No Shirt, No Shoes, No Passport - NO SERVICE


No Shirt, No Shoes, No Passport - NO SERVICE

Now the signs just read

No shirt

No shoes

No service

I remember when the signs were

No colored

No Mexicans

No dogs

Allowed inside

The racist bigoted town of Farmers Branch Texas has lost a court battle to outlawing the renting of dwellings to undocumented aliens. The local ordinance required all landlords to verify the immigration status of all renters before renting them a place to live.

The Mayor of Farmers Branch is now ready to pass another ordinance to keep foreigners from contaminating their sweet paradise. The Mayor will propose and the City Counsel will pass an ordinance requiring all renters to purchase, from city hall, a license to rent.

It will be called an "Occupancy Certificate to Rent". As of this date the Mayor believes the certificate can be made available to the public for a small user fee of $5.00.

The purpose of the certificate will be to allow city police officers to check the immigration status of the applicant.

In view of these changes in law we herewith advise citizens to follow these simple guide lines when renting property in Farmers Branch. Additionally, we strongly suggest that citizens all over the United States become familiar with these guide lines because if this new law should pass it may well become a requirement all over the United States.

1. Find a property you want to rent.

2. Negotiate terms with landlord

3. DO NOT pay any money for whatever reason.

4. Find city hall and obtain an application for an Occupancy Certificate to Rent.

5. Fill in all blanks on the form, sign and date it before a notary public

6. Gather all documents required to prove your citizenship and eligibility to rent property in the United States.

7. Between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday, submit your application to City Hall for review.

8. Wait five - ten day for your application to be approved.

9. If your application for a Certificate of Occupancy to Rent is approved contact the landlord to verify that the property is still available.

10. If the property is no longer available, thank me for inserting item #3 on this list and start with number 1 again.

In keeping with this motif of not providing aid and comfort to anyone from another country we need to further strengthen our law against anyone different than us. Hence we call for the passage of the following laws.

Any person requiring food of any nature (fast food, restaurant, grocery store, etc.) shall be required to present evidence of legal status. This requirement shall be satisfied with a current passport properly endorsed with a travel visa or three forms of identification two of which shall contain a photo. (short version - all eating establishments shall require anyone entering [including children] their facilities to present a passport)

No shirt

No shoes

No service

Will now read:

No shirt

No shoes

No passport

No service

In order to keep our country safe from evildoers and limit their movements within our country, a positive form of identification such as a passport should be required of all persons purchasing from a convenience store.

I hope this clears up what we the citizens of our great nation want. Nothing is too much trouble to keep our country safe from disgusting marauding poor people that want to work and support their families.

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Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 8 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

The history of "allowing" and "not allowing" Mexican nationals into the U.S. is certainly an interesting one!  Sometimes we begged for their hands to do our work, and then just as capriciously expelled them as "undesireables" for having bent their backs to do our work.

What a country!

Today we love you, so welcome; but tomorrow we'll condemn you, so get lost!

Long ago The Braceros Project (See: was started in a mutual agreement between the United States of America and Estados Unidos de Mexico.

After a time of huge round-ups anyone who "looked" Mexican was expelled, even if they were U.S. citizens!  People whose heritage in what is now the U.S. stretched back long before the first British colonist landed on these shores were sent "home" to Mexico.

What a country!

smoot 8 years ago

try going into mexico as an illegal alien and getting a job. let's just see what happens. all nations have laws. sometimes you get away with breaking those laws and sometimes you don't. but don't whine about it when the country decides to enforce those laws. whine, whine, whine. it is what the left does. get some cheese and crackers to go with you whine and shut up

G.L.A. profile image

G.L.A. 6 years ago from Arizona

I don't blame you for your opinions... the U.S. made laws, yet refused to enforce them. Todays generations have known nothing other than the American 'swinging door' border policy, and it's no wonder you question the sudden action in Arizona. However, realistically, the law should have been enforced from the very beginning. One has to admire the Mexican government for enforcing their laws.. whether we agree with them or not. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of the United States govenment, which is so seriously lacking in the area of law enforcement, that when one of it's states actually does want or try to act upon the law, it is now questioned.. what a sad state of affairs!

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