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June 21, 2012

In summers, my wife and I like to sit on the front porch of our 1887 Queen Anne Victorian. The other day, I remarked to her that it is so nice to sit on a porch with no screening, and no mosquitoes, flies, or other insects to bother us. That's true too. I am sure there are mosquitoes everywhere, but out climate is so dry, that they simply don't exist at our home, and we are never bothered with them. She agreed, and having been born and raised in Minnesota, she knows all about the mosquitoes and black flies. She says no one sits out without screens, and then she told me about the "noseeums." Noseeums can go through the finest of screens, and she says they bite ferociously. She says that they are called "noseeums" because they are so tiny that it is difficult to see them with the naked eye. I have been laughing about 'noseeums" ever since. I think that is a hilarious name for a biting bug. I am sure that residents of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan know all about them, and hate them.

I have another problem, which was brought on by 'noseeums." That is "Novotums." No-Vote- ums, (novotums) are executive orders, which are totally unconstitutional. I've read Article Two of our Constitution over and over again, and there is not a word or even a hint that the President may execute an "Executive Order," which seems to have the power of a law, with no Congressional vote, making it a "novotum.". Executive orders have been issued by Presidents since 1789, and only two have been declared null and void by the Supreme Court. One of them was # 10340, when Truman seized the steel mills to stop a strike. Another the Supremes decided was null and void had to do with immigration. Why aren't they all null and void? Eisenhower de-segregated the public schools under executive Order # 19066, and that cost America hundreds of billions of dollars and huge racial animosity.

The 'novotums," or executive orders, directly contravene the Congress, which the Constitution says runs the country by passing laws. The President can sign or veto, but the Constitution, no where, authorizes the President to act as a legislative body, which Presidents have done over and over since 1798. Obama, recently issued an executive order changing the status of illegals under the age of 30, which is an outrage. A pure political ploy designed to insure the Hispanic vote. FDR issued an executive order in 1933, ordering people to turn in their gold, but it was never enforced. He also issued Executive Order # 19066, during WW II, which sent Japanese Americans to interment camps and seized their property. What an outrage!

If a President thinks there is an emergency, he can call the Congress together quickly, and get a vote on his proposal. There is no need for an executive order, when the President lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and the Congress is 16 blocks away. Generally, Presidents do this executive order novotums because they are afraid that Congress may vote "NO," so they take it on themselves to legislate, in place of what the Constitution authorizes.

Executive Order # 1 was issued by George Washington on June 8, 1789, and it instructed various officers to "make a clear account of their departments," which certainly isn't doing what executive orders have been doing since, especially since FDR, which is making laws, not ordering things within the federal government. Until the early 1900's, executive orders were directed to agencies within government, and were similar to a boss telling his employees to get on the job, or the like, which isn't making laws. Shouldn't the Supremes rule that executive orders are unconstitutional?

Noseeums are really aggravating I am certain, to people who have to put up with them, but novotums, affect us all, and isn't it time that it all came to an end? Why should a President be able to issue an executive order creating a law all by himself? For that matter, why should a President be able to surround himself with highly paid 'czars' without Congressional approval?

P.S. Obama has ordered his cabinet (a cabinet in not in the Constitution) to cut $100 million from the $3.5 trillion federal budget. I am a patriotic person, so I am cutting my expenses in a similar manner. I spend about $2,000 a month on personal expenses, so in order to copy the Presidential order, (Is it executive?) I am cutting my expenses at the same ratio, which is 1/35,000 of my spending, or six cents a month. As an austerity program, in keeping with President Obama's order to his cabinet, I will have to get by on $1999.94 per month from now on. It'll be tough, but I need to follow the President's order, even though it doesn't apply to me. Just to prove it can be done! Isn't D.C. a sick place?

Don Stott


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