Once a humble tree, What is to become of me?


Little is thought of the humble tree, a tall proud structure of natural form and ever changing character. Out of all this earth has to offer, the tree is probably one of the most versatile of all our natural resources. There are thousands of species of tree, each one so very much like the other, yet so very different. From providing fruit and nuts to the main ingredients for a headache cure, how versatile is that?


The house you live in probably would not be standing if it wasn’t for a tree or two. The floor you stand on (and the supports beneath) to the roof above your head the humble tree provides. It provides the resources to build, sit on, work at, display and store whatever you so desire. And at Christmas it sits proudly in the corner of the room displaying lights, tinsel and ornaments protecting your presents until Christmas day.


The humble tree was the original source of heat for mankind; it provided tools for tending to crops, fences to keep the animals and shelter and protection from the elements.


What becomes of a tree once it has been felled, is amazing nothing goes to waste in today’s society. Even the sawdust from sawmills is used to make logs and pellets for solid fuel stoves.


But what about the tree before it is cut down and made into all these amazing products.


As a tree grows it absorbs CO2 and produces Oxygen, it stabilises the soil around preventing it being washed away in floods. Yet for all the good the humble tree does, they are slowly disappearing from our landscape, fields once lined with trees have vanished, forests slowly diminish to enable fair trade crops and inadequate management see wild fires destroy massive areas.


Everyone is concerned about the finite oil and gas resources, but the tree is so much more important. Planting a single tree will not change the world, but it will give you a lot of pleasure. Reaping the fruit, watching the children play, relaxing in a hammock, or just watching it grow.


And, if CO2 is the cause of global warming, then your single humble tree is just a start to making a change.


 Even big kids like to climb.

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someonewhoknows profile image

someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

Nice hub on trees!

I'm sure the trees appreciate your attention to their existance! We need to remind ourselves how interdependant life is on earth.No,man is an Island,we are all dependant on the land air,water,trees and all other life around us.

lumen2light profile image

lumen2light 7 years ago from Aberdeenshire, Scotland Author

Thank you for your comments, glad you liked it.

monkeyminds profile image

monkeyminds 3 years ago from My Tree House

They provide so much for us, from shelter and warmth, to food and shade. Even the very air we breathe. Thank you for this tribute to "The Standing People" as my ancestors referred to them.

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