Paying for Popularity! Not Just For The Rich Anymore


In this day and age of Online  Social Networks,  Chat Rooms, Forums and Message boards just about everyone can find a fit a place to be so to say.  Most of us are familiar with such sites as Myspace and Facebook but not everyone is familiar with a site that a friend sent me a link to one day. 

It’s really fun she says more like a Myspace for adults and is is completely FREE.  So I think what the heck I will give it a whirl.  I follow the link she has given me. Now mind you she gets credit for the referral just one of the many ways you can gain popularity but will get to that in a second. 

I fill out the simple sign up process and within a few minutes I am sitting back looking at my screen which is now filled with pictures scrolling across the top.  Pictures of men and women of every shape and size age.  I go about familiarizing myself with this almost overwhelming site.  I post a few pictures of my own.  Within a few seconds I am bombarded with men and women welcoming me and asking me to be their friend and to please check out their pictures and profile and would I please rate them.

Rate them I think?  Hmmmm okay I am then faced with a rating scale of 1-11 but the catch is you can only rate 1-10 without paying for a monthly membership.  The VIP they call it.  Well okay I’m new here so I go about looking at the pictures rating them.   With a little sign up at the top telling me over and over again Unlock privileges become a VIP today.   Ignoring the flashing sign I continue rating pictures and profiles.  With each one I get another member checking out my profile rating my pictures fastly increasing my friends list. 

Sounds good right?  Well here is the catch.  This site is unlike anything I have ever seen a privilege that was once for the Rich and the Powerful is now available to the common man.  Paying for popularity. 

Here is how this works without a VIP you are limited on the amount of pictures you can have, the amount of times you are able to rate in a day and you are only allowed to send members a certain type of E-gift.  If you want more you have to pay.  Now not only is there a monthly membership fee of which everyone tries to con someone else into paying for them via promises of nude photographs and such but in order to gain points you have to get people to rate you and you must rate thousands of them.  With each rate you are given a certain amount of points based on the ranking.  It’s a typical scale with 1 being the worst and 10 or 11 ultimately being the best.  Gaining points is the whole purpose of this whole thing. 

This is where it gets tricky.  Now say you look at picture and you think that looks like an 8 or  9 to me so that is exactly what you rate it as.. With in seconds almost quicker than you were approached when you first signed up you have either the person you just rated shouting at you how dare you rate me less than a 10 or a number of their followers will do the same.  They then proceed to rate all your pictures a 1 solely based on the fact that they are indigent at the fact that you have the audacity to rate them anything less than perfect.   Soon after that depending on their rank and amount of legions they have you will have more of these indigent members coming down on your page like a vulture on a carcass. 

What it boils down to is this.  Everyone on Fubar yes that is the name Fubar. is Miss America  everyone is Mr. G Q.  No matter how the person looks, no matter how old, no matter how offensive or inappropriate the picture is You must absolutely must rate everyone a 10 or 11 and if you don’t you will in essence be black balled.  

This site was a work of genius actually.  A nerdy guy from Southern California who my guess was picked on in high school never got a date etc  found a way to prey on the insecure.  The ones lacking confidence and make them feel special in their own minds simply by making up this rating scale that only exists really in theory.    Add in all kinds of extras that you must buy to increase your rank such as Auto 11’s, Happy Hours and Bling and you have the common man spending hundreds of dollars each month to become Prom King or Queen of all of Fubarland.  

So step up to the bar, have a drink and buy your way into social acceptance….

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Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

jeeps, some friend.

Mizsnow profile image

Mizsnow 6 years ago Author

Yeah she is no longer a friend.

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