Neither Paper Nor Plastic


Have you read something recently that has changed the way you do things? I did, and I hope this will help to change you too.

I read an article that starts, “It turns out that 'paper or plastic?' is a life or death decision for our environment.” That got my attention!

Do plastic bags accompany you home every time you go shopping? It did for me. 500 billion plastic bags are given to shoppers each year. Most end up in a landfill, and they don’t break down like you’d expect them to. Loose, many drift on the wind to decorate our trees, adorn our chain link fences, swirl about in our oceans, and choke animals who unwisely swallow them. If they do disintegrate, their toxic particles become part of our soil and water. (I have a picture in my head of the Almighty sitting on a smoggy cloud shaking His head at what we’re doing to His beautiful creation.)

When you’re asked, “Paper or plastic,” your answer should be “neither.” Even using paper bags hurts us because 14 million trees are cut down to provide the 10 billion paper bags we use.
This is a plea for you to reuse paper bags or buy and take along reusable cloth bags to contain your purchases. After I read the article I rooted around and found several suitable cloth bags that I have accumulated. I put them in my car, and I feel very environmentally friendly when I use them. I get amused looks at my shopping bags with logos like “Twist-n-Shout” (Endless Summer blooms) and Corona (Mexican beer,) but the looks are approving..

Will you join me in this small but vital effort to do some good and save our planet?
Dorothy Nichols

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Ohma profile image

Ohma 6 years ago

This is a very timely hub. The issue of paper or plastic is becoming quite serious as I saw on the news the other day that they are considering outlawing the production of both. Finally something with some worth.

dotnik profile image

dotnik 6 years ago from Moscow, Idaho Author

Some stores are considering charging for bags and that may be a natural way of persuading people to bring their own containers. I cringe every time I see a grocery shopper leave the store with a shopping cart of plastic bagged items. Thankfully I see more and more people with cloth bags they've brought. Dotnik

Bartz 4 years ago

Guilty. Thanks for the reminder that this is NOT a hard step to take.

ecoFriend 4 years ago

I totally agree. When I grew up, there were some big strong plastic bags with wide reinforced handles. Besides not cutting through the whitened fingers, they lasted for years and carried a lot.

(may I suggest including a pic for easier Pinterest-ing?)

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