is a very thought-out well-written article. The pivotal point - and what I liked the most - was when you said "the journey of humanity is not recognized by the core of its people" and about coming back to the spirit of the constitution. I support it completely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts,


Organic Thoughts profile image

Organic Thoughts 7 years ago from North Carolina

Wonderful writing. Welcome to hubpages and looking forward to read many more interesting posts from you.

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    By: louis phillip archambault;  8/19/06

    Humans are created from an order of thought that evolved from the same order of thought, which brought about the bees of the hive.  We are from the same source. More specifically, thought produces that which thought uses to evolve its desire, emotion and will, which is the absolute and ultimate perfection of thought balance.  Thought is of the metaphysical power that wills the energy that spawns the life force of body, mind, and spirit for all of being and the existence it envisions as the physical universe of reality.

    Like the bees, humanity also toils at making hives. Humanity makes hives of commerce from the resources of the world to support the propagation of the human species. Humanity, unlike the other animals, uses many more resources to fabricate its hives.  Humanity, the ultimate predator of the earth, feast on all the resources of the earth, unlike the bees that feast on the just the pollen of the flower with positive impact.  The bees and humankind are programmed by their genes to dominate their dominion only to be its hostage. Humans, like the bees of the hive, are creatures of their habits, which are reinforced by the genes their ancestry provided them as instinct or intuitive thought. Human genes do not presently include behavioral trait for including the consideration of its environment in their decision process. Humanity must evolve the realization of the need to contend with the impacts they impose on their environment. The equation of humanities' wants and needs always have impacts that must be balanced. The self-induced chaos caused by humanity’s impacts is mounting to a crescendo that sounds of doom for all the very things humans seem to hold so dear. The compound effect from the widespread misuse and mismanagement of natural resources has brought about species extinction and global warming within many levels of our habitat, which has induced rising sea levels. All the devastating consequences of humanities' selfish decision-making choices have begun the collapse and altered if not permanently terminated the earth's capacity to support the long-term existence of future generations of our species.

    When will humans learn what they have is what they thought into being; so if they refuse to adjust their behavior to accept their responsibility for mitigating their impacts there is little hope for their survival; like the bees of the hive, our survival is dependant on our collective genetic type. Our abilities are that which were thought into being by those that have come before, who desired and willed change into being; this is where good traits and bad traits are formulated. Traits include or exclude thought into the sets of thought that have an ultimate absolute purpose and intent for the absolute and ultimate motive that drives humanity’s desire, emotion, and will to seek its perfection.

    How simple is it to know we are the thought of a genetic type? We must solve for the solution to our survival as a species, that the quality of the answer is dependant on how well we as a total humanity address the adverse impacts of our being  life experience on that of our fellow animals and all the other life that supports the physical being of our body, mind, and spirit.  How will the bee provide its energy of sustenance if we destroy its environment, the environment that supports our very own life system?  Is this that difficult to understand? Is it not evident that the purpose of life is to evolve our being? The purpose of being is to evolve thought. So how is it that human behavior is so basic, that it limits the decision process to a few greedy groups representing the will of the masses, whereas the more input would statistically correct the selfish error of group judgment? The rule by limited groups lack the thought of its very own being because they are overwhelmed by the access of the opportunity to provide for their own selfish greed. How stupid is humankind, how much longer will it take them to evolve the understanding of thought's significance to its survival; or will it never evolve the thought necessary for its survival? The clock is ticking and there is no indication that humanity has the desire, emotion, nor will to facilitate its own existence. Does it despair in its own being? Do we have the capacity of thought to survive into the future; the dinosaurs did not, and neither did many species now extinct: because of our lack of adequate thought addressing our ultimate, absolute responsibility for perfection of our species, we too may become extinct.

    Humanity as a thought gene pool of desire, emotion, and will lacks a sufficient synergistic motive for its own long-term survival.  Individually we are such small voices in the absolute choir of thought; our sound is lost in the background of the noise of space and time because humanity’s conscience of desire, emotion, and will has not established the behavioral traits of a civil, selfless, and inclusive motive for accepting its responsibility to voice an ultimate and absolute purpose and intent for its own survival that would quiet the noise of space and time.  Our voices will only be heard if we sing above the noise of the fear that brings us to our knees.

    Let me tell you, “We are the God we so desperately seek”; our conscience holds the God that relieves us of our fear and leads us to think our way to heaven's gate.  We fumble with our thoughts because our thoughts are shallow, without conscience; they lack the motive to seek thought’s balance as a humanity in search of its own purpose and intent in the evolution of its own being as the God of the soul of our body, mind, and spirit.

    You are the judge of the worth of these thoughts; you are now responsible for your actions that will allow the world's heirs to evolve thought to be civil, selfless, and inclusive, thus balanced by its conscience as the ultimate absolute entity of being manifested as body, mind, and spirit of thought’s perfection, as are the bees of the hive.


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