Superman Hits A Homerun!

President Barack Obama Is Superman!

What a speech! This speech is a home run! It details what I have been coaching children for the last ten years: it is the child's responsibility to better themselves. President Barack Obama is Superman.

The President has incredible power to inspire children and adults.  The President's speech teaches children that it is their responsibility to give their very best effort to educate themselves.   This Presidential mandate makes it that much easier for all children to understand the vital importance of education to better themselves and this nation.  The speech makes it that much easier for parents and teachers to educate students. 


Is President Barack Obama Superman?

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The President's Education Speech.

Is the President's speech a very good speech.

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An Inspirational Speech.

Do you believe this speech will inspire some children?

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

We're on the same wave length.

readytoescape profile image

readytoescape 7 years ago from Central Florida

Superman, not quite, but the re-write of the speech and revocation of the lesson plan was a step in the right direction, sort of. I would like to believe a re-write did not occur, but given the secrecy surrounding the speech and the refusal to release the “original text” plus the coordination with the Department of Education issuing lesson plans, its kind of like believing Superman is not just a comic book hero.

As delivered the context was what an American President should say to schoolchildren, nonpartisan and achievement driven. I applaud the President’s ability to motivate.

However skepticism leads more to the belief this “re-write” was politically provoked to save face in light of mounting pressure, falling poll numbers and the adjustment in the intended course of action on this matter seems apparent.

With his charisma and abilities this President could do great things, the problem is the things on his personal and political agenda and that of those around him and behind him have different ideas and ideals. The president said during one of the debates “judge me by who I surround myself with” well the view is a bit scary to us normal mortals.

Most of us would like to get behind this guy but he needs to do something to garner center support. Abandoning the radicals' agenda and doing something about unemployment and the coming foreclosure nightmare would go along way.

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