What is Memo Gate (Memogate) Scandle in Pakistan?

Laptop and Black Barry

Memo Gate Scandal and Hussain Haqqani

Memo Gate scandal is on the front page headlines of the Pakistani newspapers since couple of weeks. Memo gate scandal in Pakistan refers to the alleged letter send to the American high command by Pakistani Ambassador in America – Hussain Haqqani, who has attained popularity as an American Envoy in America, who is getting all the privilege from Pakistan. Hussain Haqqani is known for protecting the contingent interests of American in Pakistan by issuing Visas to Ramond Davis like CIA Agents and using other tactics to destabilize Pakistan. Anyhow, now Hussain Haqqani has resigned and Government has ensured the parliament to constitute a committee to investigate this Memo Gate Scandal. No double the Government will try its level best to protect Hussain Haqqani, who was enjoying the most privileged government seat after Prime Minister-ship, as is said by some Senior Journalists. The Government will scarifies Hussain Haqqani only when their own government will be at stake. Memo Gate scandal is in fact the toughest challenge ever faced by the Government of Pakistan which has earned the reputation of the most corrupt government ever in the history of Pakistan.

The Opposition has also gone in Supreme Court for constitution of Judiciary Committee to probe the matter of Memo Gate.

In the letter, which is referred as Memo Gate Scandal, refuge of America was sought by the Civil Government against the Military Establishment of Pakistan and in turn, the Government of Pakistan ensured the US Government to allow them whatever they want. They would have more liberty to act. More than what they are enjoying now. They would have access to the nuclear installations of Pakistan and so on.

Anyhow, what does Memo Gate Scandal means and why the letter sent by Hussain Haqqani is named as Memo Gate Scandal?, are the questions, answer of which very few knows.

The Term Memo gate Scandal was first used in respect of documents claimed by the CBS to be related to President George W. Bush's service in the Air National Guard in 1972–73. These documents were critical for the upcoming elections in George W. Bush was also a candidate. However, CBS could not produce sanctity of these documents.

In this context, could it be possible that the letter written to the Americans by Hussain Haqqani could be proved as forged or at least the prosecution would not be able to prove that the documents were from Hussain Haqqani. However, one should be forget that in the George W. Bush’s Memo Gate Scandal all the documents related to 1972-73 and, reportedly, the original documents were burnt. However, in the case of Hussain Haqqan all the data of Blackberries and Laptop of Hussain Haqqani and Mansoor Ijaz could be traced in minutes and reported has been traced by Pakistani Agencies. Hence, if it is actually done, there could hardly be any chances of escape for Hussain Haqanni.

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munaza 5 years ago

who is memogate?

ahmed 5 years ago

what is the role of mansoor ijaz

salim 5 years ago

this government is not willwisher of pakistan so hussainhuqani knows the government and acts like memo gat.zardare and huqqani must be hang.

ali wattoo 5 years ago

actually i dnt know y,bt we pakistanies are a type of slaves of US govt. jst for the sake of getting power in pakistan n memogate is also one of those steps,that people use.

masooma 5 years ago

nice info

wadana khan 5 years ago

what were the actuall demands ov hussain haqani?what is wriiten in this latter?i dnt undstand that

m afzal 5 years ago

it is a plot against the country

wanian 5 years ago

Wait a bit. This is a game of our cruel rulers. Being a muslim we play for the anticrest.(dajjal).

tehmina 5 years ago

Mansoor Ijaz should come in Pakistan as soon as possible and prove his claim

mansha 5 years ago

hussain haqani and companey are meer jaffer and meer sadiq for pakistani nation. they must b hanged .

MA Khan 5 years ago

This is a conspiracy of the PPP government to prolong their rule, the rule which is smeared with unprecedented corruption. The government of PPP is no doubt elected one. but the track record of PPP is thoroughly corrupted and anti nationalism. Its high time that PM Gillani who has not proved himself should now quit office and pay for his missdeeds. Ameen.

mahi tiwari 5 years ago

wat is George W. Bush’s Memo Gate Scandal?..

Smirky Indian 5 years ago

I feel lousy for you guys....try changing the name of your country....maybe that will change your luck...try 'Sissy-stan' or 'barbadi-stan' or some shit like that...coz there's definitely no 'pak' in your stan ;)

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

This just tells your narrow minded Hindu approach just like Gandhi and Nehru who predicted that the Pakistan would not survive more than few months. But Pakistan is still there with all its successes and vows and a time will come when Pakistan will be on track to progress.

b k nigam 5 years ago

ar u both gys are stupid fellow. We people r not belongs to politics, we people r not political leader. Let this type of critics to them. We should not fight like dt. We all are human n love huminity. Keep look forword n improve ur self

Maulana Abdul 5 years ago

barkhurdaar, Gandhi and Nehru never predicted so. Ans if it is called "surviving" then it would be much better to die.

Long live india 5 years ago

Pakistan...have u ever see the democracy at least for10 years..

Actually u ppl know wat is democracy?

sobia 5 years ago

thank you to wrriter,, its vv helpful to me,,

UMER FAROOQ 5 years ago


destinty 5 years ago

pakistan , is n will remain as zinda qoum, those who think ppl of okaistans r peettyabl thy must watchout in their own country how ppls r serviving thr, u all should take care or ur once ww pakistani will handl all r matters as we hv done in earlier tyms..

Yogesh 5 years ago

Give a good governance to Pakistan and don't bark over each other. Whatever has been in past why u still carry that on...whosoever is corrupt is corrupt he is neither Hindu nor Muslim nor Indian nor Pakistani in true sense

Khan 5 years ago

Dear Indian friend, there is no need for removing 'PAk' from the name of our country. The reason is that the word 'PAKI' will play and prove its role and worth when the people of this area as predicted by our religlous leaders will reoccupy your country. Thereby you will acknowledge the worth of 'PAKI' and you will also obsererve the real look and effectiveness of DEEN.

Long live india 5 years ago

We have proud that we don't believe in hindu or muslim leader....we believe in humanity...

Indian have proud that Dr kalam is our president and s y quarsi is our chief election commisoner....

khan 5 years ago

A large number of Indians are born on the roads and die there. They even hardly have access to basic facilities. Inia being a rich country can provide them with what they need for leading just a simple and ordinary life. However, they do not seem to be willing to do to that. The claim of belief in humanity as mentioned above seems to be just pleasing oneself.

Jivtesh Singh J&K 5 years ago

India & Pakistan r both developing countries & we both hv problems that all other developing countries r facing...the corruption in India is also quite high like in Pakistan & the politicians here r also corrupt & stoop low for saving there government...the only thing in which India is much ahead of not only Pakistan but also of another might neighbor china is that it is a democratic country with all the rights available to the people.... It has got an active civil society & it's democracy is working quite nicely since independence.

khan 5 years ago

Lack of understanding democracy always brings about such complacency. The reason is that this kind of governmental system is for the welfare of the public. The richnes of your country is depicted across the world. Unfortunately, as many Indians as complete Pakistani population or even more are deprived of basic housing facilities. The above stated 'all the rights available to the people owing to India's democracy' seems to be like woolgathering.

Long live india 5 years ago

At least a small person in india can stood up and ask the government,rasie their vocie.....but in pakistan no one can speak against their govt.

According to an international report pakistan stood 1st in human bomb attack...

Every one in pakistan live in fear......they don't know wat will happen 2 them in next hour......

Long live india 5 years ago


my dear friend in ur dream pakistan never campare them to india.....

And i think u have outdated data....

Go and check ur data

don't mislead the nation

khan 5 years ago

The issues like Babry Masjid, the brutal operation agaist sikh's religious center, kashmir and so on reveal that every Indian has a say against the govt. Human bomb attacks in Pakistan are supported and funded by some international key playres and India. Such reports generally spread fear among the populace. There is an examplery peace in our country. The day the outside forces stop their conspiracies againt Pakistan, the on going lack of peace, which is still better for the follwers of all religions than India.

Long live india 5 years ago

My dear frd

as i said u have outdated data-babry majid,kodhara consiparcy,sikh mass. held year long ago at least 10-15 years back.......

Indian prime minister band the RSS, which longest hindu group in india.....

And my dear frnd i invite u 2 india and observe the mentalty of indian people.....

In india all people have the right to practise their religon.....in my locality we have people practise both religon because his wife is muslim.......

We don't have blamephy law......

Long live india 5 years ago


my frnd ur govt is misleading u...saying that bomb attaker were frm international palyer or india....ur own govt is doing so ,so that they can destory ur democracy,develop fear in people so that they can rule u people......

khan 5 years ago

1. The slogan of greater India and the conversion of all sub-continent inhabitants back to Hinduisom shows the mentality of Indians and their govt. 2. The stories of brutality not only in Kashmir? but also in many other minority groups exhibit the uncondusive environment for them to adjust in. 3. There are tangible proofs of foreign hands behind lack of peace and human bombs in Pakistan with the govt. 4. The visitors are imprisoned in the name of so-called terrorizm in Indai.

Long live india 5 years ago

Ever country have solgan for greatness of their motherland,u also have slogan for greater pakistan....

Ur are wrong no group in interseted in conversion of all sub-contient into hindusim.....

The story of brut. You hear they are either fake or u r takling about past....

khan 5 years ago

1.There are differences in the metioned greatness. The general theory for greatness is to develop one's country as much as possible. However, the case of India is totally different and unusual. That's they desire to convert all the inhabitants of sub-continent back to Hinduism. The manifestoes of political parties and the general directions of Hindus are obvious evidences of a different ideology of Indians. 2. The cruel treatment of minority groups has recently been observed as well. In this regard, the Christians and Gujrati Muslims have been their latest victims.

Long live india 5 years ago


i don't know u have read which manifesto of which party...

That is the problem of pakistani ,u people are orthodox ,never belief ur mistake....ur job is only critizise other.....go and check ur own home country how the people live their, in their home their may be no food but they have Ak47 ....BULL SIT!!

Don't even dare to compare ur hell with india....our premable say we are secular country!! And don't teach us ,if u have courage go and tell ur govt. And ur army!!

Gujrat massacre is not recent...and judicial probe is happening and indian judicary will punish the guilt...

And don't forgot godhra case.....

Long live india 5 years ago


"looser are always ready with their tools"

Mohsin 5 years ago

Dear indian friends:


khan 5 years ago

1. Dear friends, the upcoming election campaigns' speeches will be dominated by the stated agenda as usual. 2. The public in here is in much better condition than Indians as well as our own govt. 3.There is need no to complain as the election gives us a chance either to change or vote for the same party. 4. The history shows that the judiciary hardly punishes the individuals involved in such cases due to unknown reasons. 5. The problematic issues such as memomgate or many others have been deliberately created for damaging Pakistan's frastructure. 6. China is a trustworthy friend, however, others including India have not left any stone unturned for the distruction of Pakistan.

harem 5 years ago

mansoor ijaz will not come to pakistan memogate was the drama created by americans through

Saba alvi 5 years ago

Guyz is this topic is imp in css this year????? If yes than he it could b implemented by the examiner

Saba alvi 5 years ago

Khan look it is no use to argue with indians ... What we have to do is to admit our mistakes and bring our country to that level where the mouth of all the others shut automatically... We are arguing and comparing our country to the up coming top economy of the world with so huge corruption that we have????? The demand of the time is that we learn something from them and compete with them economically.... This is the era if economical war not cold war....

khan 5 years ago

Saba, there is no need either to agree or disagree with your comment. The reason is that Pakistan is still a victim of the cold war philosophy at the hands of some outside forces including India. The memogate, the presence of foreign intelligence agencies in Pak, the appointments of ricruts for foreign security agencies by so-called NGOs, the explosions of boms or suicide bombs, the increase in fuel prices totally different from the intrational market, the presence of billions of illegetmate dollars of Pak in Swiss banks in clash with the international law etc. are vey classick examples in this regrad. Therefore, the first thing we need to do is to protect our country by eradicating the involvement of foreign hands from our affairs. Afterwards the rest of the things as pointed out one of them by you could be planned and proceeded.

khan 5 years ago

Harem, I agree with you. Also, there is a need for other petriotic Pakistani to come forward and defend their homeland. No matter how bad a home is, it is like a paradise for all its inhabitants. I believe that we need to greet all the challenges and try to beat them.

Long live india 5 years ago


i totally agree with u and this is wat i am telling 2 khan.....

As i said "losser r always ready with their tool"

khan is not accepting pakistan mistake.....let's assume if any foreign power is behind it,the pakistani are fools to do this!!!

Thanks to allaha that sabha like citizen live in the pakistan,who can think out of the box......

And sabha don't be in wrong imperison memo scandal is fake whole world know the relationship between daughter -mother in laws!!

Long live india 5 years ago


i don't know u are talking about which election!!

U are well known with ur decocracy....and ur game chaning vote!!

khan 5 years ago

Dear friend, this is where most of the people are mistaken about Pakistan's internal and external problems. The conspiracies of the earlier mentioned powers started targeting Pakistan through various ways by the help of traitors like MEER JAFFAR and MEER SADIQ since day one. That's how the services of a big portion of Pakistanis' were purchased in the name of very fascinating terminologies and were used for her destruction from time to time. Few of the issues have been mentioned in a previous comment. Pakistani are not fools, but greed has been a weakness of human beings and such people can be found in every country. It is generally believed that every problem has an end and the happennings around our country indicate that the problems of Pakistan seem to end forever. Thereby we will prove our idendity Inshaallah.

Long live india 5 years ago

At last u accepted ur mistake....

Now stop critisise other make india as role model....and start work hard to gain ur goal!!

khan 5 years ago

The acceptance of our mistakes...... Unclear....... what does it mean?

Saba alvi 5 years ago

Khan u and me both sre right.... We both want to improve the conditions of our dera homeland.... U are absolutely right about the foreign involvement in deterioating our peace..... Its an open secret no one deny it... There are thousands of RAMND DAVIOUS operating in iur country but to blame the outside PIGs is what we have to do at this turmoil?????? Knowing the problem is the first step on which we all stuck.... What's the remedies what's our role i want to say this earlier..... Please elaborate this khan what's ur stance over it????

Saba alvi 5 years ago

Thanks long live ..... What's going on in our country ands what's our role and duties and mistakes its totally our personal mater it disent mean that ur country is a white fairy every country have black and white dear so stop concerning about each others countries and switch ur sides towards the betrment of ur owm countries.... Every PAKISTANI and INDIAN knows better about the reslities of their own countres better so instead if critising each other we should have add our share in the development of our own country.... Leave the matter of our country to our shoulders and shiw ur concerns to ur homeland dear.....

Waseem Hafeez 5 years ago

Dear Indians,

I am not expecting any rude reply on talk at this forum, hence dropping liner to you!

Keep your formulas, suggestions and criticism for your own country. May be you are not aware about your own major issues in economy. Let me reiterate that Indian population below the poverty line (37%-2011), while in Pakistan (24%-2011). On the other hand, GDP per capita Income in India is 1527$ and in Pakistan it is $2791 so on...

So, you are requested to please stay out of our country’s internal affair, No doubt we are now in recession but you too. You too doing not very well and are in developing condition not in developed condition. We both (Pakistani & Indians) having more than one way to skin our country with different facts and figure. But the reality is; you are also experiencing similar sort of political instability, poverty, unemployment, budget deficit, economic crisis ……… which you are talking about in context with Pakistan ….

Last thing “Criticism is eminent weapon for excellence, but in criticism use of self benefit is against respect manners”.

Anyway my massage to responsible peoples whether they are Pakistani or Indian, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

Saba alvi 5 years ago

Weeeeeeeellllllllddddddoonnnnnnnnnneeerrrrr waseem..... This is what m trying to said them ......

moazzam khhan 5 years ago

dear peopleof pakistan we r jst going to b fooled by sch issues, if issue exist a hard nut shod b crashed, y still a mysery being a national issue?

khan 5 years ago

Saba and Waseen, the logic and wisdom lie in pointing out one's own problems rather than disparaging the reputation of others' states. As pointed out by both of you, Indians must invest their energies in finding out solutions to their own problems, which are far worse than Pakistan. Also, it is advisable for them to influence their responsible figures in one or the other way to keep their hands away from deteroirating the affairs of Pakistan. This way the contributions to the development of India can be made far quicker and effective. Saba,no doubt, we had better look for possible remedies for our problems. Let's start doing.....

khan 5 years ago

Saba and Waseen, the logic and wisdom lie in pointing out one's own problems rather than disparaging the reputation of others' states. As pointed out by both of you, Indians must invest their energies in finding out solutions to their own problems, which are far worse than Pakistan. Also, it is advisable for them to influence their responsible figures in one or the other way to keep their hands away from deteroirating the affairs of Pakistan. This way the contributions to the development of India can be made far quicker and effective. Saba,no doubt, we had better look for possible remedies for our problems. Let's start doing.....

Saba alvi 5 years ago

Thanks khan ull understand what m sying..... NATIONS need tym to b groomed i think our nation is now moving towards revolution after enough evolution because our youth is now more aware responsible energetic and keen to change our surroundings ever..... INSHALLAH we'll bring our country toheights soon.....

Yousaf 5 years ago

it refers that we people are still living in the slavery of US but still winks are waiting for the ray of hope its all about our deeds keep doing good deeds and wait for the golden tomorrow..............,.................

khan 5 years ago

Thanks Saba, I believe that the envolvement of foreign hands in our affairs seems to be the major reason for most of our problems. What do you think about about it?

Saba alvi 5 years ago

I think khan that our corrupt leaders is the touch stone..... Foreigners are able to make their involvement due to their support if our internal don't provide any lose space or crack than how could the outside water penetrats in??????? They in one hand provide them direct support in order to gain power and on other hand helps them indirectly by incresing poverty, lawness,and status disparity due to their corrupt policies so that our hungry people have no choice to be the tool of foreigners......

akhsay kumar 5 years ago

means how to destroy the country

zaineb idrees 5 years ago

although, so far it's a great info. about memo gate ,but dey didn't tell us that what actually written on memo by Hussain haqani . but really commendable job. I get to know after read all this that Americans are good for nothing!!!! wo donn'y need americans in our great country . . .

Mirani Abdul Qayoom 4 years ago

tranparent inquiry should be held, results should be shown to the nation, mansoor ijaz, hussain haqqnai and involved government sholuld be removed on immediately basis, and hanged in front of nation, so that lesson should be mad for up coming nation

JAN KHAN (RK) SWAT 4 years ago


Salam Pakistan 4 years ago

You indians have NO courage to fight with us. Your people example is that "if somebody gave a SLAP" to any INDIAN he (INDIAN) allows you to gave another SLAP on other cheek, because he is coward and have no respect for him, but, if the same thing happen with PAKISTANI he will give two SLAPS in return. ok indians you ediots.

dont forget 1965 4 years ago

india hai he laaaaaaanati.ghaleez harees.ye to 47 se zuban ltkaye betha hai.laaaaanti.ALLAh se dr lgta hai.is liye ikhlaq ka daira he thek hai.wrna galiya yad a rhi hein.wese india ko to smaj a jay gi.

shah hussain 4 years ago

haqqani has no interest in pakistan.he has committed high treason and be hanged,thus, making him a lesson for the world and pakistanis.

fateeh 4 years ago

niow it is proved that hussain haqani is GHADDAR, and this govt. also.

A muslim of pakistan 4 months ago

for the sake of argument f india is a democratic country and giving rights to their nationals to equal rights in all spheres of life.by the way whats going on in kashmir?is it the true dmocratic value.why not india gives kashmires to live peacefully.f there was democracy n india so innocent kshmiers would have given their basic rights to live wd peace nd let the kashmires decide stop barbarism upon kashmeres

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