Obama a sell out on Memorial Day


     A petition by 60 professors was delivered to the White House prior to Memorial Day asking President Obama not to memorialize members of the confederacy. It was the hope of many citizens throughout the country that the first African American president would finally show the proper respect to all of the soldiers, black and white, who died protecting the civil rights of so many.

     Memorial Day is meant to remember all of the brave servicemen who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation and preserving freedom and civil rights for the oppressed. The rebels who fought for the southern states during the civil war do not qualify nor deserve to be remembered on Memorial Day. These are men that believed in enslaving other men, forcing them to do their work, torturing, and even murdering them, and why, because they looked a little different. During World War II, the Nazi’s enslaved, tortured and killed the Jews, but we don’t honor or pay respect to their memory, but rather the opposite. We honor those who fought and died protecting their civil liberties.

     The Civil War was started by a group of rebels from South Carolina who attacked the U.S. army. There is some debate whether the first shots were fired directly at FortSumter or at the army supply ship trying to deliver supplies to the soldiers, but this is of little importance because they fired at the U.S. army. In modern times, if a militant group declares they don’t want to be under the control of the U.S. government any more and go out and attack a U.S. military base they would be referred to terrorists. Government organizations would track them down and either bring them into custody for trial or kill them for resisting. So, in modern terminology, the confederates were terrorists. Since when did a country honor terrorists that attack the U.S. military and its citizens?

     Many southern states also celebrate a Confederate Memorial Day, although only a couple of states actually agree as to which day it is supposed to be celebrated on. State agencies actually close down and the employees paid on this day. What is even more ironic is that some of these states don’t even celebrate Martin Luther King Day or force the employees to choose between MLK day and other holidays.

     On Monday, May 25th, President Obama, as did many presidents before him, disrespect the memories of American Soldiers who died for their country. At this point, what is done is done, but there is one way to begin to rebuild our respect, ban states from celebrating Confederate Memorial Day, a.k.a. White Supremacy Memorial Day. Although the Civil War was about more than just slavery, it is the fight against slavery that the Civil War represents to America today. The southern flag, along with the Nazi flag, are used by white supremacist organizations.


     Author’s note:  For the record, the author of this article is a veteran of the U.S. Armed forces. It is also the belief of the writer that this is an important topic because we as a nation will not grow to our potential if we are still holding onto racial tensions. We still have a lot of whites who hate minorities and blame them for their own short comings, as well as blacks that blame the whites for theirs. What is really sad with the situation is the people who don’t hold these prejudices are the ones caught in the middle being referred to as sell outs, Uncle Tom’s, or accused of trying to act like someone they aren’t. A suggestion for everyone holding onto racial prejudices, spend the time to really check your ancestry and heritage because almost no one in this country is of pure racial decent.

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politAFRO profile image

politAFRO 7 years ago from United States

they didn't die "for their county" they declared their secession from the U.S. and tried to "leave!"

You didn't KNOW THIS!

Let me guess...you voted for McCain?

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

I'm not sure how you arrived at a conclusion that I am a McCain supporter. This couldn't be further from the truth. If you asumed that because I critisized something Obama did, that would be a pretty narrow minded conclusion (no offense intended). Like many educators and educated people, I was hoping that Obama would break with tradition by not memorilizing Non-American soldiers on memorial day. No matter how you try to justify what the Confederates did, there is no way you can claim that they were American Soldiers.

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

Another problem with what the confederates did is that if you don't want to live in the United States and you want to break ties to the U.S., then you move. The land they were living on belonged to the United States of America. So they really didn't try to leave. What they did was attack the U.S. Army.

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

Since we are living in the 21st century, lets put this in 21st century terminology, and just so you know, I live in South Carolina, and not very far from the Fort Sumter museum. I walk past it quite a bit to go to the South Carolina Aquarium.

A group of people from Charleston got pissed off because Obama was elected President. So they decide that they don't want to be part of the United States any more. They get their hands on some anti-aircraft missles, and sit outside of the Charleston Air Force Base. When the cargo planes are coming in for a landing, they attempt to shoot them down. Now tell me what they would be refered to as, and what would happen to them. (answer: terrorists and the government would track them down and either kill them or put them on trial for being terrorists). Now tell me how my story is so different from what happened to start the Civil War. It's not!!

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

If you want to try to argue that they tried to leave the U.S. and suceed from the Union (as I started to state above), this argument doesn't work. As long as they lived on land owned by the United States, then they were obligated to follow the laws set forth by our government. The only argument that I can see someone trying to make is instead of terrorists, they would be invaders. However you want to try to twist and distort the facts and the truth, they were NOT American soldiers and should not be memorialized. This is clearly disrespectful to the American soldiers that have dies. Obama should have made a stand and done what is right. Also, how can you memorialize people who fought for the right to enslave, torture, and kill other human beings. Does Germany memorialize the Nazi's?

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

My comment to Obama would be that he got such a large following by preaching change and talking about stepping up. I would throw those words back on him and ask him why he is not willing to make a change and step up to do the right things.

Daman1111 profile image

Daman1111 7 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

Willdawg: You make an excellent point of view backed up by inteligent statements. I didn't really think about stuff like this, but it seems logical and the Confederate soldiers are not part of the US army, and shouldn't be saluted on memorial day. The question I would like to ask is what is Confederate Memorial Day. Is this the name that the south gives to memorial day or is it something different.

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