Murder Mysteries Pose Challenges to British Police

Murder Mysteries Pose Challenges to British Police

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Murder Mysteries Pose Challenges to British Police

Murder Mysteries Pose Challenges to British Police
Murder Mysteries Pose Challenges to British Police | Source

Murder Mysteries Pose Challenges to British Police

Double Murder in Birmingham Shocks All

The double murder of Indian origin businessman Avtar Colar (62) and his English wife Carole (58) in Birmingham has sent shock waves to India and the Indians settled in UK. The person charged with their killings has been found dead through hanging in his prison cell. This has compounded the mystery. It reminds one about the murder of the high-profile US President John Kennedy in the sixties. Kennedy was shot dead while travelling in a car and he died in the laps of his wife Jacqueline. Kennedy’s assassin Oswald was murdered by somebody else (I think Ruby). Ruby in turn was killed by somebody else. The case is proving elusive and is not solved to the fullest satisfaction even today after a lapse of five decades.

A Loving and Affectionate Family

British police are suspecting that a random burglary attempt went wrong and resulted in the murder. The suspect who died in the cell was the 37-year old Rimvydas Liorancas, a Lithuanian national. Kolar and Carole had been married for forty years and were living in Friary Road, Handsworth Wood most of the times. Their son Janson, a serving police officer, found their bodies on January 11. Post mortem of the dead bodies revealed that they were stuck with a lump hammer on their heads to death. Kolar was called by his nickname Tari and was working as a florist. Carole was working in a school-care centre, looking after children including her own grand children. Kolar and Carole had four children and eight grand children. They were a close-knit and a loving family. Their daughter Michelle Kirwan (39) was the most affected from the episode. She described her parents as the kindest and sweetest.

Possibility of a Revenge against the Police Officer

Many items in their house were stolen. It looks like a clear case of a burglary attempt resulting in murder. But there is also a possibility that some victims might have taken revenge against the police officer Jason and made it look like a burglary attempt to divert the attention of police. The 24-year old Lithuanian was arrested subsequently. There had been a sharp increase in nasty burglaries in the area in Birmingham where the couple were living.

Was Sivia Responsible for Rawling’s Death?

In the meanwhile, speculation is centring on as to whether the Oxford University’s Professor Steve Rawling’s death is a natural death or a murder. His widow Linda states that it is not a murder. A 49-year old Indian origin mathematician Devinder Sivia was held and later released on bail over the issue. Steve Rawling’s body was found in a bungalow in Oxfordshire. The death came suddenly and was inexplicable. Steve Rawlings and Devinder Sivia were thick friends since their college days for the last thirty years. Steve Rawling’s widow is very sure that Devinder Sivia is not responsible for her husband’s death.

A Violent Altercation Led To Rawling’s Death?

Steve Rawling had been suffering due to work-related stress. He went and sought advice from Devinder Sivia. Police are not confirming whether Rawling suffered from a heart attack. What made the British police to fix the charge on Devinder Sivia is not clear. But there is no fire without a smoke. Somewhere there is some mystery which is not clear at present. Had Rawling died in his house, it might not have arisen any suspicion. But Rawling died in the home of his ‘friend’ Devinder Sivia. A violent altercation between the two is suspected by the media and also by the police, which led to the arrest of Sivia. Rawling already had stress-related psychiatric problems that led to his breakdown last year.

Sivia Acted In Self Defence

The British police are of the opinion that the death may be a matter of a coroner’s inquest rather than a criminal court. Devinder Sivia is a simple person. He does not smoke, does not drink and maintained brotherly relations with Rawling till the end. But at the same time rumours say that Sivia has given a statement to the police that he acted in self defence at the time of Rawling’s death. This has led to the speculation that Rawling might have tried to attack Devinder Sivia and Sivia might have tried to defend himself by counter attacking Rawling which led to his death.

Any Other Angle to This Mystery?

Professor Rawlings (50) was an astrophysicist from St Peter’s College and Sivia (49) is a mathematics teacher at St John’s College. The two returned to Divia’s house after an evening meal in a local pub. The pub staff stated that the two did not consume any alcohol and had only water to drink. From all these details it is easy to make out some observations for a person like me who was not in the inside of things. Rawling had a known case of depression. Devinder Sivia was his best friend since college days. But on that fateful day Rawling tried to attack Devinder Sivia at the latter’s house. It should have been because of a heated conversation or some communications misunderstanding. Sivia tried to defend himself and in the process Rawling died. For this Devinder Sivia cannot be booked and it should be treated as an accident unless the police unearth something else which may take time. Only thorough investigations done professionally can unearth any other angle to this mystery.

Personal Habits Do Not Shape Up One’s Character

Devinder Sivia’s father Gurbaksh Sivia (80), who lives in Kent in England, vouchsafes that his son is a teetotaller and a non-smoker. But these habits have no connection to a possible motive to murder Rawling. Adolf Hitler was also a non-smoker, a non-drinker and a pure vegetarian. He was also not a womaniser and married his private Secretary Eva Braun just a day before his suicide. But do all these things absolve Hitler from his crime of being a mass murderer? On the other hand heavy drinkers and heavy smokers can be compassionate to the society and their families. Personal habits hardly shape up one’s character and have no connection to one’s good as well as bad deeds.

A Judo Expert Can Commit a Clever Murder

But one fact is interesting in the murder case. Police are unable to establish the cause of Rawling’s death. In Japanese martial art Judo, there is a mention about how to kill an opponent in an emergency. If one holds one hands and fingers around the opponent’s neck in a particular angle and gives the right amount of force (neither excess nor short), the opponent will die. No doctor can find out the cause of his death and the doctor will certify that he has died of heart attack. If the force is applied in excess, the person will nevertheless die but post-mortem will reveal that he was attacked. If the force is applied in short, the person will escape. For accomplishing this, lot of practice is needed and only selected trained masters in Judo can do it. The British police should work in this angle also.

British Police Are Groping In the Dark

Steve Rawling helped his students to unravel the mysteries of the universe in Oxford University. But his death itself has created a mystery. Compared to Rawling’s death, Colar and Carole’s murders are easier to solve. When a death is found to be a murder, it is easier to unravel the mystery. But in Rawling’s case, it is not known whether it was a natural death or an accident or a planned murder. British police are groping in the dark. Right from the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University Andrew Hamilton to Rawling and Sivia’s neighbours, all are sure that both Rawling and Sivia were gentle, nice, polite, well-spoken and hard working. Therefore enmity could not have been the reason for the murder of Rawling.

Outstanding Academicians

Professor Rawling was known for his work on “the international Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project” in unravelling the mysteries of the universe. Dr. Devinder Sivia’s research interests revolve around the applications of Baynesian probability theory to all sort of analysis, problems and data chiefly in physical sciences. Devinder Sivia’s family migrated from Moga in Punjab to UK a generation back. Rawling and Devinder Sivia have co-authored a book published in 1999 titled “Foundations of Science Mathematics”.

Indian Student’s Murder Shocks Student Community

There is another murder case in Britain that has shocked the Indian community. The 23-years old Anuj Bidve, an Indian student, was shot dead in Salford, North West England. A 20-year-old man Kiaran Stapleton who describes himself as a psycho has been remanded to custody in this murder. Indian students getting attacked and even murdered in Australia is a common feature. But in UK, this has happened perhaps for the first time in recent times. But if more such incidents happen, it will raise a question as to whether UK is a safe place for the students to study. But unlike Australia, British authorities are taking proper steps to prevent recurrence of such murders and attacks. British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for very tough punishment to the killer of the Indian student. Anuj Bidve’s body was brought to Pune in India for cremation. Anuj’s murder trial is set to begin in June.

Afro Caribbean Teenager Murdered

Some time back Afro Caribbean teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered and the British police was branded as “institutionally racist” for handling of the case. But subsequently two white people Gary Dobson (36) and David Norris (35) were convicted by the British court. After this conviction, the image of the British police and the British courts should have risen in the minds of the people.

Murder Mysteries Pose Challenges to British Police


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