Monkey See - Monkey Do


It's over. The circus has closed its doors and the clowns have all gone on to smaller, more productive venues. It was an interesting show to say the least. First the democrats then the Republicans.

It was a two ring circus presented in two acts. The first act was interesting and very well put together. The second act was just Monkey See - Monkey Do.

The democrats crafted a show meant to capture the minds and hearts of the electorate. They carefully put together a show that the electorate demanded. They incorporated into the show all the wishes of free citizens everywhere. Gone were the money toting lobbyist. Gone were the raping and pillaging of federal programs. The new age vision promised "accountability in government".

They created and defined the "change" mantra. They broke historical ground by nominating a member of a minority for president of the United States. They then balanced the act by bringing in a seasoned well respected veteran of past shows. He represents knowledge and stability.

The second act was a replay of the first act. The show was crafted to entice the public into thinking that an original show was to take place. But that was not the actual results.

Firstly, the second act adopted the change mantra of the first act. But because the second act has been playing for eight years now they could not define the change. So it became a "me too" mantra. When pressed to define the change they stated: Well its really the same as the last eight years only applied in a different way.

The "me too" mantra was also applied to the historical ground breaking event. A member of a minority class was chosen to represent the second act.

The first act continues to play in America. The act has been passed on to the next generation. Leading the change is a young forward looking leader. He has chosen a mature well seasoned confidant to help him in his decision making.

The second act continues to shout "ME TOO, ME TOO", we are for change and for the future. To lead the change into the future they have chosen a leader close to the age of senility. His successor and confident is a youthful young lady who believes in "do as I say, not as I do". Her claim to wisdom is that just like the leader of the last eight years she also claims to hear God speak to her. He tells her that the current wars are his task for this nation to complete.

Now after all is said and done, we can see that both acts are one and same. Just different names and faces. The only real difference here is who will lead us into the future. Will we follow the "Me too" crowd or the "Change" crowd?


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