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Giving high school dropouts full rides to school and making others who did not drop out pay their own way

How is it that a high school dropout can go to school for free, get a free place to stay and get free food, but somebody who actually graduated high school who wants to go to college has to work a full time job to pay for their place to stay and buy their own food, cannot even get any financial aid to go back to school because they make to much money? I just do not get this country nowadays. I understand their are people out their who regret not getting a diploma and graduating high school, but here is an idea, how about making them get a full time job at a factory and making them support themselves and paying for their own school and how about rewarding the ones who actually wanted to get an education and go to school and get a degree in their career? It just doesn't make any sense to me. More on this topic tomorrow.

Here is an example on this topic.  I graduated high school in 2003.  My family was not by any means rich and could not afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to put me through college, so I had to get a full time job so I could pay for it. But then I moved out of my parents house thinking that would better my chances to get help from the government to help pay for school, wrong again.  I have to pay my bills, support my family, buy food for the house and pay for college because I make TOO much money, I make less then 40,000 dollars a years, but I make too much money and am expected to support myself and my family and put myself through school.  I just don't get it.  Is it too much to ask for a little help from your country?  Is it to much to ask to reward those who actually cared enough about their future to even finish high school?  I just wished someone would listen to those who actually care about others and those who want to better themselves for them and their families.  

Introduction to me and my first experiance with hubpages

Well, whereas I am very new to this whole Hubpages thing, I am going to try my very best to write for everyone and give you the very best information. I really enjoy writing and sharing my writing with others. I will write about issues in the news, new fashion tips and whats new in the fashion world and I could even tough on some of the issues in the world of politics. Please feel free to comment on anything I write, good or bad, and let me know what I am doing wrong or right. Please let me know if you like my writing.

First of all, a little about me. I am a 25 year old aspiring writer, trying to get a good jumpstart on my writing career. I would really like to become a good successful writer one day and really need some help. So if anyone has any suggestions, please tell me how I could do this. Whereas I have been writing most of my whole entire life, the only people that have read any of my writing are my friends and family. To me, that is not good enough. I want the entire world to read what I have to write and I want somebody or anybody to like my writing. So if anyone has good resources or if someone likes my writing and would like to help me get published, please feel free to comment on my posts or email me. I would really enjoy that!


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