Open Letter to Rino Republicans

Save your postage free envelopes in the future by removing me from your donor list; I'm sick to death of our guys; Beohner and McConnell turning and running at every encounter with His Majesty Barrack Hussein Obama! You should rename the Republican National Committee the French Republican National Committee for only the French have a better record of surrender than you.

Now it seems the inside guys led by Karl Rove are forming a Super Pac to openly challenge Tea Party Candidates; have you forgotten the 2010 landslide led by the Tea Party? It is the only bright spot since the 2006 elections and now you want to go to war with yourselves. It is true what they say; the CommiCRATS circle the wagons in order to protect their vermin and we continually circle the firing squad. Well I'm through firing at myself and damned tired of retreating!

Not since the days of Lee Atwater have we known how to fight; the Willie Horton ads along with the Beetle Bailey (Michael Dukakis) in the tank ads were brilliant and I might add terribly effective. Yeah we actually won and oh my God, didn't piss off those wonderful independents that you guys are always screaming we'll loose if we go negative. Well then explain one thing to me, CommiCRATS can slander, lie and demagogue all they like but if we as much as mention the leader of this Regime's middle name we are in danger of sending them running and screaming into the CommiCRAT camp. Well Romney won the independents and we lost because 6 or 7 million of our faithful failed to turn out and vote. You do not solidify your base by alienating its' heart and soul; the TEA PARTY!

Well my friends, if you want me and hundreds of thousands of others back in the fold I suggest you rethink your strategy, quit fighting among yourselves and actually stand up to the Un-Holy Trinity; Obama, Reid and Pelosi!

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The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX

I got a call from the RNC the other day and was rather blunt with the woman. She wanted me to contribute to their cause. So off I went with the woman explaining to her that I was neither a Dem or a Repub but an Independent Tea Party man who was tired of watching the RINOs ruin the party by nominating one non-winner after another based upon their loyalty to the establishment sect of the party.

I know she wasn't too happy with everything I told her but I explained that I wasn't going to support any party full of bed wetters at the top.

The Frog

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Brenda Durham 4 years ago

I agree that catering to RINOs makes the GOP appear weak and divided. But no more so than the Democrat Party. Matter of fact, the "Democrat" Party isn't even recognizeable with Obama and Pelosi etc. heading it. It's something else entirely; something audacious and wicked.

However, I don't really get why the Republicans and the Tea Party are divided. .....Unless it's because the "Tea Party" wasn't ever supposed to be an individual political Party....? I thought the "Tea Party" was simply a group of citizens who wanted to fight against Obama's brazen tyranny, not meant to become a specific Party that now has its own Caucus and all. They do, don' t they?

Personally, I agree with the views that I've heard the Tea Party stand up for! I considered myself a "Tea Partier", just not a member of any specific political Party except the GOP, until I saw them choose specific leaders and organize into what looks like a separate Party.... I'm thinking that the Tea Party has become kinda like the Libertarian Party.......claiming GOP status while deliberately separating itself from the GOP when it so chooses. Makes it kinda RINOish..............?

I'm asking as well as telling what I"ve observed.

What is the Tea Party's goal?

Yes, they helped elect some good candidates last time. But are they in effect Republican or are they something different?

Angela Blair profile image

Angela Blair 4 years ago from Central Texas

A great and on-target Hub. I consider myself an Independent probably learning more toward the Tea Party than any other group and I, too, am beginning to question not only their status but their intent. I'm about to the place I'd like to see "A Good 'Ol Boys" party with some common sense, morals and ingenuity -- this 'Ol Girl would sure sign up! Best/Sis

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX

Brenda - Tea Party members come from a variety of backgrounds but we have one thing in common in most cases. We are conservatives. What this Hub is aimed at, at least the way I read it, is that the Republican Party leadership has strayed away from the principles of conservatism and wants to be the vanilla ice cream party in this nation. These same people have helped create the fiscal mess this nation is in.

Between the Democrats and the Republicans they just take turns at continuing the same bad policies, over spending our money and fattening their purses at the working people's expense. I've been a Tea Party member since it started. It isn't a political party but it represents the conservatives in this nation at the present time. The RINOs sure don't.

The Frog

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 3 years ago

This needed to be said. I am without a representation at this point and that stinks. Up and awesome...

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Partisan Patriot 3 years ago Author


Unlike you, I do still consider myself a Republican but like you have had it with their solicitations expecting me to continue supporting a party that is drifting further and further away from me. I have already printed out and returned this letter 3 times in 3 separate self addressed stamped envelopes.

As for the bed wetters at the top, I couldn't agree more. Just this morning I read where two of the chief Rhino/bed wetters McCain and Grahm after meeting with His Majesty caved on their votes against Hagel. That's why I am a PROUD TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN!

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Partisan Patriot 3 years ago Author

Wow Brenda thanks for the thoughtful analysis; I'll address it point by point. I disagree in your assessment that the Democrats appear as divided and weak as the Republicans. There isn't any argument as to who is the leader of that party; Barrack Hussein Obama, and he has them marching in lock step or perhaps I should say Goose Step with him as he leads them in their war against the Republican Party. I firmly believe his objective is the annihilation of the Republican Party. I do agree that party has morphed into something that is audacious and wicked!

As for your next point the Republican Party and the Tea Party seem divided because they are. The quote Republican Party is represented by the likes of Karl Rove, John McCain, Chuck Hagel and Lindsey Grahm; they never met a compromise they didn't like. The problem with so called compromise with the Democrats is that it means you give in while we spin our position to make it look like we are giving up something. For instance the latest battle with His Majesty on the Sequester, he got his tax increast back before the election when Boehner and the gang caved during the Fiscal Cliff negotations; now he's back deamonizing the so called rich asking for more taxes. We fought a war back in 1776 because another King kept insisting on more taxes! But yes, the Tea Party isn't an individual party but a branch of the Republican Party; a branch that insists they do the right thing and stick to their pre election pledges! As for their own caucuses, I refer you to the Congressional Black Caucuss which is still very much a part of the Democratic Party!

What is the Tea Party's goal; to me it's forcing the Republicans to live up to their pre election pledges; quit acting like Democrats and above all, STAND UP TO THIS TYRANTICAL REGIME!

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Partisan Patriot 3 years ago Author


I leave you with this famous Reagan quote to answer your question; "what we need is not a new third party but a revitalized second party!" The Tea Party is the means through which we revaltilize the Republican Party!

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Partisan Patriot 3 years ago Author

Thanks old friend (Pop)

We do seem to be without representation; that's why I wrote this to return in their envelopes; posting it as a Hub was actually an after thought! We get the type of representation we demand; if the money starts to dry up they'll start listening.

I 've actually returned this 3 times already and expect to return it many many more. As of now I only contribute to Tea Party guys and gals!!!

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