Judge Gets Paid to Incarcerate Juveniles

Ronald Reagan is well known for his statement: “Government is not the solution to the problem, Government is the problem”. And so began decades GOP obsession with privatization of what once were exclusively government responsibilities. The idea that the “FOR PROFIT” sector of the economy always does thing better is just plain wrong and even dangerous.

Federal prosecutors convicted Mark Ciavarella, a former juvenile court judge, on $1 million in bribes from the builder of the PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care detention centers and extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the facilities' co-owner.

Pennsylvania had to expunge the records of over 6000 juveniles as these judges wrongly convicted juveniles in this “kids for cash” program! First time offenders of relatively small offenses were whisked off to detention centers to line the pockets of these judges. So when detention centers make enough profit so that judges can be paid to supply kids it gets so ugly.

Ask Sandy Fonzo. Her son’s spirit was so broken by the sentence handed down by Ciavarella that her son ended up committing suicide. Sandy’s life was forever changed and now the judge is looking to get the minimum sentence.

You can help Sandy. write to the Honorable Edwin Kozik PO Box 856 Scranton, Pa 18501 tell him we demand the MAX sentence for judge Ciavarella.

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Fay Paxton 5 years ago

This is the most awful story I've heard in a long time. The justice system has always been a problem for me.

Thanks for this information, Terry.

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HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

Great points Terry. Privitazization has its place but there is no way we should rely on them to run such critical functions as child detention centers. There is simply too much incentive for mischief. Private companies are there to make profits and they will usually sacrifice good care and integrity to make that profit.

Terry.Hirneisen profile image

Terry.Hirneisen 5 years ago from Shenandoah Valley Author

The other thing that I believe is important is some projects are just to big to expect the private sector to take them on. We did not get to the moon because of an alliance of corporations.

Thank you for your comment

Kathy 5 years ago

Absolutely appalled! He should get the maximum and them times that by each and every person he profited on! When you are suppose to live a higher standard and you abuse that then the punishment should be extreme!!

Terry.Hirneisen profile image

Terry.Hirneisen 5 years ago from Shenandoah Valley Author


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