Mysterious Russian-Chinese Cooperation in Syria

Something wicked is coming to the Middle East, to Syria. As the West and NATO continue to do nothing but talk about the Syrian massacre and uprising from President Assad, Russia and China are acting in subtle ways to thwart any NATO intervention.

Russia has three military ships on their way to Syria, all headed to the only Russian naval base outside of Russia at Tartus, Syria. Aboard one of the ships are 3-5 Mi-25 gunships that Russia states were refitted long ago and now completed. Other ships are amphibious assault landing ships that can carry 250 marines and 250 ton vehicles. Weapons cargo include their Pantsyr-S1 anti-air missiles capable of hitting fighter-bombers flying at an altitude of six miles, cruise missiles and self-propelled medium range anti-air SA-11 missiles. They are capable of downing aircraft flying at an altitude of seven miles. and anti-ship missiles with Mach 32 speed that can reach vessels sailing 300 kilometers out to sea.

Russia claims they are only for their naval base, but it could be a ruse. I mean, the West can do nothing about Russia shipping weapons to their naval base. But, what would prevent them from being used outside of the base to crush the Syrian rebellion? Nothing! If that occurs, the West will have to react ending in another conflict.

Just before the G20 meeting in Mexico, Russia disclosed plans for a joint Russian-Chinese-Iranian military exercise in Syria! Huh? A military exercise in a country already at war? The Chinese have requested passage of 12 Chinese ships through the Suez Canal. The military exercise will have hundreds of tanks and thousands of troops.

This is all very odd. Whether it is a ruse to prevent any Western intervention into Syria or not, if the exercise occurs, it will surely prevent it. Maybe the exercise is akin to a "Trojan Horse" in the sense that, once these troops have arrived for the joint exercise, they will be used for other purposes. Even having such an exercise in the Middle East is odd. It would be the first time ever Russia, let alone, China, has ever deployed troops there. Why China? At best, Russia and China have never been close friends. China interests in Syria are purely minerals that might be mined. The Iranians are also participants in this exercise, adding yet, a curiosity.

Is there now a new group to confront the West\NATO? A Russian, Chinese and Iranian front in the Middle East?

Still, looming is the whole Iranian nuclear enrichment issue and a possible attack on Iran from the U.S. or Israel. The harsh sanctions will hit Iran on July 1. The Middle East is a place that is about to blow. The fires are burning. Alliances formed. East versus West, once again. Syria or Iran will be the flash point for a much bigger conflict this year.

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mikelong profile image

mikelong 4 years ago from The largest convict colony in the United States

I don't see anything particularly mysterious about this.

We are simply seeing the ongoing international chess game in the anarchy of global power dynamics. I see what is going on as the continued wrangling over the corpse of the Ottoman Empire. These "nations" in the "Middle East" are not old, and their regimes have always been propped up by a European, American (which is transplanted European) or Russian master supplying credit lines, currency systems, training, technology, and other support mechanisms.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in July and August. Syria simply cannot go on forever.

Steel Engineer profile image

Steel Engineer 4 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine

Several years ago, I had a chance to sit with an amazing and accurate prophet, Peter Kumar (he once healed 24 people on live television in New Zealand. And, 23 were still healed weeks later when the station did a follow up).

He was asked when world war III would ramp up. All he would say was, "Watch Syria."

Revelation also indicates Syria as a hot point in the Tribulation: Damascus is completely destroyed so that no one can ever live there again. (Sound like radiation to you?)

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Yes, I expect what you say to happen in some degree. Russia wants to hold onto its Syria and both the Syrian and iranian issues are not being resolved, sooner or later, the spark will occur.

mikelong profile image

mikelong 4 years ago from The largest convict colony in the United States

There's more going on than meets the eye, however. Propaganda machines are spitting out so much smokescreen that it can be hard to discern. But, I'll start with these links

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Thanks, Mike- I had no idea about the links.

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