Health Insurance After 22

It is time to stop messing around with this issue.  When President Obama was elected he wanted to do what was right for the American people.  I still think he does.  He just ran up against the same old politics.  I just do not understand how most people in America realize that our health insurance system is in trouble and still say that we should not pass the health insurance health care reform bill.  This has gone on long enough for my child to come off my insurance benefits.  When we started talking about health care she could still be on my policy.  She has now turned 22 and has no health insurance.  She has had asthma all her life and now it will be difficult to get her own health insurance even if she can afford it which she cannot.  The health care reform should have been passed a long time ago and certainly in time for her to remain on my insurance as a college student.  The fact that students can stay on their parents insurance should have been enough to pass this new bill. 

This provision alone is enough to help families out immediately.  I just do not understand why we have not completed the health insurance reforms.

Health Insurance Reforms for Middle Class

The President is right when he says that the wealthiest can afford what ever health insurance or health care they want.  The poorest can get healthcare through medicaid.  The middle class such as myself really needs health care reform now.  More and more of the middle class are losing their jobs in this economy.  The health care reform needs to pass so that these individuals can at least get their health insurance even if they lose their jobs.  If something is not done then we will have even more people on the medicaid roles.  Some in Congress always talk about cost of this bill, what about the cost if the bill does not pass.  I don't know about you but I don't think we need more people who cannot afford health insurance to end up on the roles of medicaid.

The provisions which allow small businesses and self employed to purchase their health insurance as a group seems to be an excellent idea to help the middle class.


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