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Pakistan came in to being in 14 august 1947, after being separated from subcontinent which consisted of India, Pakistan, Kashmir and Bangladesh. The reason for the partition was the difference in culture and religion of people living in it, namely Hindus and Muslims. Pakistan was the dream of Mr. Allama Iqbal which was turned in to reality by Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, though at that time formed but it was faced with dreadful conditions and it was assumed by many countries that it will not be able to survive for long.

Both the parties where happy that they will be able to live according to there culture and follow there religion without any difficulty and objections. Right now almost after 63 years the situation of Pakistan have not improved although a visible improvement can been seen in case of India. Pakistan is still standing where it was 63 years back. Don’t believe me?

Let me give you a example “Common thing between me and Quied e Azam Muhammad Ali jinnah 63 years back he studied in candle light, and at present 21 century even I study in candle light most of the time “

Let me highlight some of the issues which kept on getting worst after the partition.

Electricity shortage. Shortage of water, inflation, unemployment, lack of infrastructure facilities, sewerage system problem, bomb blasts, target killings, fall in business, balance of payment defecate and the list goes on.(For more detail read the hub Pakistan’s unemployment problem.)

On the other hand India has improved in all of the above mentioned issues. Why is that so? Just because of unity.

In Pakistan there is lack of unity although people say we are united but there is a difference between saying and being. In Pakistan people have divided themselves on basic of geographical locations and they only think about the people of there own provinces instated of Pakistan as a whole. Pakistan is divided in to following four provinces Sindh, Punjab.Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtun Khan

Apart from this different sects have also been developed. Every one thinks that they are right.

So was this the reason why Mr. Jinnah struggled to get a separate home land for the Muslims?

The recent bomb blast in Karachi at ma jinnah road caused thirty five people life another seventy injured belonging to a Islamic group which later burned 2500 shops and dozens of vehicles. the police failed to stop the angry mob, but it declared a holiday the very next day all fuel stations also announced to remain closed due to the risk of being set on fire for next three days.

What the government does not realize is that if such incidents keep on happing and if businesses are closed for four to eight days every month apart from the regular holidays how will Pakistan prosper? How badly will the business be affected? What will a daily wage earner do? No one is there to answer these questions, if you can then do answer.

Every year on 14th august we the people of Pakistan celebrate Independence Day claming that “Hum Azad Hain” we have got freedom, but do give a thought this time that do we really have freedom?

Comments and questions are most welcome please do not hesitate to share your point of view.

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sarah 5 years ago

Muslims have no unity among themselves and other nations take advantage of this ! There are different sects in Muslims,Shia, Sunni,Barelvi and others many,All of these can not even offer their Prayers in one mosque.Like other countries Pakistan has also High Court, Supreme Court and people get justice,but in Pakistan Government involves the Courts to give the decision in their favor.

Sheikh 4 years ago

muslims have really no unity and apart from this muslims are jealous of others,,if one is going to top then other is pulling his that muslims first think on this and think that all is equal and all r created by Almighty Allah.....

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