Our Platform 2 Developing Poetry

Take 10 minutes

 This video lasts 10 minutes, nothing more. Please take 10 minutes just to listen to our words that are filled with passion and genuine care.

Some my experiences...

 Tabib - A man in his last forties possibily... he doesn't actually know what age he is for sure. He works about 18 hours a day and get paid less than £5 a month. He never complains, he always does his job above and beyond the necessary, he sleeps behind the cold front door on a wooden folding bed. He is of a lower caste and so feel it is his duty to be there.


Shop owner - He was sent away from home to start working when he was 10 years old. He slaved in child labouring factories for years and missed out on his education completely. He eventually got into selling to tourists on the street and became fluent in many languages including English. He built himself up to have an empire. He now owns several buisnesses, factories and guest houses and yet, he is still completely iliterate. He taught me that no matter where you came from or how you got there, you can make a future for yourself. It won't be easy but it is possible.


Baal Ram - A kitchen boy that works over 12 hours a day. His bed is the floor of the kitchen. His father is sick and so he cannot work and Baal Ram was taken out of school at class 8 (around 12) and sent off to work for his family's income. He earns less than £4 a month and doesn't see a penny of it. He has no other job prosects and he cannot give up the one thing providing food for his family.


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