Open Letter to Trudeau


Good day Mr. Trudeau,
I would like you to read this email and take it to heart. As a Canadian, born and raised in this country and having served in the military I can say that I love Canada and am a patriot.

I have travelled all over this world of ours, both as a member of the military and as a civilian and I have seen much, good and bad. I also realized that Canadians were the most loved people in every country I visited and lived in. I
had people invite me into their homes and some who handed us bags of fresh fruit from their orchards. I can go on but that would take too much time.

The reason I am telling you this is this:Canada was once a great and powerful nation, our power did not come from military might, but instead out of our love and compassion for the citizens of the world. However, we have lost that. Now when I or family and friends travel to other countries we are not loved, we are not treated the way we used to be. This is not the fault of one political party or one specific Prime Minister.

We need to get back to the standards we held ourselves to, standards that eroded over time.
The reason we lost this is because we lost pride in ourselves. Part of it came from leaders not putting Canadians first. We must address the issues that we Canadians face first, before we can help others.

We have high unemployment, high rate of homeless and people suffering due to the inability to get doctors or the healthcare they need NOW. When Canadians suffer, they don't care about those outside our borders, thus they disrespect them and not want them here and they despise the politicians who look like they care more for others than Canadians.

You must put Canadians first. It is true that part of our legacy is helping others, but there is a proper way of doing this, Put us first, then when we are taken care of, then and only then can you help others. Otherwise our nation will suffer and Canadians will become even more angry.
Bringing in refugees is ok, if they are real refugees who have had proper and in-depth background check done and if we can afford having them. That is, if we have our own people looked after properly.

The other question Canadians have is this: Why do you not help Christians who are being tortured and murdered in Syria and Iraq? Why have you not brought any of them over, and why do you never speak of them?

The last thing I would like to mention are jobs and the rising cost of utilities. It is time for the government to help create jobs, real jobs. We must build factories and such Why do we not build our own military equipment such as ships, planes, armoured vehicles? We used to have the worlds best ship yards.

Canadians want to work. I know of people who tried to join the military but were turned down. that is a problem. We need a larger and stronger military.

Now for natural gas, fuel at the pumps and hydro rates. Canadians are suffering. I don't know if you know this, but many are forced to choose between food, rent and utilities. This is despicable for Canada. We have high amount of oil and gas, there is no way our fuel should be as expensive as it is. As for hydro, unbelievable the cost of that. It is all gouging...greed. And people are getting fed up. It is time for the government to end gouging. The government likes to have its nose in everyones business, so why not get involved in corporations that gouge--such as natural gas, oil, gasoline, hydro. People are starving and losing their homes because they can't afford them due to these issues.

When a political leader gives millions of dollars to foreign nations while his /her own citizens are suffering, that is a serious issue.

Please read this, and take it seriously. We need help.


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thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 2 months ago from Canada Author

I am a conservative. I despise what our country has become. I wrote the PM as best I can without getting angry or writing something that will make him disregard my letter.

I told some people that if Donald Trump wins, I will seriously consider moving to the US . However, I have a feeling that he will get the majority of votes, but that the puppet masters will give the win to Killary.

Both our political systems (Canada and US) are in very sad states.

Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

Dont Taze Me Bro 2 months ago from Tazeland Islands

Fret not thomasczech, when Hillary Clinton loses the election these liberals (and others) promise to defect to Canada


If true after the election Canada will get a real taste of what looney left means and go conservative, eventually, although we’ve heard this “dog and pony” show before, in fact that’s what progressives do…”make promises they know they aren’t going to keep.”

It is disheartening to you I'm sure, that Canada is the first place unpatriotic Americans would choose to flee to but remember Romans 8:28 in times like these.

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