Obamacare: What Will It Be Like?

The Medical Waiting Game

A Visit to the Doctor's Office

I had to go to the doctor today (Tuesday) due to the big toe on my right foot just absolutely killing me !!! I mean it was pain that I just couldn't take. It started hurting me late Monday night, I was simply unable to sleep due to the pain. I was thinking I might should go to the emergency room. But, I wasn't in any mood to wait three hours for some second year medical student to tell me to take two aspirin and call my doctor in the morning. I thought about that emergency room...and realized that three hour wait is going to turn into 5 or 6 hour waits under Obamacare, if I'm lucky. But, I was hurting too much to dwell onObamacare for long.

I decided to call my primary care physician and see if they could work me in to see the doc. The lady said, "I can do better than that. I can get you an appointment at 2:30 and you will be the first patient he will see." I jumped on it! Well, not literally since I could barely walk. I went there at 2:30PM, waited about 15 minutes and went into the back room. Sure enough, I just sat down and my doctor walked into the room. Long story short here; it seems I may have gout. The doctor said he won't know for sure until he gets results on my blood work. He wrote me a prescription for some anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medicine. I was in and out of the office in about an hour.

After I got home (and finally feeling some relief thanks to the meds), I thought how long would it take for me to get a office visit like I got today under Obamacare . I sure as hell won't be able to do it the same day I started having pain. Judging from the horror reports in England and Canada, it may take a month. And even when you show up for your appointment, you will be lucky, damn lucky to get out of the doctor's office in less than four hours. I simply could not have waited that long to see my doctor about the pain in my big toe. The pain was just far too intense. I worry how will I deal with that under Obamacare. In fact, what is everyone going to do when they are presented with the medical situation like I had today? How about if a woman finds a lump on her breast one morning? How long before she can get in to see her doctor? Will it be too late when she finally gets that appointment? I've got to tell you, I am scared as hell about Obamacare tonight.

The Obamacare supporters are going to comment on this hub that none of this is going to happen. One only has to look to the aforementioned Canada and England. People from Canada coming to this country to get life saving medical treatment. People dying in hospital hallways in England for lack of treatment. Closer to home, take a look at Massachusetts. It is an abject failure (links below). Deductibles are getting so high, people can't afford the "free insurance" any longer. Healthcare is either rationed or you are placed on a waiting list for needed surgery. That's the good news. Compared to Canada, Massachusetts healthcare is a phenomenal success. Obamacare is going to cause rationing and quite possibly disallowing the elderly (the people who need it most) needed medical care. Maybe Sarah Palin was right about the death panels.

Today may well be one of the last times I can get in to see the doctor when I am experiencing intense pain. Under Obamacare today, I would have to either try to endure it or go jump off a damn bridge to end it all. Please, to all the Obama zombies , don't give me your crap about none of this is going to happen under Obamacare. It will happen. When it happens to you, just say you deserve it.

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JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa

Writer David

Gout won't kill you, it just changes your way of life. Take your pills,avoid the good (bad )things and when you go bad,go bad in moderation.

H P Roychoudhury profile image

H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

It is surprising to hear that in USA people are in general not getting easy medical care. USA is the most developed country of the world while India is not a developed country but medical facility although not of highest order is available almost to every one either free or with less expense. We came to many people of developed country too prefer to be treated in India for the cost of expense is less in India in compare to that developed country.

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago

Writer David

I hope that the voters remember in November, especially the ones in Florida.

Writer David profile image

Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

Humma, I wish some of the Obamacare supporters would read your excellent comment. I'm not sure how the powers that be in DC think ordinary Americans can afford this "free" insurance with all the other taxes the DC crowd is piling on us. Thanks for that.

Jon, it will be very difficult for me to avoid red wine, lobster and red meat. I don't eat much steak. But, I do enjoy red wine with my steak when I do. Just not sure how I can do that. But, I don't want to get another attack with the big toe again either. Gosh, that was some pain!

opinionduck, I think when people see the taxes deducted from their paycheck each week to pay for this "free" insurance, they will have second thoughts. Once they go to an emergency room under Obamacare, they will have third and fourth thoughts. No way you can avoid the kind of disaster under socialized medicine that Canada and England suffer right now. The fact that they shoved this down our throats will be remembered in November.

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago

Writer David

The problem that you highlight in this hub is just the tip of the iceberg. Obamacare doesn't change any of the existing bad practices in healthcare and it adds many more of its own.

I agree with your reply on the Canada healthcare problem. I had a Canadian friend who had to wait over two years to get knee replacements. That has to be as painful as gout, well maybe not but painful anyway.

I suspect that anyone that defends the Canadian healthcare or our healthcare system has not been hospitalized with a serious malady.

Rated your hub up.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa

American Romance and Writer David

Congratulations and greetings to middle age problems. GOUT is said to be the rich mans disease. Too much uric acid in the bloodstream settles in the lower extremities usually ankles ,toes and sometimes in the knees.

The first time I had my attack was in the 40's, a moment not to be forgotten.

My two sons recently had an attack. the oldest one got a simple Indian cure ( it didn't work the second time ),put baking soda in a table spoon and mix with water.

Beer, red wine, lobster, steak and other rich foods will have to be avoided in the future.

As time goes on you will know which of the lists will need to be avoided

My son says '' pain is only in the head '', bull .He recently got a GOUT refill.

Good luck until the next time

Humma Ofi profile image

Humma Ofi 6 years ago from Detroit, MI

I am not pleased with Obama getting involved with healthcare. Everything else that he's involved himself in seems to be suffering to recover. No one wants to hire employees no matter how badly they need to. No one can afford to buy a car because they can't pay the note(or buy food, clothes, or pay thier bills)from the low wages every one has been forced to accept. No one will be able to pay for healthcare, even if thier employer foots most of the bill. How can you afford to have anything deducted from your pay if you don't make anything to begin with? No one wants to offer a decent wage for someone with a degree, so, how is this going to work? Is it suppose to be free? Nothing in this country is free and I have no faith in the current government or it's policies.

Writer David profile image

Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

American, I won't know until my doc gets the results back from the blood work performed. He thinks it is gout, especially since my sister and brother also have it. Like I need something else wrong with me! I have had pain worse than that. Back surgery was very painful. But, that big toe was a monster! I could not hardly walk into the doctor's office. Thanks for sharing your story on this. I don't feel alone now. ;-)

American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

Its not just health care! we the conservatives are afraid of Obama and want him out! Now to that toe of yours! I had the same thing a few weeks ago! I woke up with my big toe so painful I couldn't touch it with a kleenex withou crying in pain! finaly got to the doctor and he said it was gout! Im 45 and never had gout! pain medicine and some pills and within days I was back to normal! what did your doctor say the problem was???

Writer David profile image

Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

Suiki, I appreciate your well thought out and detailed comment on the Canadian system. I'm not just going by what I have read in newspapers and magazines. I am going by speaking to Canadians who have come to the the states for heart surgery, misdiagnosis of various ailments, and kidney (not transplants) problems and cancer treatment. I understand why people would have to wait on organ transplants. That makes perfect sense. But, nothing is free, not even the health insurance in Canada. I have heard that the deductibles are approaching those of Australia which are almost out of control now. But, if you are happy with it, then I'm happy for you. I just don't trust the government and especially the man we have occupying the White House right now. Thank you again for coming by with a different perspective!

Suiiki profile image

Suiiki 6 years ago from City of the Newly Wed and Nearly Dead

Don't believe the reports you hear about people waiting months to see a doctor, it isn't true. The most we've ever waited for a doctor's appointment was one week, and that was because it wasn't a medical necessity, we just needed an opinion on something that seemed a little odd. The only time we've waited more than an hour or two in the ER was when we were waiting with a minor injury, and several ambulances came in with victims from a five-car accident (The group of injured people included 4 children, 3 elderly adults, and one college student with a massive brain bleed. They, obviously, took higher priority than a 25 year old with a slight knock on the head.)

It simply isn't true that people wait months for care in Canada. I don't know who keeps perpetuating these rumours...unless of course it's the rich people that keep bitching about how cosmetic surgery is not considered a medical necessity so they have to wait behind people who need organ transplants or reconstructive surgery after accidents. THEY do have to wait months...because there are people with real medical problems who come first! It's not a system of selling health care to the highest bidder here...even someone like me, who doesn't have government-funded health care yet, can see a doctor if they need to...they just walk down the street to the clinic and pay a $50 fee, and a DOCTOR, not a student, comes in to see them! I've never waited more then 30 minutes at one of these clinics.

Writer David profile image

Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

thevoice, thanks for coming by again.

Sheri, I kept thinking about that waiting room I was in yesterday. It was just a few people. But, fast forward five years and it probably will be standing room only in that same waiting room. I'm not sure Americans are going to stand for this. We are not a third world country...yet. Oh, I find the Obama Zombies funny as hell most of the time. There are some that make salient points. I just disagree with them. But, they can't stand that for some reason.

SheriSapp profile image

SheriSapp 6 years ago from West Virginia


Both of my brothers are doctors, and they are going to seriously cut their work hours when this crap is fully imposed upon them. I am also worried about the screwing the elderly are going to soon receive from this b.s. legislation. My parents are both nearly 70 and they will probably need to use the health care system sometime in the not too distant future. As for the lefty loons, yoou know they will stop here and spew out the BO propaganda. Isn't it funny how Barry said you aren't entitled to "your own facts". From where I am, it looks as though THAT just doesn't apply to Obama zombies!!!

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific quality hub thanks medical business should work out health care without government Obama would back off

Writer David profile image

Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

Wayne, it is an issue that is really going to hit home as more and more people retire. Medicare is going to be hit hard. The Democratic Party is downplaying the effects of this. But, once seniors see what is happening to Medicare, you will see a full scale revolt.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

I am facing retirement myself in the next year, David. This issue is on my mind for sure. Retired or not, I doubt we can avoid being affected by it. If only we could stop it in its tracks before it robs us of our current medical infrastructure. Thanks for a good hub! WB

Writer David profile image

Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

Sheila, my doctor didn't mention anything about retirement. But, he did state he knows of at least five doctors that are either going to retire or go into administration now.

Writer David profile image

Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

Tom, you probably didn't notice my mentioning Australia because I didn't know anything about it. But, if all you say is correct, it is the one place on earth and in history that Socialism has worked. However, we are talking about the same government (USA) that runs Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service. Color me unimpressed and skeptical that our government can do as well as Australia. Upon further research of Australia, I noticed that despite all the glowing reviews, I got this "There are also extensive waiting times for elective surgeries at public hospitals. Although waiting lists for the most urgent elective surgery for heart disease and cancer are almost nonexistent, there are long waiting lists for orthopedic surgery (median wait for total hip replacement is 88 days; 10% of patients waited over 345 days in 1999 to 2000), and cataract surgery (median is 73 days; 10% waited more than 316 days). One of the attractions of health insurance is the ability to bypass public hospital waiting lists."

profile image

Tom Maitland 6 years ago

Noticed you pulled up the examples of England and Canada as failures. You forgot Australia, probably as it wouldn't support your argument.

Australia has a very successful government-run health system (Medicare) not unlike your 'Obamacare' and although there will always be resistance to change, the ideals behind the system are not flawed and do actually work. I'm constantly hearing about the inequality of the previous American system, being only for those with money, so in essense the change is a fantastic example for America to set for the rest of the world, as well as for Americans.

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

I'm hearing of too many doctors who are planning on retiring, and more who plan to practice strictly in cash. They all say they didn't go to law school and spend years as doctors only to become government employees.

Writer David profile image

Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

James, next time you want to engage in civil discourse, let me know. It is an opinion. I gave links of what is happening to the Obamcare Helathcare model in MA. Do a little reading next time. It helps you understand things. Apparently, you were one of the Obama zombies I mentioned in the hub. Have a nice evening.

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