The Truth Behind The Massacre At Fort Hood in Texas

Shooting By A Doctor In The Army.

The massacre at Fort Hood, Texas is terrible. It was done by a doctor whose parents were from Jordan and are Palestinian, but he is an American citizen. He was born in Virginia and went to school in America, but is a Muslim. The army is saying it is a type of terrorism. They are preparing good excuses. His parents are now deceased. He is single and has no children.

The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, does not want people talking about this or Afganistan. That is probably why this site goes down every so often.

He has sent lots of money to Pakistan.  That should have been a red flag for most agencies.  It is said that he has sent somehow $2 million US dollars to terrorist organizations there.  He also received over the years $500 as a test.

He is now paralyzed from the waist down and has hand pain.  Oh that is too bad.  How sad!  I am being sarcastic again.

His neighbors said he was giving away all his worldly possessions because he told his neighbors he was being deployed on Friday, 11/6/2009, but the Army says they do not know when he was being deployed. They thought the end of November.

He was very upset over deploying to Iraq for the first time. He was scared to go to Iraq. He was blowing out of proportion that he was being harrassed and teased on the base by other co workers since 9/11 due to his Muslim heritage. The Army had full knowledge about this for years. He is a Muslim and many other people in the Army who are Muslim will not fight against other Muslims. I do not think all of them would do this, but now everyone is not sure.

He had just been transferred from Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC in July 2009. He knew what he was doing. He did this on purpose. I do not think he had a nervous breakdown, but they will probably blame say this is what caused it, but that is not true, since he did not want to go to Iraq. He had told people who did nothing to prevent this huge massacre.

He was also talking bad about the United States. He also played the race card against the Army being against him because he was Muslim. I do not blame him for being afraid, but he handled it very poorly. He did not have to kill his friends and collegues. He had been trying to get out of the Army since 9/11 also.

He was also always arguing with others about how the US should not be in Iraq or Afganistan. He would have very heated discussions.

He was also very against the war and a Muslim. Oops I mentioned that already. They had first said he had died after 4 gunshots. After about 6 hours he was still alive in the hospital under guard. Oh-oh I hear conspiracy after he is dead by some "grieving family member." Right now he is still alive, but he will not answer any questions. Surprise! He was reported to be in stable condition, but now he is off life support, but will not answer any questions and surprise he is asking for a lawyer and they are going to get him one.

The strange thing is that he had only had two handguns yet out of only 100 rounds total he hit 43 people total. He is a cold hearted murderer, because after he had shot people in the back he would causally and calmly walk up and shot them in the head. He had to make sure he finished off as many people as possible. That really is amazing. He is just one person. He was not supposed to have a gun on base at the time he was there.

There was no reason for him to have a gun in the Readiness Center. He did buy these guns legally in Texas. He did not have it registered to be on base with a gun. In America usually people do not have guns on bases except for training purposes. This will be another reason for gun control from the government.

No doctor is that great of a shot especially a Psychiatrist. If he is that great of a shot I am very impressed. This actually means he should of had a different job. He would never waste a bullet. I know many other soldiers who are not even close to that great of a shot.

At first they thought that there were two shooters by the way. One was the doctor and one was someone else. A few hours later it was only the doctor who is a Major in the Army. The strange thing is that he is at a very high rank. There are only about five percent of the other officiers in the Army who are above him. He was promoted because they had no choice. If he had not been promoted he would of sued the Army for $350 million dollars and they were afraid he would win and bankrupt the Army. The Army should not be so afraid of the Arabs or Muslims.

The authorities had seen him on a suicide bomber website which is extremely insane for an
Army Major who is still a Muslim. Strange or not! He should of been stopped 16 months ago and all this would not of happen. I smell a likely reasonable and hugely profitably class action lawsuit against the authorities and the Army who knew he went to a Suicide Bomber website. Why did the authorities not do something sooner or the why did not the Army do something. What sane person would ever go to that website? Not lol but true.

He is now being charged with 12 murders so far. He is stable in the hospital. They should probably spend more time healing the wounded instead of him.

At least all the family members will get plenty of grief conselling. Most of my blog is very sarcaustic and I hope I am not affending any Muslims, Doctors, Lawyers, Military and Authorities. I really do not mean anything mean by it. I feel extremely awful for the families who are affected. None the less if this was prevented everyone would feel a lot better. They are at least on a base where they are well prepared for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

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Tucci78 6 years ago

Information obtained from the records of the Roanoake County Circuit Court reveals that in 1996 Nidal Malik Hasan qualified for and was granted a concealed weapons (CCW) permit in 1996.

This almost certainly explains why he also had in his possession (though he did not use) a .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver as well as the recently-purchased FN Five-seveN semiautomatic pistol with which the shootings were reportedly accomplished.

It is reasonable at this point in time to infer that Maj. Hasan was experienced with handguns and knew precisely what he was doing when he sought that particular pistol with the greatest possible magazine capacity (20 rounds standard, 30-round magazines available, and a 10-round extender suitable for application to either of these magazines) and the lowest possible recoil while still providing, in the alleged perpetrator's opinion, satisfactory wounding capability.

His .357 Magnum revolver obviously would not serve, in spite of the greater lethality of its projectiles. Semiautomatic handguns are far faster to reload.

Comments from qualified firearms experts actually claim that the choice of a weapon firing small (40-grains) bullets at high velocities instead of a handgun in larger caliber with similar magazine capacity (for example, the Glock 22 - designed to chamber the .40 S&W cartridge with bullets ranging in weight from 135 to 200 grains, and with a 15-round magazine capacity) actually resulted in fewer fatalities.

Maj. Hasan's previous choice of a .357 Magnum revolver indicates that he was no stranger to pistols with much greater recoil than the FN Five-seveN (which chambers a sort of .22 Magnum cartridge), and the contention that the number of dead might well be greater had the accused elected for stopping power rather than sheer volume of fire seems defensible.

It appears that not only is he a "cold hearted murder" but a carefully calculating one as well.

It appears certain that Maj. Hasan was not afraid of combat per se (as a Medical Corps officer it is vanishingly unlikely that he would come under fire in Afghanistan) but rather his repugnance at supporting - even as a very rear-area medical officer - combat operations purposed to kill fellow Muslims.

To many devout Muslims, this is incompatible with what they find in the Qur'an and the hadith, and it very well may be that Maj. Hasan's alleged amok shooting spree resulted from his sense of being caught between his loyalty to Allah and his temporal oaths, both Hippocratic and at the time of his commissioning as an officer in 1997.

To go to Afghanistan as a military servitor of the Great Satan was the sin of "fitna." To drop the pretenses of Taqiyya and Ketman (the doctrines in Islam blessing the Faithful who conceals from surrounding infidels the nature of his faith in order to deceive and disarm them) and engage in armed jihad against those same infidel forces was by far he better alternative in Maj. Hasan's devotedly godstruck mind.

On the matter of Hasan's rank, disabuse yourself of the notion that O-4 is "a very high rank," especially for an officer commissioned in the Medical Corps. He had been recently promoted from Captain (O-3), but bear in mind that any doctor completing his first postgraduate year (PGY-1) and successfully passing his licensing boards enters enters active service in the Medical Corps at the rank of Captain (O-3). Nidal Hasan was merely and routinely promoted to Major along with the other Medical Corps officers who had attained Captain's rank at the same time he had.

Absent some egregious disciplinary actions or something similar entered in his 201 file, there was no bar to that relatively meaningless promotion.

Finally, Maj. Hasan did not necessarily have to register his firearms on-post because he was living in an apartment off-post, as officers of his rank are perfectly entitled to do.

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bfishgold 6 years ago Author

Thank you for your comments. They were very helpful and informative.

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