Pakistan and India are Culturally United

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Permit Pakistan players to play in IPL

Can India and Pakistan ever be friends? Will the grant of MFN by Pakistan help?
Can India and Pakistan ever be friends? Will the grant of MFN by Pakistan help? | Source

Permit Pakistani players to play in IPL

Pakistan decides to sanction MFN status to India

There is a talk of Pakistan granting the most favoured status to India for the purpose of commerce and trade. There is a tremendous popularity for many Indian goods in Pakistan. The most favoured goods are Karnatic music cassettes, green and red cut glass bangles, Ayurvedic hair oils, homeopathic medicine and even Shiv and Ganesha idols. The list also includes sarees, churidars, pyjamas, Feni, Goan cashews etc. A black market exists for Indian goods in Pakistani cities. Border trade across the western borders in Rajasthan is worth thousands of crores. In fact, the parallel economy may even be bigger than the official trade between the two countries. In Pakistan, if one wants to officially buy Indian goods, it can be sourced from Singapore or Dubai at higher prices. Therefore illegal trading across the border is encouraged and Pakistani officials and border security cops turn a blind eye to the goings on. Of course their palms are also greased sufficiently.

Pakistani shoes are of high quality

Pakistani goods are not as popular in India as Indian goods in Pakistan. Still, there are exceptions. Embroidered suits, Bareeze brand of suits, embroidered Lahore chappals and shalwar kameez are some of the Pakistani items that attract Indians. One surprise omission from this list is the Pakistani shoes. Visit any shoe shop in Karachi and buy a pair of shoes. It will last much longer than any Indian made shoe and will comfortably fit in your legs. Inspite of this, there is no preference for Pakistani shoes in India, maybe due to lack of awareness. Karachi sweets are as famous as Kolkata rasagullas.

Friendship between India and Pakistan will be strengthened

In 1986, Pakistan had 42 items on its positive trading list with India. Today, the number has multiplied to 1940. After the grant of the most favoured nation status, the list will increase vastly. Official trade between India and Pakistan is at $3 billion. India wants to double this to $6 billion in another three years’ time. Trade, coupled with sharing of resources through culture and tourism could make a powerful impact and create a social, economic and cultural fabric that will intertwine the two nations into friendship.

Tea exports touch all time high

India’s tea exports to Afghanistan and Pakistan took an all time high in 2011. Producer exporters are frequently looking to utilizing third country platforms to cement this relationship. In the January-May 2010 period, tea exports to Afghanistan and Pakistan touched 12.2 million kg as against 7.4 million kg in the corresponding period of the previous year. It touched 20 million kg by December. There are many things that the Pakistanis like about India. Hindi songs, Bollywood films, Indian TV serials and soap operas, Indian dance, Indian cricket and many other things.

Allow Pakistani cricketers to play in IPL

Pakistan was a part of India till sixty four years back. In the undivided India, Pakistanis moved around freely and mingled with their Hindustani counterparts. Urdu was the lingua franca of the people of India in the northern region. Hindus and Muslims exchanged pleasantries and took part in their festivals with joy. All these things were broken abruptly by the partition that was forced on the two nations by the divide and rule policies of the British. India and Pakistan may not unite in the immediate future. Politics in both the countries will not permit it. But there can be at least a trade, cultural and sports exchange. Permitting Pakistani cricketers to play in the Indian Premier League will go a long way in establishing brotherhood between the two people.

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Can India and Pakistan be friends?

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