Our Voting Decisions in 2016

Our voting decisions this election year for some individuals is a matter of listening to your conscience as to what is right for the country. It should not be about what the media projects in reference to their coverage or lack of it in some cases. It is or should be about the message being sent by the candidates for President and others for each political office. It should be about listening to what the candidates’ platform contains and whether it is right for America.

The world as we know it in our hearts is in turmoil and though it may be difficult to take the action necessary to resolve the issues tough decisions need to be made. We as individuals have issues that are important to us and want politicians to listen. Many of our issues we face are the same issues facing our country. Tough decisions will need to be made by those we elect not only for the Presidency but for other offices such as Representatives and Senators. This applies not only to Congress but to our applicable state government. We must be informed voters if we are to make the right decisions regarding the future of our country for if we do not we will be in worse shape than we are at this point in time. .

I am not a fan of political polls as the content and results can be manipulated by organizations which conduct them. The questions in the polls and the results which have been reported are affected by not only the way it is worded it is a matter of who is being asked. I feel in many cases individuals responding to this activity may not always be honest in their response and even if they are it is uncertain whether the results are actually reported. This is not an attack on what is being reported but a perception of the political agenda some of the media projects in their news coverage.

This is definitely the year of the outsider and many of the establishment politicians do not grasp the anger of the voters regarding our present situation as a country. In the past goals have been established by our Presidents such as landing a man on the moon in ten years or less. This goal required a team of individuals and organizations to make this goal a reality. I understand there are individuals who have their own objectives when supporting any political candidate and this is their right under the Constitution. Individuals and sometimes organizations need to look at the facts regarding our present safety as a country along with our present economic situation and take a hard look at what they are doing this election year.

Voters have sent a strong message that the status quo is no longer acceptable as evidenced by the number of individuals who participated in the primaries and caucuses across this country. We have real problems which need to be resolved. We can debate which problems need attention but the primary ones should be our national security economy and our national debt. In addition the overreach of government in some cases our rights under the Constitution are being ignored. The problems we face as a country as projected by the media in some cases do not reflect the problems voters feel should be discussed during this election cycle.

Candidates being considered as outsiders and they support by the voters is sending a message not only to our politicians but also some media sources the present culture in Congress is about to change. Politicians need to get on the bandwagon and listen to the voters but in some cases it may be too late based on the decisions they have made regarding support for their political party affiliation rather than serving their constituents. I have mentioned a few problems which should take priority but there are others which deserve attention. Others include the present welfare system, unemployment, regulations which stifle economic growth and our complex tax system.

We as voters must be informed to make intelligent decisions when making our voting decisions. I agree there are individuals in both political parties who have not served their constituents like they should but this culture needs to change. The current path on which our country is headed needs to be changed if we are to have a vibrant economy with increased economic growth. The federal government should be a support function for the states as it was intended when the Constitution was first written. It is up to us the voters to reinstate this concept of a central government. Granted there are some areas which are vague to say the least which the federal government is the appropriate entity to manage. Government in many cases has overstepped their authority and has taken control of issues which are state responsibilities not the federal government as defined in the Constitution. It is hoped that we as voters will make the right decisions to create a constitutional government once again.

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junko profile image

junko 6 months ago

A well written and factual observation of the Governmentlessness and unconstitutional precedents set on both sides of the aisle during The Obama Presidency. I think the voters have been awakened and made aware by Donald and Bernie and will be more informed this time about the difference between the parties. That is one good thing about the 2016 race to the White House.

Dennis AuBuchon profile image

Dennis AuBuchon 6 months ago Author


Thanks for stopping by and providing your input and observation about this hub. It is greatly appreciated.

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