Measures for control of population growth or for improve population growth

Interestingly enough, one of the most potent weapons in population control is the education of the female half. As girls are educated, the women they become have greater economic opportunities, and as a result they, and their husbands, are less likely to want a large family. (Let's be honest: birth control only works if potential parents-to-be want to use it.)

In the four nations known as the Asian Tigers (Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea), lower fertility and birth rates were directly linked to compulsory education for girls. Not only did this lower the population growth figures, it also upgraded the quality of the work force from the cheap sweatshop variety to one capable of performing higher paying and more technologically-oriented tasks, which of course led to the economic explosion experienced by these nations.

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solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

Cheryl, in this hub you have addressed one of the most important topics of current life on earth, considering human population:POPULATION GROWTH. Equal education of both sexes. So much easier to access and to perform these days, due to broadband connection and Internet. Yet, quit impossible sometimes, due to political and religious obstacles in so many places.

CherylTheWriter profile image

CherylTheWriter 8 years ago from Humble, Texas (the ultimate oxymoron) Author

State-enforced religion and religious politics are the greatest barriers to human and economic development in this world, solarshingles. Without equal, unfettered education and opportunities, we'll simply repeat the mistakes of the past to everyone's detriment.

Paul Felix 8 years ago

well cheryl I don't deagree with you but what about all these wars that are happing for no good reasons and genocides these may be groups controlling growth population but none the less as evil as it is there you go nice hub!thank you for having me.

CherylTheWriter profile image

CherylTheWriter 8 years ago from Humble, Texas (the ultimate oxymoron) Author

Paul Felix, I'm not certain I understand your question here. I will be the first to agree that genocide is evil, and I condemn it utterly. However, I'm not advocating population control through any evil means here, merely the education of women, which achieves the same end in the long run without killing anyone--for any reason, good or otherwise.

Maybe if you try rewording your question I'll get it. Sometimes I'm slow this way!

premsingh profile image

premsingh 8 years ago

Chery, I am compelled to think about the chemistry of education and population and also between education and prosperity. Your arguments are convincing but this will have more meaning if you provide some statistics in support of your arguments. Overall your hub is of good quality.

CherylTheWriter profile image

CherylTheWriter 8 years ago from Humble, Texas (the ultimate oxymoron) Author

Thanks for the feedback, premsingh. The statistics are available, so I'll update this Hub and let you know when to come back and re-read it.

Paul Felix 8 years ago

One of the most potent weapons in population control: I agree with you the female increseing there economic stature in the family and the world,and this is been happening for sometime now women are seeing greater rewards more respect and I think its a woderful thing theres not enough time to raise a family and more people feel this way I am sure,but with that said there is other potent weapons of population control out there![that arent as pretty!]so this is an excellent weapon of population control.sorry cheryl about that just cant get it out right sometimes thax for letting me clear that up very nice topic~cool~cya

CherylTheWriter profile image

CherylTheWriter 8 years ago from Humble, Texas (the ultimate oxymoron) Author

Oh, yes, I definitely agree with you there, Paul Felix. Genocide and other such "population control" measures are not pretty at all and utterly evil. There have been rumors of governments (that shall remain nameless as I have no evidence here) not warning their less-educated populations when a natural disaster such as a hurricane is headed their way, allowing thousands to die just to clear the countryside. Educating girls and giving the women they become economic potential is more positive and in the long run better for everyone.

Thanks for clearing up your perspective, Paul Felix. I appreciate your feedback.

marvdiggity profile image

marvdiggity 7 years ago from New Jersey

I agree with you're hub here's a little more evidence for you

the top two nations with the largest populations happen to be the ones where women happen to be the most oppressed by traditions.

These countries happen to be China and India.

But traditions, tradition. My question for you is do you think that these countries will throw they're tradition aside to stop they're "uncontrolable" rate of population growth?

The solution you posted up there sounds simple, but is it really that simple?

shilimi john 5 years ago

given the population growth rates in Africa, education would be the first sun light toward curbing down the population intrigue

guest 5 years ago

hi,have any alternative to control the high rate of population growth?

dave 5 years ago

Is the Proposed Trans Global Highway a solution for population concerns and global warming?

One tremendous solution to future population concerns as well as alleviating many of the effects of potential global warming is the proposal for the construction of the "Trans Global Highway". The proposed Trans Global Highway would create a world wide network of standardized roads, railroads, water pipe lines, oil and gas pipelines, electrical and communication cables. The result of this remarkable, far sighted project will be global unity through far better distribution of resources, including including heretofore difficult to obtain or unaccessible raw materials, fresh water, finished products and vastly lower global transportation costs.

With greatly expanded global fresh water distribution, arid lands could be cultivated resulting in a huge abundance of global food supplies. The most conservative estimate is that with the construction of the Trans Global Highway, the planet will be able to feed between 14 and 16 Billion people, just using presently available modern farming technologies. With a present global population of just under 7 billion people and at the United Nations projection of population increase, the world will produce enough food surpluses to feed the expected increased population for the next 425 years. Thomas Robert Malthus's famous dire food shortage predictions of 1798 failed to take into consideration modern advances in farming, transportation, food storage and food abundance. Further information on the proposed Trans Global Highway can be found at .

rupak 5 years ago

thank u for all of you for your help because it is our homework.

DUKE 4 years ago

I Agree with you guys but i think we need to use strict policies alongside diluting primitive cultures.

rohan 4 years ago


rohan 4 years ago

hey frnds what can we do as individuals 2 cntl populatio???????

gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

Great hub. The more educated the woman, the less likely she will have a lot of children. This is natural, highly educated women will see the detriments of having more children than she can adequately support, care for, and educate. Oftentimes, in both developed and less developed countries, it is the POOR, UNEDUCATED, and LESS EDUCATED women who will have large families. They are of the school that the more children, the better. Also, such women tend to be more conservative, traditional, and religious which also are determining factors regarding the large family scenario.

ZUZU 3 years ago

ITS AWESOMEEEEEEEE.....................................

all major events 2 years ago

why there is not sex involved

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