Obama’s Victory Was Expected

Whom Is Obama Trying To Fool?

Whom Is Obama Trying To Fool?
Whom Is Obama Trying To Fool? | Source

Talibans May Drop Nuclear Bombs on USA

Romney’s Campaign Manager Should Have Been a School Teacher

President Barack Obama’s victory was expected particularly after Mitt Romney ran a lacklustre campaign. Romney could have hit Obama where it hurt and upset many calculations. Or at least he could have given a tough fight to Obama. But nothing like that happened. Probably Romney’s campaign manager should have been a school teacher because he gave copybook campaign exercises for Romney to follow.

When Somebody Burnt Koran, Hilary Was Ready With Apology

Obama has a soft corner for Muslims and nobody can deny it. He never took any action against Iran even after the Iranian President threatened that Israel would be wiped out of the world map. Obama pumped billions of dollars into Pakistan in the name of War on Terrorism. This money was used by Pakistan government to sponsor terrorism against Americans and the West. In other words, American money was used to kill the Americans. Obama also went on apologizing to Muslim countries for no fault of USA. If a copy of the Holy Koran was burnt and two hundred people died in the protests in some nook and corner of the world, Hilary Clinton was the first to offer her apology on behalf of the American government. But when Americans and American soldiers were butchered, no Muslim country offered apology to USA. Obama was bending his knees before the Muslim community to demonstrate his loyalty to them.

Romney’s Campaign Manager Did a Poor Work

In India, even the slightest weakness of a party or candidate will be pounced upon by the opponents and made an electoral issue. But even during the three debates, Romney never attacked Obama on the above lines. Rather he allowed the debate to slide into a dour show. Romney presented himself for most part of the campaign as pro-rich. Towards the end, he did bend a little to placate the middle class but that proved to be a failure. It is not the defeat of Romney but the defeat of his campaign manager and campaign style.

Muslims Are Pleased at Obama’s Victory

Who will be most happy at Obama’s victory? Muslim countries of course. Iran will be relieved and can go ahead to acquiring nuclear technology to bomb Israel and wipe it out of the world map. But Israel is not a fool. It will not wait for Obama to strike (which may never happen). Israel, in all likelihood, will launch a missile attack on Iran to destroy its nuclear programme. Of course Israel has a right to strike first against Iran as Iran has already threatened to wipe it out of the world map.

Talibans May Drop Nuclear Bombs on USA

Pakistan will also feel relieved. Now it can spend more money to train terrorists on its soil as Obama will readily oblige them with more financial assistance. The Talibans may capture power in Islamabad and drop a few nuclear bombs on USA to take revenge against it. The death of few million Americans is on the cards very much.

Whom Is Obama Trying To Fool?

Blacks in USA are also happy. Middle class and the poor are also happy at Obama’s victory. Obama has done nothing to help them in his first term. But he has not at least presented himself as anti-poor as Romney did. American economy may limp back to growth but only after some time. Plight of European Union will be a drag on USA. But it can focus more on Asia to accelerate its growth. India is a case in point. India and China are growing at reasonable rates. Gujarat is the most prosperous state in India. American companies will be benefited very much if they get a foothold in Gujarat. For this, US government is trying to appease Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi by offering him visa to visit USA again. Earlier USA denied him visa on the ground that he was responsible for the 2002 carnage against Muslims in Gujarat. Now suddenly Modi is seen as not responsible for the Muslim riots. Whom is Obama trying to fool?

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TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 4 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

When you insult half the electorate and your party's aganda is based on creating "outgroups"; women, public employees, etc. You're likley going to lose,

But you let the "%1" tell you otherwise. . .

ib radmasters profile image

ib radmasters 4 years ago from Southern California

No it was the stupidity of the American Voters and they have not been that stupid ever.

Rewarding failure with another four years.

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