Ordinary Citizens

     The National Archives released the personnel records of nearly 24,000 people at the Office of Strategic Services, the World War II–era spy shop that preceded the CIA. The spies included future celebrity chef Julia Child, future Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, a young Arthur Schlesinger, filmmaker John Ford, actor Sterling Hayden, Red Sox catcher Moe Berg, and the sons of Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt. (AP in the Washington Post)

     I read this headline when these records of the 24,000 people who served in the OSS during World War II. You do know that we will probably be seeing an epic movie based on the OSS and its operatives, and of course it might come from the Weinstein Production Company, since they are big enough to jump on this right away.

     I have a thought on those who are not big names, but just the average citizens who instead of being active in being a spy or a soldier decided to volunteer for another service. One example is my great-grandmother Christine Joanna Hartung who in May of 1946 asks her friends and neighbors to donate food, clothes, or blankets to the War Victims in the Netherlands.

   This unselfish act was awarded to my great-grandmother as a certificate signed by the Princess of The Netherlands Juliana Der Nederlanden, Secretary General Mr. M. Tjeenk Willink, Secetart L.C.A.M. Janssens, Director General H.P.J. Van Ketwich Verschuur, and Mr. J.C. Baron Baud. So as you see even the every day citizens did their duty not only for the USA, but other nations in need as well.


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