Obama: Health Care Reform Or Bust!

President Barack Obama!

Powerful Speech: Health Care Will Be Reformed!

The President, Barack Obama, gave a powerful speech, a call to arms, a speech that stated to the Democrats and citizens to unite and pass viable health care reform this year.

He clearly outlined what he wanted. He also called out the liars in the media and the liars in the opposition party that oppose health care reform.

The speech was awesome.

Please view the speech in the link shown.

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Health Care Speech

President's Health Care Plan.

Do you support the president's health care plan?

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President's Health Care Plan.

Do you think a public option is necessary in health care reform?

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President's Health Care Reform?

Do you think the President's speech was effective?

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readytoescape profile image

readytoescape 7 years ago from Central Florida

Last question I voted no, but it was effective if you want to infuriate people......or passify the left.

Michelle Long 7 years ago

great hub Benjamin!

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