Our Obsession With Perfection!

I have always been an observer. Ever since I can remember, even as a young child, I was hopelessly fascinated by people, their behaviour, and the facade! A favorite pastime was sitting in the mall and watching people walk by, wondering what they were hiding behind their smiling faces. I would stroll along streets to admire a beautiful home, or to scrutinize a dilapidated bungalow, always questioning the activity behind each door.

Its not that I`m weird, I think I just always knew that things are not always what they seem. Seeing beyond the facade was easy for me, and rather than being discouraged when faced with deception, I was heartened by the humanity of it all.

After all, we are all just humans, aren't we?

And so when I started following politics, I was incredulous at the enormous pressure put on a politician's life by the media and the almost impossible expectations he or she were expected to live up to.  It was almost as if having any kind of history at all was looked upon as a possible career killer instead of seeing it as the life lessons they were and that most likely got that person to where he or she was at that moment.

Now I don't condone fraud, but who hasn't bounced a cheque in their lives?  or defaulted on a student loan once or twice?  or found themselves in an unexpected crisis that they hadn't planned on in the budget?  Tell me who hasn't?  This is a part of living and life and everyone at one time or another will go through these things. 

What are we asking for when we publicly demand that the men and women who want to run our country must be perfect?  We are not going to get genuine people who have genuine life experiences to fill those positions.  Those people will deny themselves, and us, the chance of getting a great leader because they will be too scared to have their names dragged through the mud if they have to hide the fact that they once took part in a rally, or possibly missed a mortgage payment or couldn't cover the cost of medication after their child fell ill and had to declare bankruptcy.  

Certainly I am not saying that the reasons are always honourable and they can often be questionable, but why isn't it made clear instead of attaching the word 'fraud' and 'offence' to every single situation?

The media has taken us over and we are only seeing the facade.  We are judging harshly and swiftly and ultimately sabotaging the possible candidacy of a future great leader.  If we continue to let the media sway our opinions so easily, we are going to be in trouble.

 Remember your humanity and that the leader you will elect is also a human, with human problems.  He or she will make human errors and we cannot expect perfection.  Our obsession with perfection is effectively blinding us to reality.  No matter how high up in the government, we can't forget that that man or woman was once a child with parents just like us.  It's time for us to get real.  Just because someone has a beautiful house does not mean his problems are any less.  The same goes for our politicians.  Their lives have probably been plagued by much the same problems as ours, so let them be human and instead of focusing on gaffes, lets get to the good stuff.  The real stuff!

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mom 5 years ago

well spoken Megan and very true - even for those men and women who have something shameful that they've done in the past but for which they have fully repented and tried to right and have learned from - one thing future leaders need to do is to tell on themselves so no-one has to dig up the dirt. You've been elected in spite of the mess you made in the past. That's the perfect situation.

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