My Pledge to You

I pledge to answer the call from my president of the United States to think about others than myself. I pledge to volunteer my time in the community where I live to pick up garbage thrown out onto our streets and highways. I pledge to cut back in my consuming of national energy by purchasing light bulbs that burn less light, use recycle bags instead of the plastic bags at the grocery store, to seperate my recycle garbage and buy a glass bottle for water or juice, not the ones I see in the store. I pledge to be someone that my sisters look up too, and show my neices and nephews that it only takes one person to make a change in our world. I pledge that I will not buy any merchandise where children are being made to work in factories from morning to night, and buy clothers or shoes that come from recycle material. I pledge to buy a hybrid car and save on consumption of gas. I pledge to be a better person for my people, country, and president. This is my sworn oathe to you.


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