Understanding the "Sheep Mentality" of our Global Society

We are as sheep to the leaders who herd us in droves exactly where they want us to be.

There is always one in every crowd that is different than the rest
There is always one in every crowd that is different than the rest | Source
a mother teaching her kids the same mentality
a mother teaching her kids the same mentality
Politicians guide us all in the direction they want us to follow
Politicians guide us all in the direction they want us to follow
Even religions herd us around like sheep to the slaughter
Even religions herd us around like sheep to the slaughter

Understanding the "sheep mentality"

The underlying plan of government to promote mind control is a rather simply premise:

>Lower the educational level and increase the power over the masses.

>Throw in some religious fervor and you have mass control.

This world is not being managed by the intelligent people.

We are a "sheep mentality" society.

We are controlled by deceit, cunning, wile, trickery, guile and greed.


Because those people who understand the "sheep mentality" concept of control have learned how to exploit it fully.

Much like what i call the 'football mentality' in the USA today: {Oblivious to everything outside this base level of mental awareness}.

How it works:

Take a group of people - all with the same basic likes, dislikes, and/or religious beliefs.

Promote those likes, dislikes, and/or religious beliefs to the maximum brain capacity.

The lower the education level, the greater the absorption.

This is due to the diminished capacity of these groups to distinguish any type of rational conclusion based on logic.

The average high school graduate is at a 6th grade level in this country (by design - not by mental capability).

It is much easier to manipulate behavior in a child's brain than in the brain of an intelligent adult person capable of abstract reasoning

This is why Texas has passed a law banning the teaching of abstract reasoning in their school systems.

Their rationale for doing so is another simple premise: Schools who do not teach religion are indoctrinating children to be non-believers - believe it or not.

Subliminal teaching

What is it we are taught?

  • God is good.
  • God is mean to those he hates.
  • The government is good.
  • The government serves the people.
  • Sex is bad (outside marriage).
  • Sex is good (for procreation only - not enjoyment).
  • God loves everyone.
  • God hates homosexuals.
  • Conservatives are good and righteous.
  • Liberals/progressives are evil and bad.
  • Greed is good.
  • Stealing is bad.
  • Money and wealth is good and powerful.
  • Poor is bad, weak, shameful.
  • The bible is truth.
  • You must believe, or go to hell.
  • My way is good.
  • Everyone else is wrong.
  • I think by now you get the picture of the Sheep/Football mentalities.

These teachings are incongruous with logic.

And yet, each concept is ingrained deeply into the brains and psyches of the children.

Not because it is the right, or best thing for them; but it is easier to control behaviors that might upset the 'natural order of the world' created by the manipulators of our lives to suit and serve their own agendas.

The groups of society

There are three groups of people being raised in this world.

1st and most abundant:

Most individuals live their entire lives in their own little worlds - oblivious to anything around them. Anything, or anyone, that is not like them are shunned, ostracized, chased out, or yes, even killed (as the neo republicans state: "with justification").


Those who are capable of thinking for themselves - simply walk away and leave their small narrow minded families, friends and communities behind them. These are the academic minded. The group most hated, despised and feared by the new corporate owned republican mentality. They are dangers to 'social order', conservatism, and their religious suppression mentality.


And hopefully the smallest in numbers, are those who know they are not like the others in their community, family, and church. They do not completely conform, nor do they possess the capacity to reason and logically progress much beyond their roots .

They are the dangerous, fanatics we see so visibly on T.V. shouting their bigotry and hatred. They unfortunately grasp onto one particular concept and blow it out of proportion in their minds. They become 'one hit wonders' who home in on one particular aspect that is causing the most havoc in their subconscious little minds, and view themselves as saviors of mankind, but in a very narrow and limited way.

By far, these are the most dangerous to a thriving, growing, and ever changing society. They become 'crusaders' against 'evil' as they perceive it. And are unable to move beyond the object of their focused obsessions.

This group goes on to become:

  • Radical politicians - untrained in the arenas of past history, law and equality concepts. Damaged by biased religious brain washing since childhood. Filled with their erroneous beliefs that they can 'save the world from itself' by mandating morality and taking away rights that they see as 'not in the best interest' of others. (See the video below of the new republican political mentality). (See also the NY times editorial about the new republican agenda in Wisconsin). Both offer some very frightening new trends in our political arena.
  • Radical religious figures. (See the video below of a typical religious radical - Cindy Jacobs). Unfortunately she does represent the new moral majority of christianity. This one is self explanatory.
  • Radicalized public figures. They are easily influenced and manipulated by the authoritative figures that they emulate and admire, or whatever it is that they were taught to hate. They attract others who think along the same lines as they do, to justify their virulence of twisted feelings, damaged emotions and lack of logic.

Radical influences

With the seemingly proliferation of "christian schools" in this country the future is looking more and more grim for the rest of us.

These radical wing nuts will be louder and more hateful than ever, in a society that is already wavering under the weight of greed, self serving and mock righteousness.

It is extremely sad, to me, to see this world (our US society in general) evolving into a mindless society based on massive mind control and the continued promotion of bogus religious beliefs.

We are truly a society of the "sheep mentality" led around by our noses, by a select few who are promoting their own agendas of deceit, cunning, wile and greed. I see little, or no, hope for the salvation of mankind based on such lies and ignorance.

If there truly is a "Creator" capable of intervening, let us hope it will be soon - before mankind completely annihilates itself out of sheer stupidity.

Or perhaps that IS the Creator's plan for humanity after all? We seem to be descending to the bottom rung of the ladder more quickly with each passing year.

by: d.william 03/28/2011

© 2011 d.william

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Terry.Hirneisen profile image

Terry.Hirneisen 5 years ago from Shenandoah Valley

We have quite a few sane people here on hubpages. I am glad to discover a new one!! Great HUB!

Voted UP/awesome/funny

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author


Thanks for reading and commenting. I have to say that was the nicest comment i have ever received on hub pages. Usually people tell me i am a crackpot and going straight to hell for all my anti christian and anti republican articles. Kinda nice for a change. L.O.L.

AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

Well a heaven full of these sort of Christians, or fundamentalist muslims would be my vision of hell, so guess where I am going to end up :)

Great article. Every word resonated. Thanks

Terry.Hirneisen profile image

Terry.Hirneisen 5 years ago from Shenandoah Valley

I suggest you look at my followers. Most all are very progressive. Jillian Barclay and Fay Paxton write wonderful hubs and I think would enjoy yours.

You must read my: Does God follow the NFL! You have to get my complete list to find it. You will enjoy.

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author


Thanks for reading and commenting. And believe me when i tell, i will opt for where ever they are NOT also.

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author


Thank you again for your comments. I do follow Jillian and Fay, and i agree with your assessment of them too.

I will look for your article as well. Thanks. dw.

neeleshkulkarni profile image

neeleshkulkarni 5 years ago from new delhi

the more people get stressed out being unable to make sense of what is going on around them and the more they fall pray to the sheep mentality since that offers the easy thoughtless way out,"don't think just listen to us and you will be all right" they say and we follow.it is the sacred duty of those that think to keep the flag of independence flying.

good job William

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author


Thank you so much for your words of approval. They mean a lot to me.

profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

How nice it is to intersect with a little common sense and sanity for a change.

voted up/funny

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author


Thanks for reading/commenting. Always a pleasure to see you on my hub pages. dw

Harlan Colt profile image

Harlan Colt 5 years ago from the Rocky Mountains


I feel the "progressives" are largely lead around by their noses. Maybe both sides are to some degree?

I know when I was in college, I would engage in friendly debate with my left-minded friends, and most - not all - had no idea why they believed they way they did. They could not define the fundamentals or even the words behind them. They were just following the crowd they fell into.

Regardless, I think this whole US vs THEM mentality is not good for us as a nation. We have to find unity somewhere, but all I seem to ever hear is division - from both sides.


- Best Wishes

- Harlan

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author


Thanks for reading and commenting. It is sad that we connect ourselves so deeply to the "party" that we only hear what they tell us to think. Basing your conservative beliefs on the shortcomings of a few of your college friends is a bit short sighted. I listen to both sides, and i find that today's republican party has gone so far to the right that they have lost sight of the true objectives of what a politician is put into office for. They are there for one reason only, to serve in the best interest of the People of this country, NOT to serve the best interest of corporate america. They also drag their religious baggage to Washington with them. That malarkey should be left at home.

Harlan Colt profile image

Harlan Colt 5 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

I believe both sides use each other for politics, left and right republican vs democrat. The whole republic vs Democrat is motivated by money and power and WE ALL are the losers in the end. They use each other to fool people. After work they all go to the same club, sit at the same table and share the same food and drinks. They are all on the congress vs the people team, they just don't want us to figure it out.

I think we probably agree on more things than the media would have us believe. And I agree with you on the republican party, I think it has been hi-jacked, but I think the democrats have been hi-jacked too - both sides by extremists.

Yes, I have some strong opinions and beliefs but I also understand I live in a nation where we all have a voice and we work together to get along. I am not violently opposed to that idea. I'm not.

Good points d.


- Harlan

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