Obamacare is the Best thing for this country

Children need Healthcare

Sometimes when we talk about healthcare we assume that we are only talking about people over the age of 50. This is just not so. People of 50 and not yet eligible for medicare often have health insurance. The people who benefit most from the affordable care act is seriously ill children. Many of these children were born with serious illnesses and need surgery just hours after they are born.

Over the past several weeks I have heard several stories of how children were helped by the affordable care act. These stories were of children who are born with heart conditions, kidney conditions and mental illnesses. The parents of these children all talked about how the changes in the affordable care act will help their families survive through the necessary medical needs of their children.

What Would Happen if Obamacare is Repealed

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed as the republican wants to do the children of these families would suffer greatly. Picture what would happen to these sick children if the family loses their home. How can a family take care of a seriously ill child if they have not place to live with that child. Unless you are a multi-millionnaire one could surely go bankrupt if you have a seriously ill person in your family. If the affordable care is repealed before we have a chance to see if it will work, what kind of country are we. There is no reason any reasonable person would want to repeal a law before we see what affect it will have on the country. This law has been a long time coming in America and we should at least be willing to see if this is better than what we had before the affordable care act (Obamacare) was passed.

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Billy Hicks profile image

Billy Hicks 4 years ago

What "Obamacare" really did is add an additional 17 Million people to Medicaid, by increasing the cutoff to 138% of the Poverty Level.

This is fine, in theory, in practice however, it's a disaster. The first thing "Obamacare" fans need to remember is that, insurance only works when you have a doctor that accepts your policy.

Based on the current rate at which doctors are leaving Medicaid, The CBO and HHS are both estimating that over 1/3rd of US Doctors won't take Medicaid patients by 2015.

In 2010, without the additional patients from Obamacare, there were 50 Million Americans on Medicaid, now add in the additional 17 Million; that gives you 67 Million patients trying to see 2/3rd as many doctors.

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