Obama’s Executive Order for Illegal Immigrants

Update: Backdoor Amnesty By Obama 6-15-2012

Obama & Holder Takes Arizona to Court Over S.B. 1070

"No man is above the law and no man below it."   ~Theodore Roosevelt
"No man is above the law and no man below it." ~Theodore Roosevelt

Update July 16, 2014: Obama said that if illegal immigrants come, 'you’re going to be able to stay.

Industry Deals Hidden In New Immigration Reform

The US has a 9.70% unemployment rate and 25 million American’s looking for full time work. The 9.70% referenced are receiving unemployment benefits but, once these benefits are exhausted, they are dropped from the unemployment statistics. Yet, Obama is scheming, behind closed doors, to pass a "de facto amnesty" for 11-18 million illegal aliens. He along with Harry Reid (D - NV), Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Janet Napolitano (Secretary of Homeland Security) intend to circumvent Congress and millions of voters. Does this sound like a president who cares about the American Citizens?

By using 'deferred action' or 'parole', the Administration is planning to provide the nation's 11 to 18 million illegal aliens with work permits and temporary legal status while Congress searches for votes on a mass Amnesty bill. This means they can continue to violate our immigration laws and if turned over to ICE they will be processed and released.

Who is behind this legion turning Obama’s head? Besides those shown in the preceding link, let’s not forget the other groups of religious leaders who scorn the conceptual rule of "the separation of church and state". In fact, they admittedly met with administration official's, to discuss various procedures to help illegal aliens bypass a Congressional vote. Eight Senators have written to Obama challenging this executive order.

I encourage you to call your representatives and the president to voice your displeasure with Obama’s agenda. This is wrong on so many levels, and so is our president for abusing his power. Obama, has turned his back on Americans in favor of special interest and those who have violated our immigration laws…

The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy. ~Woodrow Wilson

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Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 3 years ago from USA Author


Thanks for your updated comments all of which are changing daily. What Obama has done with his executive order to NOT prosecute and deport illegal aliens is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! He seems to have changed his title from President to King where He makes the rules and our elected House and Senate no longer have the final word of yea or nay. There are many hidden and unethical agendas in this latest Immigration Reform Bill. Its house cleaning time and these bums need to be removed from office in coming elections.

By the way, we don’t need a new Immigration Bill --- we have a perfectly good one in place which needs to be enforced and not replaced!


JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 3 years ago from usa

Nancy's Niche

6/15/13 AN UPDATE


Secretary Napolitano Announces Final Rule to Support Family Unity During Waiver Process



Immediate Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants Would Boost Economy


a new study from the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank.


House passes immigration bill,


House Republicans said this was the first step in larger immigration reform


ICE admits hundreds of illegal immigrants with criminal records released


POTUS and the Attorney General are not enforcing the 1986 Immigration Laws,a violation of their oath to defend the Constitution and the LAW of the USA.

Congress is GUILTY too .

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 3 years ago from usa

Nancy's Niche

6/3/13 an update on az immigration law.5/16/13 illegal drivers

Judge lets Ariz. immigrant license policy stand



ICE admits hundreds of illegal immigrants with criminal records released

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/05/16/ice-adm...

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Nancy's Niche 4 years ago from USA Author

JoSe, Thank for your comment and I'm with you 100% on voting Obama out of office. We should also replace all the congressional & house members as well. Career politicians and apathetic citizens have brought this country to its knees.

In my opinion, elected officials who bow to special interest and disregard their oath of office have lost my respect and my vote! By doing so they have placed our country in great peril…

JoSe 4 years ago

Let this fool know he won't be our President after January by voting him out the back door of the White House

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

I agree Jon and I hope you listened to the newest video I posted here yesterday; Obama & Holder Takes Arizona to Court Over S.B. 1070.

Prof. Terry J Lowell stated the case for S.B. 1070 perfectly! This bill has nothing to do with "RACISM" and everything to do with enforcing our immigration laws. Let's not forget some have also stole or bought SS #'s, breaking another federal law and committing ID Theft.

I’m with you, let's remove all these career politicians from office in November. They have violated their oath to protect the American Citizens by refusing to enforce immigration laws and protecting those who have broken them. Gee, isn’t that government tyranny against “the people”?

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa

Nancy's Niche

It's like a hole in the dike, we know there is a leak but it's not a problem until the dike breaks. With the recession and the dike breaking, the people have awaken.

The activist and the unions march alongside of legal and illegal unauthorized aliens. It angers many legal citizens when they march with signs that read '' WE HAVE RIGHTS '', ''STOP RACISM '' AND SOMETIMES PARADE MEXICAN FLAGS.

President Barak Obama and the Justice Departments refusal to enforce the immigration laws to the fullest extent of the laws is in defiance of what the American people are telling Washington. For our elected officials to remain silent is inconceivable and inexcusable as to President Obama’s actions.

It is apparent that Washington needs someone to clean up the house of corruption. Let’s try in November to at least start!

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Jon, I believe anyone in this country illegally should be deported and go to the back of the line for legal entry. There are those who have waited years to come here from other countries. Why give this group of law breakers a free pass? We are faced with the numbers today because of the 1986 amnesty. We don't need another amnesty; we need our current immigration laws ENFORCED!

Another serious issue that needs revised is our "Birthright Citizenship" law. People from all over the world are taking advantage of it! Most countries have seen the danger in such a law and removed that privilege.

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Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Billy, our government has become focused on rewarding those who have broken our immigration laws, and less focused on the loss of 500K jobs. Yet, statics say that 8 million still employed are illegal immigrants!

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

It just gets messier by the day. Is all this just noise so we don't focus on the economy - 500k in jobless claims this week. Not pretty and a statement about the economic policy.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa

Nancy's Niche


The first hurdle is to stop the flow. the flow has increased since 1986 and the dam is broke only because our government has not enforced the laws. Blaming business for the problem are an excuse only because they broke the (agreement)and were not punished by the government. It's a terrible situation when it comes to breaking up families but two wrongs don't make a right.

If the unauthorized aliens did not get our governments entitlements, would they leave and go back home?

'' we have rights'' signs anger many Americans, flying the Mexican flag don't help Americans to support their cause. Union and Hispanic agitators demonstrating in the streets of our cities, attempting to pressure our elected officials make legal citizens angry too.

My thoughts of sympathy for the problem is.

Come out of the dark and turn yourself in to the authorities. Register with the authorities and return back to your country (no penalty or incarceration ), allow 6 months to get personal business completed. When the problems are solved, give those who left the first chance to enter legally only because they have registered previously.

Stay in the dark, get caught, register them as illegal, with no chance for future entry, fine and incarcerate in lieu of deportation short period, second time caught follow laws enforce minimum 10 years in prison and no parole.

Look forward to your thoughts and comments on my thoughts.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Dolores, I agree that the employers should be hit with fines and/or possibly lose his or her business license for hiring illegal aliens. On the other hand, we can't afford to make 11-20 million illegal’s---legal; that would completely ravage the U S financial system! It would also be sending the same DAMAGING message to the world that was sent with the 1986 amnesty; a welcome invitation to BREAK OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS!

In response to your question, Arizona law is no different than any other city, state or country. If there is “legal” cause to stop you, then you’re required to show (if you’re a citizen) your driver’s license, car registration and proof of insurance. If you’re not a U S citizen then you’re legally required to carry your passport and any other necessary paper work with you at all times.

This is a “based on fact” source concerning illegal aliens and the impact they have on our economy, jobs and etc.; http://www.numbersusa.com/content please take time to read this information.

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

Nancy - our economy is in trouble and in many areas of the country the unemployment rate is much higher. I can't see jailing illegal aliens, though, that would cost a hunk of money. It seems the easier course would be to go after the employers instead on one person at a time.

I was wondering how the Arizona law would work. If I were stopped by the police, how could I prove that I was here legally, or a citizen. I sure don't carry my birth certificate around with me.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

@Jon, I watched today’s protesters in Phoenix on national news. What it comes down to is this; they didn't get everything they wanted! An appeal is going forward to a higher court. Nothing has changed; Sherriff Joe is still out doing sweeps on employers and drop houses.

However, Obama, is behind the scenes actively pursuing an Amnesty act that will make 11-20 million illegal aliens---legal! His plan is to bypass a vote by the house and senate. How is this possible you ask; via an executive order! So, I guess if Obama doesn’t get everything he wants concerning key issues this is how he will handle it! Just more proof that he is not listening to the American citizens...

I understand that law suits have been filed by others outside our country that have been waiting for years to come here while these law breakers are given a free ride...Where's the justice?

"In the Halls of Justice the only justice is in the halls."~Lenny Bruce

"Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny."~Edmund Burke

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa


Up to date on AZ SB 1070

Judge Bolton on 7/28/10 ruled in favor of the Government and the ACLU on Arizona Sb 1070. There was celebration in the streets of Phoenix today.Governor Jan Brewer announced that the state will file an appeal to the Federal 9th district court in San Francisco on thurs.

More to follow in the coming days, the battle is just starting according to local officials.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Thank you Garynew for taking time to read my article and commenting...Blessings!!!!

garynew profile image

garynew 6 years ago from Dallas, TX and Sampran, Thailand

Excellent read, thank you.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Lgali, thanks for the visit and comment. Obama has turned into quite a disappointment to say the least...

Lgali profile image

Lgali 6 years ago

very nicely said-This is wrong on so many levels, and so is our president for abusing his power. Obama, has turned his back on Americans in favor of special interest and those who have violated our immigration laws…

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

No Amnesty, I agree, and if our government can find any back door to push Amnesty through---they will. Remember this when you go to the polls and make sure that no incumbent gets your vote in 2010, 2012 & 2014!

DOJ’s AG Eric Holder filed a lawsuit against Arizona for S. B. 1070 then announced today that no law suits will be filed against Sanctuary Cities. That’s judicial hypocrisy by selective prosecution!

NoAmnesty 6 years ago

Today's meeting on an "Ethical Imperative" to provide amnesty is an attempt to sneak amnesty in the back door. Please call your senators and representatives and tell them you will not tolerate (or vote for) anyone who supports this travesty

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Mulberry1, thanks for the visit and comment. I agree that something needs to be done with employers who hire illegals. They, along with our government’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, are the reasons we have this problem today. It’s estimated that 18 to 20 million illegal aliens are in the USA and hundreds more crossing each day.

I don’t believe in Amnesty; it sends the wrong message to the world and brings us more of the same problems. My question is this, why do we jail our own citizens for breaking laws yet reward these people, who have deliberately violated our federal laws, with Amnesty? This is morally wrong! If you’re coming to this country then do it “legally,” and meet all the required criteria!

“It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”~~Barbara Jordan

Cheers and Blessings!

mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 6 years ago

It would seem a purge (of government officials) is coming so we will see what comes of it. I'm not sure how this should be handled, but clearly something needs to be done. I'm skeptical that our unemployment problems have much to do with illegal immigrants based on the statistics I've seen about who is unemployed...but I may be wrong. (I definitely support punishment for businesses that knowingly hire illegals) The crime issues around the border and the failure to stem the flow however are significant problems regardless. I agree we need a process and it needs to be "followed".

My big thing is I want people to be legal and to pay for the services they receive. Thus a plan that makes them legal isn't as offensive to me without knowing more about it.

Not to be a Negative Nelly but...I recall 10-15 years ago the house was purged and we had tons of new reps., mostly younger people. All of them promised changes and said if they didn't accomplish things, they wouldn't run again. Yeah, right. My guess is they are the very people everyone wants to get rid of now...so many years later. I guess we just have to accept this like annual housekeeping!

Back in the early 80's immigration was big on the agenda, and here we are today. (I could be wrong again, but I think Reagan wanted to help illegals get citizenship too.)

Anyway, thanks for another thought provoking hub!

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Ginn, thanks for taking the time to read my hub and comment. I agree, with your assessment; seems our government only uses the laws of this country against its own people/citizens. It’s all about self-serving attitudes and political gain. Hopefully, the majority of citizens is fed up with their political agendas and will vote them OUT in the coming elections…

"Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason."~Author Unknown

Ginn Navarre profile image

Ginn Navarre 6 years ago

If you or I did something illegal we would be in jail-period. We have a President and a Congress that are doing nothing but following the MONEY for their political career.

Great--Hub. thanks.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Jon, here’s one headline January of 2010 on a Supreme Court ruling; Supreme Court Rips Up Campaign Finance Laws. This means "no limits" on campaign donations from special interest, big business etc. I to believe there should be STRICT caps on ALL campaign donations from ALL sources going to ANY public office...

This group of justices is making their own laws instead of protecting and following Constitutional Law. Just another reason why they should have term limits right along with Congress and the House of Representatives! I say two four year limits like the president, except voted on every two years (including reelection of the president) by the citizens.

Most employers would fire an employee for the horrendous insubordination by our government that “we the people” have put up with for the last 38 years. I believe that time has come and in November, we who pay attention will vote the career politicians OUT!

"The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment." ~Robert M. Hutchins, Great Books, 1954

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa

Nancy's Niche

THE FEINGOLD- MC CAIN BILL did not control the flow of money to candidates in the federal election. The supreme court’s decision will level the playing field for coming elections. Obama got $40 million from the unions and we know that Obama is paying them back bigtime.

The constitution is the foundation of our government. As a citizen I would rather see caps for all spending be put on what ever office is being voted on.

Note Taft Hartley law

Restriction on political contributions Federal government contractors may not make contributions to influence Federal elections Corporations and UnionsThe law also prohibits contributions from corporations and labor unions. APPARENTLY THE LAW WAS NOT FOLLOWED FOR SOME REASON.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Jon, are you aware that a Supreme Court decision recently opened the door for big business to donate any sum of money they wanted to political campaigns? So, guess who's running the puppet show....Visit YouTube and search for The Obama Deception; it's a two hour video but worth the time....Cheers!

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

Quicksand, good to hear from you and yes, many countries are having the same troubles concerning immigration. Our governments have the power to stop it but refuse to do so because of political agendas that will benefit them! They should be protecting their own citizens by strict enforcement of the immigration laws! Until that's done, or we throw the bums out of office, they will continue down this road.

Cheers!! :o)

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa

Nancy's Niche

You said ''If he cared about the citizens at all, he would have NEVER selected the Wall Street Gang for such an important course of action. That’s like inviting opening the door to a bunch of armed robbers!''

Do you remember one of Barak Obama's promises was to rid Washington of lobbyist. Won't happen simply because Goldman Sachs and their employees donated $4.5 million to his and the democrats in the last election. To be fair they also donated to some republicans too, only $1.5 million. Guess they placed their big money on the winners.

quicksand profile image

quicksand 6 years ago

Hi Nancy,

Many of the developed countries are facing or have faced this problem. I can quite well understand how the citizens feel about this. Hopefully a solution is on the way.


Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

@Lady_E---Hello, and thanks for your comment; as always it is a pleasure to have your input. I’m sorry to hear that the UK is experiencing the illegal immigration problem with all of its burdens. While our governments sit on high in their crystal palace, they have no idea of the impact this dilemma has brought to the working class.

Obama turned his back on the citizens and rallied ‘round those who have broken our immigration laws in a multitude of ways. Then, to add insult to injury, he allowed Mexico’s hypocritical president to speak with our congressional leaders on Capitol Hill. Mexico has one of the most ruthless immigration policies of any country. If you’re caught there it’s a strong probability you will be robbed, imprisoned, raped and/or murdered.

In 1986, our government sent a wrong message to the world through amnesty and today we have 11-20 million illegal’s (recent figures since my article) in our country. Each new day, hundreds more are sneaking across our borders. We don’t need another amnesty; we need our immigration laws ENFORCED! I believe US citizens will be moving most of the sitting parties and Obama out come election time.

Cheers and Blessings to you and yours…..

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA Author

@John---You and I agree whole heartily on this issue. I also believe that until our country is back on its feet financially, economically and every other way that work visa’s and immigration applications need to come to a halt. However, Obama clearly stated which side he was on during his speech this week and it wasn’t the American citizens!

Look at the people he appointed as his financial team---they are either employed by Wall Street in some capacity, or have been previously. If he cared about the citizens at all, he would have NEVER selected the Wall Street Gang for such an important course of action. That’s like inviting opening the door to a bunch of armed robbers!

You’re right on the outrageous cost of illegal immigration upon the tax payers. Rounding them up for deportation [as our immigration laws dictate] would be the least expensive way to deal with this issue all things considered. Since they have broken our immigration laws, what makes us think they respect any of our laws?

Thanks for taking time to read my blog and responding. Have a safe and happy 4th of July…

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Immigration is a big problem and obviously affects the Core citizens. I'm not good with politics but I think abolishing that Green Card issue would help.

Also, I saw on the news weeks ago, lots of people leaving Arizona? due to being illegal. I thought this was a start in Obama dealing with the situation.

Passing a "de facto amnesty" for 11-18 million illegal aliens would definitely cause unrest and I hope he finds another way of dealing with it. I'm sure he knows he will not be re-elected for another term if he doesn't handle immigration effectively.

Great Hub Nancy - it's the same here and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before people lose their rackets in the UK. Core Citizens no longer have priority to government housing, Kids can't get into schools nearby, which parents have chosen, lots of illegal immigrants are on benefits etc etc. People are fuming.

It's a serious issue and I hope it can be dealt with effectively.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa


Barak Obama at the American University gave a resounding political speech on illegal immigration enforcement filled with half truths and in some instances totally untrue statements.

The truth is that the government’s policy of catch and release or deportation does not work. The need to punish violators with incarceration should receive high priority if a resolve is to be accomplish.

President Obama referring ‘’that our nation is a nation of the rule of law’’ is making a mockery of enforcing the law as well as degrading the respect of the office of the presidency. The president mentioned the 11 million illegals that are here ( due to the government not enforcing the law ) cannot just be relocated or deported.

Mr. president, you are wrong. During the campaign you said ‘’ yes we can ,‘’ ‘’hope is on the way’’ and ‘’let me be clear.’’. The refusal to enforce the law is to be in violation of the law. Congress has a responsibility to defend the constitution and the enforcement of the laws. The silence of the Democrat Congress is deafening .

The government can start by incarcerating unauthorized aliens instead of using deportation. The government must deny all government entitlements to non citizens. The borders must be sealed before any new immigration laws are considered. These are simple for starters solutions in resolving some of the violations in immigration law. There is an empty prison in Illinois waiting for occupants.

The National policy Institute, estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average

cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.'

Verify at: http://www.nationalpolicyinstitute.org/pdf/deporta


Wake up America and speak out. Washington needs to know that the people want the President and Congress to work for the people first, not for unauthorized aliens who are taking advantage of the American way of life..

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