Nakiran Gopal is an agent of Karunanidhi

Nakiran Gopal is an agent of Karunanidhi

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Nakiran Gopal is an agent of Karunanidhi

Nakiran Gopal is an agent of Karunanidhi
Nakiran Gopal is an agent of Karunanidhi | Source

Nakiran Gopal is an agent of Karunanidhi

Jayalalithaa a beef eater?

Nakiran Gopal is under attack from the AIADMK cadres for insulting the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa through an article written in his biweekly Tamil journal Nakiran. In that article, it was written that Jayalalithaa is a beef eater and not a pure Brahmin. The AIADMK cadres have ganged up against the magazine and attacked its office with stones and broomstick. A few employees including the computer operator have been injured in the attack. Property has been damaged including computers. Nakiran Gopal says that police did not take any action against the rioting AIADMK cadres.

DMK was swept to third position in the elections

Nakiran Gopal is an agent of the DMK President and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi. He had been campaigning for the success of the DMK in the last election but could not succeed. Jayalalithaa swept the polls with a sizeable majority. DMK could not even become the principal opposition party in Tamil Nadu and had been reduced to third position.

Karunanidhi always views things from the caste angle

Karunanidhi had been blaming the Brahmins for his defeat. Karunanidhi always looks at things from the caste angle. When the former Telecom Minister A Raja belonging to DMK was accused of being involved in the 2G spectrum scam amounting to $40 billion, Karunanidhi stated that people are attacking Raja because he was a Dalit. But the same Karunanidhi did not open his mouth when his daughter Kanimozhi’s lawyer Ram Jethmalani blamed Raja for the scam in the Delhi court. When Justice Dinakaran was accused of grabbing government land, Karunanidhi defended him with the reason that he was a Dalit. But when a Dalit in his own party Parithi Ilamvazhuthi attacked Stalin, a non-Dalit, Karunanidhi sided with the non-Dalit Stalin and suppressed Parithi Ilamvazhuthi. When the former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Kota was accused of scams running to thousands of crores of rupees, Karunanidhi did not defend him even though he was a Dalit.

Sasikala’s ouster from Poes Garden is viewed through caste angle

When Jayalalithaa sent out Sasikala out of Poes Garden, Karunanidhi’s cronies have started interpreting this as a Brahmin kicking out a non-Brahmin. Karunanidhi and his cronies are angry that a Brahmin has occupied the post of Chief Minister in Tamil Nadu inspite of their anti-Brahmin campaign. They wanted to tarnish the image of Jayalalithaa by hook or by crook. Therefore there is reason to believe that Nakiran Gopal indulged in a smear campaign against Jayalalithaa at the instigation of Karunanidhi’s cronies.

If George Bush eats beef, nobody even talks about it

By doing this, Gopal and his masters would have thought of denting the image of Jayalalithaa among the Brahmins. Why should it dent the image of Jayalalithaa? Is beef eating such a criminal act or a shameful act? If George Bush enjoys a plate of beef in a city hotel, no eyebrows are raised. Nobody even talks about it. If Sonia Gandhi eats beef, no comments are made about it. But if Jayalalithaa is accused of eating beef, why should there be such a hue and cry?

Brahmins are expected to be strict vegetarians

This is because Brahmins are expected to be strict vegetarians in society. For thousands of years, they have been brought up like that. They are expected to be religious, pious, respectful, disciplined and obedient. They are strictly banned from enjoying the pleasures of life or tasting the vices. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, womanising and non-vegetarian food are supposed to be taboo to the Brahmins.

EVR Periyar started the anti-Brahmin agitation

But people like Gopal and Karunanidhi are living in old times. Their mind sets are tuned to the old culture and old habits. They refuse to see the modern world and are not aware of the happenings in this hi-tech world. Once upon a time till around fifty years back, Brahmins lived in villages in secluded areas called agraharams. At that time they were following the disciplines of life. They were priests in the village temples and lived with meagre incomes. Even though some Brahmins could get government jobs in British India, by and large, these Brahmins lived a life of poverty. At that time E V R Ramasamy Naicker, called as Periyar, started an anti-Brahmin agitation. He questioned the rationale as to why the Brahmins alone should work in temples as priests and not other castes.

Agitation drove the Brahmins out of village agraharams to prosperity

Many Brahmins were attacked in many villages in Tamil Nadu due to this agitation. But it did one good for the Brahmins. They were forced to get out of the villages and settle in big cities like Madras (now Chennai), Coimbatore, Trichy, Bombay, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Calcutta etc. In these cities, instead of taking the job of priests in the local temples, they expanded their areas of livelihood. Younger members of these Brahmin families took up higher education and secured overseas appointments. Many of them became very rich. Brahmins spread their wings to all parts of India and abroad. One can see Brahmins occupying important positions in private sector giants like Infosys, Wipro, and Apollo Hospitals etc. They also occupy important positions in government jobs like IAS, IFS etc. They are employed my multinational and transnational corporations like Microsoft, IBM etc. Brahmins are employed even in Pentagon, the US Defence Headquarters. In NASA, considerable numbers of Brahmins are employed. All these people enjoy prosperity in abundance. But for this prosperity, the Brahmins owe much to E V R Periyar who started an agitation against them in the forties and fifties. Had he not started this agitation, today’s Brahmin sitting in the air-conditioned room in his office in New York and earning $100000 per month will be receiving peanuts in the local temple in his village agraharam. Every Brahmin should thank E V R Periyar every day for giving such prosperity to them.

Plum jobs and lavish lifestyles

Along with prosperity and higher education, lifestyle also changed for them. Many Brahmins discarded the traditional sacred thread they are supposed to wear as a caste symbol. Many Brahmins have taken up alcoholism, smoking, womanising and non-vegetarianism. Beef eating is very common among many Brahmins occupying high positions. For example the former Foreign Secretary of India Parthasarathy used to enjoy non-vegetarian food whenever he finds an opportunity. It is natural and bound to happen. If lifestyle changes, old habits die and new habits are created or developed. The grandfather in the Brahmin family may be a strict vegetarian, but the grand son can be seen enjoying chicken and pork in a post restaurant in California.

Karunanidhi is old fashioned and does not know the reality

But people like Nakiran Gopal and Karunanidhi along with his cronies are old fashioned. They do not know the reality. But at the same time it is also true that many Brahmins also live a clean life without touching any vices like alcohol, smoking, drugs, womanising and non-vegetarianism. It is difficult to tell their percentage or to speculate whether they form a majority or a minority among the Brahmins. Gopal and his masters want to sabotage Jayalalithaa’s good name among the Brahmins.

Beef eating allegation may even turn favourable for Jayalalithaa

But they fail to understand one important truth. Jayalalithaa came to power not because of Brahmin votes. The support of non-Brahmins gave her an overwhelming majority in the Assembly elections. Brahmins form less than five percent of Tamil Nadu population. A majority of the Brahmins, who are comfortably settled in life, do not cast their votes. On the Election Day, they do not even come out of their homes and spend time in watching movies in home theatres or browsing internet. Therefore it is not possible for any political party to win or lose because of Brahmin votes in Tamil Nadu. Such being the case, Gopal and Karunanidhi, even if they succeed in denting Jayalalithaa’s image among the Brahmins, cannot defeat her politically. Beef eating may be viewed as a crime among the Brahmins, but certainly will not raise eye-brows among the non-Brahmins. In fact this allegation may even turn out to be favourable to Jayalalithaa. The non-Brahmins who eat beef may start developing a respect and affection towards Jayalalithaa even if this information published in Nakiran journal is false. They may begin to view Jayalalithaa as one among them instead of viewing her as a strict Brahmin. Politically, Gopal and his masters stand to lose because of this allegation against Jayalalithaa. On the other hand, Jayalalithaa stands to gain from this and that too at a time when she being criticised for driving away a non-Brahmin from her Poes Garden residence.

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