Palestine – India Should Not Offer Unqualified Support

Will Palestine Support India In Return?

Will Palestine Support India In Return?
Will Palestine Support India In Return? | Source

Israel Is India’s True Friend

Mohammad Abbas Visits New Delhi

Palestine leader Mohammad Abbas visited New Delhi yesterday and met the Indian leaders including the Indian President Pranab Mukharjee and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He also met some other leaders. India reiterated its support to Palestine. India called for inclusion of Palestine in United Nations Organization (UNO). India also extended a financial aid amounting to $10 million to Palestine. Abbas left New Delhi with satisfaction.

Indian People Think Differently

Even though the Indian government and the Indian leaders have been extending support to the cause of Palestine right from the forties till date, the Indian people have different views in this matter. Why should India offer unqualified support to Palestine and its people? In return what the Palestine leaders have done in favour of India? In every meeting conducted by OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries), none of the Muslim countries have been supporting India. Take for example the Kashmir issue.

Muslim Countries Supported Pakistan

Pakistan has been clamouring in all these OIC meetings that the entire Kashmir belongs to it and it is a disputed territory. All the Muslim countries without exception have been supporting the Pakistan view point even though more Muslims live in India than in Pakistan. These Muslim countries could have supported India’s cause and stated their support in unequivocal terms during these meetings. They could have clearly said that Kashmir belonged to India and not to Pakistan.

Muslim Countries Could Have Been Neutral in the Dispute

Or at least these Muslim countries could have maintained their neutrality. They could have said that both Pakistan and India should resolve this tricky matter through bilateral negotiations and involvement of a third party was not warranted in this issue. These countries could have stated that raising the Kashmir dispute in the forum of OIC was not warranted. But none of the Muslim countries said this. They solidly backed the Pakistan claim to Kashmir. All the Muslim countries supported Pakistan in its wars with India starting from 1948 and ending with 1971.

India Needs Cordial Relations with Arab Nations for Oil

It is understandable that India cannot protest against many of these Muslim countries for their stand in the OIC meetings as India badly depends on the Muslim countries for its oil requirements. India imports crude oil from the Muslim countries as it does not have a self sufficiency in oil. Therefore maintaining cordial relations with the Arab nations is imperative for procuring India’s crude oil.

Why Should India Support Palestine?

But Palestine is not even a country yet. Israel is occupying Palestine for more than seventy years and refusing to yield even an inch. Palestinians are fighting a losing battle with Israeli troops with no hope of regaining their land. None of the Arab countries is able to tame Israel because Israel enjoys the support of USA and Western countries. It is armed to the teeth by most modern military weapons supplied by USA and Western powers. When such is the case, why should India go out of the way to offer financial aid to Palestine which is not a country yet on the world map? Why should India tamely offer its unqualified support to the cause of Palestine?

Will Palestine Support India In Return?

Even if we assume that Palestine is created one day, it will definitely be supporting Pakistan and taking the view that Pakistan owns Kashmir. India should offer its support to those countries which are friendly to India and its cause. India should not offer unqualified support to any country which is hostile to it and is a friend to Pakistan. India’s credibility will be eroded if it offers support to even those nations that are critical of India’s stand. The whole world will laugh at India and say that India is a spineless nation bending its knees before even its enemies. India should understand that Palestine is not India’s friend but an enemy.

Israel Is India’s True Friend

Israel is India’s true friend. Israel has been supporting India’s case including in the case of Kashmir issue in world bodies like UNO. India should be friendlier towards Israel and keep the Muslim countries at a distance. Except for getting crude oil, India has nothing to gain by befriending Muslim countries. The $10 million financial aid extended by India to Palestine has gone down the drain. It could have been better used for helping poor people languishing in India

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Writer Fox profile image

Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

The government of India is afraid of terrorists. It is paying money to placate the bullies. Israelis, on the other hand, love India and thousands visit India every year. Indian products, especially clothing, are imported into Israel and Israelis love them. Israel would never do anything to harm India or its people. Palestinians, heavily connected to Iran and to Islamic terrorists, have to be bribed.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear Writer Fox,

Thank you for your comments. I agree with your views.

Best wishes to you

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