No Health Insurance - Where Are You

Everyone Does Not Have Health Insurance

We keep hearing that in America 47 million people do not have health insurance. I would just like to know where are these people. These people must not have access to a television sets either. If they have heard anything about this issue they had better get involved. We are seeing the news media and everyone weigh in on why we do not want to change our health insurance system. This is absolutely ridiculous. This country really does need some health insurance legislation that will allow everyone to have better health care.

Health Insurance Students

The first group of people that must pay attention to health insurance coverage is the student over the age of 21. I know my insurance company will stop covering my college student even before her graduation day. She is already on a medication which she must have continuously. She can get health insurance through the school, but she is barely able to pay tuition as it is. This will even add more cost. It is much cheaper to keep her on my health insurance since I have another student which means I have a family plan. I keep telling my daughter and her roommates who are also 21 years old that they shoud be paying close attention. They should be contacting their Congressman and letting them know that they need the provision in the bill which will allow them to be on their parents' health insurance until they turn 25 as long as they are full-time students.

Health Insurance People Who Are No Longer Employed

The employment rate is now really high and more and more jobs are being lost everyday. I just recently started to research COBRA and realized that the cost of this insurance when you first lose your job is way to high. If you have lost your job and cannot put food on the table the last thing you are concerned with is health insurance. This group of people should really want the public option in the bill. This option would allow them to purchase insurance as a group of people when. This will be a lot less expensive than COBRA. This group should really be contacting their representatives to make sure they are not overlooked in this legislation.

Everyone Should Want Health Insurance Reform

If health care reform is not passed we will all suffer in the coming years. We need to get this done now before we have even more people without health insurance. I work everyday and have had the same insurance company for the past 50 years. My mother had this insurance when I was a child. I have been fortunate enough not to have any major health issues over the years. Others have not been so fortunate. None of us know where the future may lead when it comes to our health. I just know that if the status quo stays in place we would not be better off. Therefore every American should want to reform the current health insurance system.

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