Modern Day Pharaoh

It's been a while since my last article and some of you may have been wondering about the silence and the paucity. It was not that I did not wish to write something, but for those that know me, you will understand when I say, I was told it was not yet the right time to write. If that sounds a little mysterious, then welcome to my world where the mysterious I often take for granted and consider normal. Following that voice has led me on a life that has taken me around the world, seen wonders and events that most people will never see in their lifetimes, achieved or assisted in modern day miracles in science, opened doors that one can only describe as ultimate adventures, and had the inspiration and clarity to write about life, our place in this universe, and the history that has been made and will be made. That voice which has guided me has never steered me wrong and the only time I have failed is when I have not listened. So if I'm told to wait and not write until I'm told to do so, you can understand that in my world it makes perfect sense. As I said, it was not as if I didn't want to write. Three weeks ago, a colleague of mine from the Philippines asked me to explain what was going on in the Israel-Gaza crisis. To quote him, he said, "I can't make any sense out of this, can you explain it to me?" His intent was sincere, and his question was genuine. He was confused, looking for modern day answers and common sense in regards to something which has defied logic for over 3000 years. It cannot be resolved or even analyzed within modern day perspectives. It has nothing to do with common sense, logic, intelligence or for that fact, rational behavior. It is a guttural, inborn, psychological aberration that existed from the day King Saul defied the instruction of God and failed to execute the command to annihilate all that was Amelekite. All its men, women, children, sheep, goats and cattle as the Lord instructed. I can empathize with Saul, he considered it immoral, reprehensible and for lack of a better word, 'inhumane'. He failed to see what God had seen, that this was not a punishment for the ancestors of what we now call the Palestinians but a prevention for all the suffering, cataclysmic events, and strife that would follow. Failing to follow through on the Lord's command at that time would unleash the devastation that would follow for three millennia. So the answer I could give my colleague probably left him even more confused, that it was not an issue that makes sense, but a matter of being innate, inborn, instilled from an event where one side made a humanitarian gesture in defiance of God and has been paying the price ever since.

Know Your Friends

So why was I told to wait and not respond immediately? Because there was something I was told I needed to see. That this time things would be very different and I would know "Who our friends are." At first it all sounded very cryptic but over the past three weeks it became very clear what was intended. Whether you like him or not, Netanyahu saw exactly what I was being shown. This was not a war between Hamas and Israel, this is a war between Jew and those that have wanted our elimination since time immemorial. Do not be mistaken, when anti-Zionism is reflected by bombing synagogues, attacking defenseless Jews walking the streets in Europe, and resurrecting the memories of Nazism, then what becomes obvious is what has always been unspoken and the world is reluctant to admit, that anti-Zionism is Racism. When a people are denied their existence or their right to exist, when they are told you can defend yourself but you cannot strike back, when your economic lifeline is threatened by cutting off air travel because a single rocket lands a kilometer away, yet planes will fly over the Ukraine even though shot down by missiles, or into Pakistan or Yemen, or Iraq when they are constantly under threat of being ripped from the skies, and no one even suggest cutting even a single flight from those hotspots in all the years that they have been under threat, then you can appreciate that decisions have been made, not as a result of practical responses but because Jews have decided to stand up and say, "Never Again!" once more. I will not allow myself, my people to become a footnote on the bottom of some history books that says '*extinct race'. That will not happen on my watch. There are those that will claim Palestinians have experienced the same but that is a fallacy as Israel has never incorporated into its constitution that all Palestinians must die as is clearly stated in Article 7 of the Hamas constitution that all Jews must be killed. Nor has it rained down rockets as a first strike upon unaware civilians in Gaza, further avoided by Israel's warning of leaflets and even SMS messages to forewarn the civilians of what would occur. Nor has their economic lifeline been threatened when one realizes their natural gas, electricity and most of their foodstuff on shelves in grocery stores comes from Israel. These are the facts that the racist anti-Zionists don't want you to know in their efforts to conceal their true purpose and hatred. I will point to the people of Britain that suffered through the barrage of V2 rockets that leveled London and rather than remain cowering in their basements, they sent plane after plane to carpet bomb Berlin and other cities in Germany until the German people knew that the suffering they had inflicted upon the British would be paid back a thousand fold. I will point to the sinking of a battleship in Pearl Harbour that was paid back with the leveling of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, a payback that can only be described as a million times over and no one flinched. How ironic that we as a people are told to rely on the Iron Dome, to shoot down the thousands of rockets fired upon us and that should be the extent of our response while our enemies conceal their weapon-stores and their launchers behind children and women, and religious institutions while the Minority Leader of the House dares to utter the words that they are a 'Humanitarian Organization'. Three United Nations operated schools used to hide their weapons. Three schools operated by officials from 'friendly' nations and they would have us believe they had no knowledge of what was being stored in their basements? That is the lie of their racist policies. Caught in deliberate actions of anti-Jewish activities under the pretense of being an international organization for peace and prosperity. Lies, covered over with even more lies. Do not be deluded by the level of this subterfuge. For the United Nations to permit the use of their schools to be used as armouries is a crime, to let school children act as a human shield for these weapons is a War Crime and the UN must be held accountable. As I mentioned, this is not a war between Israel and Hamas, this is a war of the world against Jews. Judge not lest you be judged and judgment has been passed and these other nations are found guilty.

America No More

And what of America, this nation that was once the defender of the weak, the innocent, the savior of democracy and the enforcer of individual freedoms. It has for all intents and purposes become irrelevant. Whatever motivation President Obama has for overseeing the moral decline and decay of this once great nation, I cannot fathom but the sad fact is that America no longer represents what is good in this world and Democrats certainly don't represent anything that resembles moral integrity. John Kerry in his efforts to persuade Israel to honour unilateral ceasefires while Hamas continues to tunnel its way past the Israeli border and to threaten the sovereignty of Israel and its citizens through miles and miles of concrete and steel girders paid for with the $47 million that Kerry just recently handed over to them, is a political joke, a man unworthy of even having been once considered a presidential candidate. He knows only one word, 'surrender' and disguises it under his singular vocabulary that he expounds in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and now Israel, 'ceasefire.' But all these instructions can only come from the president, a man more noticeable by his absence in dealing with crises, while he contends himself with playing golf as the world burns. This modern day Pharaoh, cannot see the plagues that will strike down his nation. His view of Israel is no more than a country of servants, instructed to do as their overlords tell them, and when they disobey, to crack them under the whip until they submit. The error of our history is to think we were slaves in Egypt, but Egyptian records of the builders at Luxor and Karnak show that was never the case. Like them we were state property, housed in separate communities, our families with us while the state provided homes, food and met our essential needs. But the artisans and builders of the state were not permitted to leave the villages that had been set up for them. They bore too many secrets, knew where the shafts and the treasures were in each temple and pyramid and therefore they had to remain their entire lives in the artisan cities, until the day that they died. And sadly, that is how this president views Israel, as state owned property, built and paid for by his modern day Egypt and as Pharaoh, only he has the right to say what can be done and what will be done. But as in the Egypt of old, one man will stand up from amongst our people and in defiance say to Pharaoh, "NO, we will not listen any longer. We will not be led to our deaths following a life of servitude." So to you Mr. President, I say, Shlach Et Ami, Let My People Go! We will do as we must, we will survive as we must, and we will defend ourselves in the way and manner that we must.

In Conclusion

So how did I know when it would be time to write this article, to voice what was not only being seen but what should be obvious to us all. As in most of my experiences of the past I was told I would be sent a sign. And certainly this time was not to be any different. Signs are usually events out of the ordinary, coincidences that defy the odds and therefore cannot be called coincidences any longer but instead intentional events. In this case, the sign was what one might call sublime, a rare event that should not have occurred because of its unlikelihood but which carried a significant message far greater than the randomness of the event itself. In this case it relied on my hobby of coin collecting, which in itself is not unusual since the millions of numismatists around the world will know that if there's a coin shop, you're going to look in the window instinctively. But here's the part that defies coincidence or randomness and must be chalked up to intentional purpose. While walking through the back streets of Macau I chanced upon a coin shop. I had already been told through that little voice a sign was coming but I had no clue as to where or when. The shop contained hundreds or even thousand of coins, predominantly Asian in nature, but there were some British and American coins as well. Yet in the window of the door, there were displayed prominently some 30 coins. Again, mostly Chinese but there was one coin that stood out. It was a 25 shekel 1975 Pidyon Haben coin. The only Israeli coin in the entire shop and totally incongruent with every other coin being sold. It didn't belong there, it shouldn't have been there but it was. So instinctively I went in to buy it and the woman gave me the price as 180 MOP even though it was marked as being 185. For those that may not be aware, 18 is the Chai, the symbols of life, of liberty and being ten times the value of life only confirmed that this was obviously the sign I had been informed about. Why the Pidyon Haben, well its all about redemption of our first born, about giving back to God. All which will be dealt with in the next article as it was far more than a sign but also an instruction to do more. Shlach et Ami my brothers and sisters, it is time we let that phrase ring in the ears of our enemies once more.

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BAR 2 years ago



"But what you detect as the irony is once again the fact that I am where I am told to be."

Indeed Brother! this is unarguable. While a great utility for commerce, English is a clumsy tongue at times. Synchronistic+Playful Humor was my

meaning. It appears on the outside looking in

Suppose Irony does carry a pejorative tint, that was not meant.

Wish you strength in your work, many need to hear your words.

Ironically including myself! :)

As Faithful Witness to the Rabbinical, may your Bloodline continue its mission swiftly.

If ever in our time where the true DNA heirs of our Fathers needed it is now and the near immediate challenges that come for us all.

Lev la Lev

Kahana profile image

Kahana 2 years ago Author

Not an issue Alan. Know exactly where this voice originates from.

alanbedford 2 years ago

Thanks for the clarification Kahana. The difficult part is to be able to distinguish between that "litle voice" from God, and a "little voice" from some evil source.

Kahana profile image

Kahana 2 years ago Author

Shalom Bar, as always, your insights are welcome. But what you detect as the irony is once again the fact that I am where I am told to be. Long ago I learned to do and not ask. The time will come later to fully understand.

BAR 2 years ago


"For every act of defiance, we will pay the price."

Kohen, what is the source of this defiance then , if as you say.. "our" enemy raises from the ground every generation to continue its blood-lust?

Would not one obviously be the source of the other if the Tankah is reference. You term Zionism as equal to Israelite as equal to Jew? How is this when Zionism comes directly from a western humanist maxim? The leap is understandable considering your western origins, but none the less incorrect to assume.

Zionism is just that, an -ism. Purely western in construction, a political/philosophy at best and has no bearing to the land or the ancient ones buried in its soil.

Why is this?

Who makes themselves king and sits Upon Saul's throne ? What generational name financed Zionism and the modern state it claims?

Surely a Scholar of your astute abilities knows this obvious truth?

You are correct to utter the words, Shlach et Ami!

However you direct your yell to a viceroy, with out daring to see Pharaoh sitting in plain sight.

The irony of sitting/setting in The PRC and pondering what you must be as of yet unwilling to see, will be prove EL ELYON Humorous sense of irony is truly marvelous!

Kahana profile image

Kahana 2 years ago Author

Shalom Alan, no comparison at all. Just raising the explanation from the Tanakh why we are dealing with this situation still even now and how it has nothing to do with common sense, or western ideology or thinking. That it is an issue rooted in the past, that theologically was to be eradicated by Saul performing what even I consider a hideous task, but we are not to question that little voice when it tells us to do something. He did, and the result has been 3000 years of strife and tragedy. For every act of defiance, we will pay the price.

alanbedford 2 years ago

I certainly agree with your asessment of Obama, and I also recognize the importance of following "that little voice." But let me play the Devil's Advocate because I want to hear your reaction to the following:

You compared the current Gaza/Israel situation to the case of King Saul vs. the Amalekites. Are you saying that the Palestinians are the same as the Amalekites? Are you comparing Netanyahu to King Saul? Did Netanyahu receive an order from God to treat the Paslestinians the same as the Amalekites?

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