Mcdonald's Fight Club

Hello World, I am a Puss

Vernon Hackett, filmed and posted Mc Donald's fight while warning offenders to run before the cops arrived.
Vernon Hackett, filmed and posted Mc Donald's fight while warning offenders to run before the cops arrived.

Girl Fight at McDonalds

I am a martial arts enthusiast. I've trained in three different styles and can appreciate a good fight. And, I believe we all have the right to protect ourselves from an assault. I love the UFC and used to watch some of the greatest boxers ever with my father when I was a kid. This however, can not be defined as a fight. It was a hate crime, terrorist action, and an attempted murder. Yes, you can find a copy of the vid posted by Vernon Hackett, by my definition a co-conspirator and should have court appointed mental examination at the very least. Vernon can easily earn some jail time for aiding and abetting or accessory after the fact. If he is too frightened by these girls, then there is no fault in taping the crime to assist proper charges are inflicted. But, to not hear "Stop, Don't, etc." and instead hear play by play and warnings to protect the criminals, he is guilty. He is not alone, You will see a man step in and protect the victim for a few seconds, then he backs off and let's these criminals attack over and over. I really hope that the local police treat every attack as another crime as it truly is. If you get so ticked off that you hit someone, they drop with no counter attack then that instance is over. We can even understand that if the knocked down starts to get up threatening verbally or with a weapon, then another knock down might be understood as self protection. But, to leave and come back over and over to attack anyone that is already down and not showing any aggression then each kick and punch should rightfully be another crime. Personally I find this vid sickening to watch. But, my daughter seen it was trending (Alexia toolbar) and pointed it out. We talked about how all but the one man in the blue shirt and an elderly woman should be held to some kind of accountability for allowing this to go way beyond a few hits. I have learned since originally seeing this; that Vernon claims to have seen the victim's penis. We know sex, color, age, religion, etc. is never an excuse in the eyes of the law. Please people watch some Ellen and follow her daily request upon her closing, "Be Kind to One Another."

Baltimore County Police Report

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