Only Whites are Racist!

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Now that the United States made history and elected its first  black President, I have been thinking for a while now about  why White people are the majority of considered racists, while no other race is.


In thinking about this, there are some very interesting points  to consider. However, I also wonder how many people will  actually pay attention or just call this article racist because I am white.


In America, there are African Americans, Mexican Americans,  Muslim Americans, and Asian Americans. Why are there not people considered Irish Americans, English Americans, Scottish  Americans, German Americans, and Polish Americans? No, these  people are just considered white!


They call us Whitey, White Boy, Honkey, and Cracker, and that  is all right and not a problem. However, when a white person  even mentions the words Nigger, Chink, Camel Jockey, Coon,  Gook, or Spick, we are being racists.


There is the United Negro College Fund, which offers black  students college scholarships. If there were a United White  College Fund, it would be considered racist and would not be  tolerated.


There is the National Association for the Advancement of  Colored People (NAACP). If whites had any type of organization  for the advancement of whites only, it would be considered  racist and would not be tolerated.


There is a Black Entertainment Television (BET). If there was  a White entertainment television (WET), it would be considered  racist and would not be tolerated.


There is a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and a Black Chamber of  Commerce. If there were a White Chamber of Commerce, it would  be considered racist and would not be tolerated.


There is Cinco de Mayo, a celebration of Mexican heritage and

pride. If there was a special day to celebrate white heritage  and pride, it would be considered racist and would not be  tolerated.


There is Black History Month. If there were a White History  Month, it would be considered racist and would not be  tolerated.


There is a Martin Luther King Day, a Cesar Chavez Day, and a

Ma’uled Al-Nabi, which is a celebration of the birthday of  the Islam Prophet Muhammad. If there was a special day for any  particular white person in history, it would be considered  racist and would not be tolerated.


There is the Miss Black American pageant, where only black  women are allowed to participate. If there were a Miss White  American pageant, it would be considered racist and would not  be tolerated.


There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the  United States. If there were any proclaimed White colleges, it  would be considered racist and would not be tolerated.


There was the Million Man March where blacks and Islam’s  marched for their race and rights. If whites marched for their  race and rights, it would be considered racist and would not  be tolerated.


They are proud to be black, yellow and orange, and not afraid  to announce it. If a white person announces their white pride,  it would be considered racist and would not be tolerated.


They steal from whites, kill whites, and blame whites for  everything wrong in their lives. However, if a white police  officer shoots a Black, Mexican, or Asian gang member or beats  up a black, Mexican, or Asian drug-dealer who is running from  the law; it is considered racist and would not be tolerated.


I am not a racist, but I am proud to be white and proud of my  

heritage. Nevertheless, because of that you call me a racist.


Why is it that only white people seem to be considered racists?


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troylaplante profile image

troylaplante 8 years ago from Selma, NC

I am sure that some deluded individual will spout that only whites in America can be racist because they were the only ones with the financial, political, and governmental power to systematically oppress another race. However, racism is not defined as the ability to carry it out in practice. It is an attitude and behavior towards others. There are equally racist Negroes as well as Hispanics, just as there are plenty of racist whites. All ethnic groups are capable of racism.

Nolan Thomas profile image

Nolan Thomas 8 years ago Author

Troy, I just read your article which seemed to stir up a few people, along with all of the comments.

I agree with you that every ethnic group has racists, but my article was written in the fact that white people seem to be called racists for things other ethnic groups are not.

tomdhum profile image

tomdhum 7 years ago from memphis tn

I would rather hear someone yelling out the words nigger then the ignorance on the issue that your try to express in your hub. Please, I would rather have a pistol put to my head then hear the ignorance coming from you. Ignorance in a demoncratic society will destroy it quicker the any war. Read on the subject and open your world and talk to some people of color and ethnic backgrounds.

John 6 years ago

I agree with you 100% on all the facts you stated why is only white people considered to be racist??People from other back grounds is not... why can they have black this black that muslim this muslim that but if a female white female nurse wear a cross and they say she is not allowed to wear it to work but a muslim female can wear long sleeved shirts because its against her believes to wear short sleeve shirts that's okay but the long sleeve shirts can cause infections it just shows us white people have no more rights and if you are christian you have even less...

Elizabeth Jones 6 years ago

You'll find a racist in every race. I have been discriminated against because I'm white. Too bad there are bad eggs that ruin it for everyone. :( ..By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions and 4 play games here is the topic about Racism:

Michael 6 years ago

In the U.S. the white male is the most discriminated against person, It is we that are to blame, we let this happen out of white guilt. Out of guilt we just set back and let it happen.

Black Power 6 years ago

The problem is you confused white people is that you white people always try to represent other races as inferior to you and critize using media esp. how certain individuals represent a whole race. If you white people stop catagorizing and sterotyping each race and treat everyone equally you will not be called or treated with the same hate you give out to every non-white person

al 6 years ago

why is it that white folks try to justify racism? "I'm white and I've been discriminated against"...... BS. I was born in Clovis, NM in 1941, was in the Navy 20 years and I can tell you of discrimination, first class. In Clovis, there were restaurants that had dining areas and restrooms for Blacks. While I was in the Navy, we (some cousins) went to a bar in Amarillo, Tx.. The fellow bartending refused to serve us (mexicans). I married a white (pink) girl, have 2 daughters. Once, driving to Portland, Or from San Diego had two white (pink) guys make racial remarks about a white girl and a mex guy. Again, once rented a motor home and driving through Okla I stopped at a RV park to "dump" motorhome, owner refused me even though I offered to pay for overnight stay. He still refused. I "dumped" right at his park exit and left. Currently I am a member of the VFW in Clovis NM. White(pink) racists are there also. The man running Karaoke is a total racist. I call him KKK. Later guys, enjoy.....

Rich 6 years ago

I was googling something totally different when when I came across this hub. I thought to myself, "It really bothers me when some people genuinely try to express themselves but only appear ignorant". I apologize for such a strongly descriptive statement; however, you could have easily raised a more valid point on racism if you would have been factual. It doesn't matter if the author white or not to speak on one of societal troubling issues. The way you started this article (black President) kind of points to the center of your problem. I am black and I have white friends whom I love dearly and some whom I really have no care about what so ever, but it doesn't make me racist. I am Muslim and I pray with whites, asian, hispanic, persian etc. Our God does not qualify any of us based on ethnicities. Anyway, let me get to the point. Whites are traditionally viewed as racist not because they enslaved blacks; all nations enslaved other races during periods of history. However, Europeans enslavement of Africans was attempted to remain hereditary. Blacks were not expected to be enjoy any of the basic liberties allotted ordinary human beings unless given permission; including eating, restroom privileges, raising children, traveling out of state (if free) or outside plantation borders, marriage or sex with ones own wife, education of any type, owning property, freedom of work or wages, and the list is endless. After slavery (European style), traditional whites still impose these same restrictions on blacks and other minority groups to an extent that it sets those other groups at a disadvantage. And this is what's meant by RACISM. It's not the attitude toward other people that makes whites racist,but the ability to impose restiction of others based on that attitude. Please choose a more qualified subject the next time. Thank you

Anonymous  6 years ago

Okay, just to clarify this- all people who have attempted to bash this post, you are stupid. This point is very valid and clearly you do not understand the purpose. Sure, it was terrible what whites did to minority groups in the past, but because people in the past did this, can you seriously blame ALL whites, and blame their descendants? The Civil Rights Act was imposed to protect ALL races, religions, and both genders. I especially think its funny when a black is racist to a white and its considered reverse racism. How can any racism be reverse racism? It is simply racism. Because whites in the past treated minority groups badly does not mean that the newer generations (like myself) should have to suffer for this. We CANNOT move forward by dwelling on the past. I for one am respectful of all races, yet it is quite annoying to be discriminated against by the law, media, minority groups, and even the majority at times simply because I am white. I receive no special benefits for being white, yet minority groups such as blacks and native americans (though the USA DID steal their land..) receive benefits for what their ancestors suffered. I am especially annoyed that I am branded a racist for something my own ancestors PLAYED NO PART IN. Sure, minority groups have suffered in their own ways (and most have suffered worse) yet it is simply stupid that being white, you don't get any respect for your own racial background as blacks and other groups do. It is simply unfair in that aspect

Danny 5 years ago

The issue is quite simple and it goes back to history. History in America has shown more than on one occasion that "whites" suppressed and discriminated against other races in horrific and most heinious ways on several levels. Native Indians (Indian removals), African Americans (slavery and segregation), Latinos (Mexican repatration and NOW!), Asians (1st Transcontinental railroad, Chinese exclusion act of 1882) and also against the Jews. They used the laws to empower themselves and control other races and it is still prevalent today. So there is a very big difference in how "racism" is weighed. Majority of hate or racism towards whites is due to the past violations towards minorities. The law of the land, systems, and country's infrastructure did not have minorities in mind and to this day is in favor of whites. Majority of the wealth that has been accumulated was built of the blood, sweat and tears of those oppressed. The Segragation law wasn't signed until 1967 which is VERY recent only 44 years ago. So with all of this being said. You can't compare what all other races endured by the hand of whites to compare it to the reversed discrimination. Slavery lasted for hundreds of years, the Indian race is almost extinct. There is a MASSIVE amount of damage that ha been done and "whites" expect it to be simply forgotten or to get over it. That is what creates the hate and discrimination but it can never be compare to what transpired in history.

So I believe that majority of your points hold no merit. A bully that has inflicted pain for a very long time can't cry wolf when the attacked fights back after they have been smacked around. It's like saying I can hit you but you are not allowed to hit me back. I am not saying that it is right but you can't expect what has been done to go away when it keeps going on even today. Whites control the financial system, government (and just because there is an African American president doesn't necessarily mean he controls the country because the system is already in place as the GOP showcased), and economic system.

So if you wonder why things are the way they are I suggest you may research history and try to place yourself in those shoes. And ask that question again if the shoe wod have been on the other foot

Dave 5 years ago

Be a white male take a walk in south dallas texas. You will learn quick there are racist in all groups.If you finish the walk.

Karthik 5 years ago

Ok..Although the world has come a full circle and lots of people all around the world are getting increasingly liberated intellectually, this element of racism exists in most people, whether ur a victim or the perpetrator. I live in germany. Lets just say I'm a brown person with intermediate german speaking skills and I have found that it is very tough to break into a german circle for friendship. There are people of color who do very well in germany but mostly colors and whites do not mix, if ever they rarely do. Germans are stiff and make it difficult for a person other than white to feel welcome. Again , I have a lot of nice german friends but these are people who have travelld. Others who have not travelled outside europe mostly think they are kind enuf if they tolerate people of color..not help them integrate..

why? 5 years ago

who the hell still uses the word Negroes...

Kel 4 years ago

Y'all are missin the point, the white people started racism the white people separated and elevated themselves from EVERYONE that was different from them. Here's a list of all the races that the stupid white person has discriminated against;

African American






American Indian

Etc etc

I mean don't we laugh the same, cry the same, love our kids the same, poo the same, bleed the same colour blood, feel grief the same, walk run jump the same , have the same kind of brain, limbs, organs, heart!!!! Come on people are you getting this???? We are ALL from the same maker made in His image and likeness. YES we are all equally gifted, equally stupid, equally loving, equally intelligent - ALL. So let's start overcoming fear of the other race and start practicing love after all we are made in Gods likeness tooo not just His image. Oh and yes IM WHITE !!! Aussie

DS 4 years ago

Isn't it funny how CNN didn't cover Marion Berry's comments about Asian's at all?

William John Atkins 4 years ago

That was a totally ignorant diatribe the author wrote.

The reason for BET, Hispanic COC, NAACP, UNCF, Cinco De Mayo, and so many other minority holidays, agency's, coalitions, and scholarship funds is due to the disproportionate assistance, we are afforded by the status quo. Research your own history. Then in closing you called yourself white. Tell me, what heritage is white ? That tells me nothing of your origin.

By the way, the reason whites are considered racist is because it is the whites who have continuously throughout history conquered, enslaved, and did the utmost to keep other races down.

jarhead4ever1 4 years ago

yeah i find it funny all these so called minorities talking trash about white enslavement. seriously who do you think sold these slaves to these white

jarhead4ever1 4 years ago

yeah i find it funny all these so called minorities talking trash about white enslavement. seriously who do you think sold these slaves to these white devils.funny how a Muslim talks about slavery when Arabs were the biggest slave traders.what do you think the turks,the mongols ,the moors and the berbers ,did to there captured Anglos.honestly grow up ive been to the middle east,africa,as well as to the orient and guess what its bad everywhere

what? 4 years ago

william john atkins if I was on a panel selecting an award for the dumbest post ever I would certainly vote for your post, here. That said, it seems pretty common that people try to pin the "racist" badge on to the chest of whites everywhere. I would suggest racism is a human problem, not a white problem.

B-Dawg 4 years ago

Black skin is a shield that would protect the white man. Peace.

Frank Garcia 2 years ago

Im tired of hearing all these white people denying the satanic actions of their racist brethren. I'm convinced that there will never be racial reconciliation....ever. I am done with white people forever! I will never ackknowledge them as my masters...EVER!

yes its true 2 years ago

I am white and confirm that all whites are in fact racist. Its disgusting how bad whites are racist. Whites are so racist about hangings and slavery. Whites should be hung and slaved... WHite pigs!!!!!! U stink!!

Kristen 2 years ago

O my God Stop attributing it to racism, white people hurt white people we don't all get along and we may live in communities where it's predominantly white but there's a boatload of bullying and oppression in those communities not to mention outside of them furthermore I wish I was black if it meant those people wouldn't let me live there, think of it as a free ride out of hell

Kristen 2 years ago

I'm beginning to think you say we are racist enough times that we believe it... tired of the black community crying wolf in place of their inaction

Kristen 2 years ago

I wonder if you could tolerate White People calling you all racist as often as you do us... cause it sounds like some black people are real hung up on carrying the cross of their forefathers. Are you mad because you are not a slave because that is what it is sounding like. Learn to identify with your elders in other ways because slavery ain't comin back anytime soon

Love and Peace 23 months ago

I am a human. I love other humans. I hate- hate, and I love -love. Be positive in the face if injustice. It is so painful to be discriminated against in any way shape or form. It's not OK! No one wants to rejected. It is our basic human nature to want to be accepted.

To be: fat, brown, black , green , yellow, white, homosexual, transgender, tattooed, pierced. We all are judged! And it fucking sucks! We all need to remember to smile to one another and show LOVE! It doesn't take much to make one another feel ' accepted' . Don't think about it.... Just do it. Love and except each other. Even when you think the other won't. Kill them with kindness! It's 2015 for goodness sakes, not 1950! Let it go! Let's all act as our higher self.

It's up to you to not perpetuate hate. When do you want it to stop?

It starts with you and your optimistic positive additude towards the situation.

Everyone encounters discrimination at some point or another- some much more than others... It's not okay in ANY realm. I am considered "white". I am not just "white" nor "Caucasian", it's like calling someone from Brazil a Mexican. I am a Polish Jew. My family was persecuted and discrimated against to the fullest. I refused to be lumped into such a huge category. Why is it ok for everyone to be treated delicately but the second that I talk about wanting my own category on the form I'm a 'typical whitey'. When I am not! I cry whenever there is anyone that gets singled out or discrimated against. It makes me so mad/sad that I cry! I'm besides myself anytime I hear of any discrimination type of situation. Why? Why is it except able? White, black, brown, green,purple? It's rediculous!

Just love!

That's all!

Just love!





adressstupidity 18 months ago

Definition of racism:

poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

the belief that some races of people are better than others

So yes other races have individuals in them that are racist. This is actually quite sickening. White police are not supposed to profile people based on their race, as this is wrong, yet white people are being held accountable for things that their ancestors may or may not have been involved in. and as for only blacks were slaves and only white people owned them. I think you need to check history books again, all nationalities have owned slaves, and have been slaves. All nationalities have been cruel or unkind to another group of people. but only select groups seem to believe that they are owed something because of things that did not happen to them directly. Some people need to get of the victim mentality and proceed with their own lives on their own. I grew up dirt poor (single mother making minimum wage), am half American Indian (my father was full) he disappeared soon after I was conceived. I am female. I am still poor, but I know that it is my own fault. I take full responsibility for my failures and my successes Just because you are black/ Mexican/ Chinese/ Poor White/ whatever the choices you make decide where you are in life. Go ahead and hate people because of the color of their skin but at least be honest with yourselves. You are the only thing that is holding you back, You make choices every day that effect your future.

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