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What’s the latest with the PAF today? The Philippine Air Force, a.k.a. Hukbong Himpapawid ng Pilipinas used to be the greatest air power in Asia especially during the Marcos years. As time flew to years, the used to be strong air force was left behind by the other neighbor countries. Anyway, let’s soar about the Philippine Air Force history, news, planes, ranks, modernization and further…

Philippine Air Force
Philippine Air Force

Brief history: Looking back at PAF, the Philippine Army Air Corps (PAAC) pioneered the birth of the Philippine Air Force as a separate military service and unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. PAF came into its own under the great leadership and motivation of Maj. Pelagio Cruz and it was two months ahead of the birth of the US Air Force. It was officially became independent under the Executive Order No. 94 on July 1, 1947 under the presidency of Manuel Roxas. The first commanding general of the PAF was Lt. Gen. Pelagio Cruz. From past to present, the air force had thirty commanding chiefs excluding the current general. At present, the 31st commanding general of the Philippine Air Force is Lieutenant General Oscar H. Rabena who was chosen under Arroyo’s regime. The current president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino has stated the current air force chief to stay under his governance. All in all, the air force of the country had a major influence from the United States Air Force and army.

Motto: “The First Force” The PAF motto is short but meaningful. Wonder why it’s “First Force?”

The Philippine Air Force Bases: PAF has currently the following air bases in the country. If you wanna know any PAF base, they are:

  • Clark Air Base - Air Logistics Command, 710th Special Operations Wing (located at DMIA complex, at Clark Zone Angeles, Pampanga)
  • Basa Air Base - Air Defense Wing (located at Floridablanca, Pampanga)
  • Villamor Air Base - Main Headquarters, 250th Presidential Airlift Wing (located at Pasay City)
  • Danilo Atienza Air Base - 15th Strike Wing (at Cavite City)
  • Basilio Fernando Air Base - Air Force Research and Development Center (Lipa City, Batangas)
  • Antonio Bautista Air Base - 570th Compostie Tactical Wing (at Palawan)
  • Benito Ebuen Air Base - 220th Airlift Wing (at Cebu City)
  • Edwin Andrews Air Base - 530th Composite Tactical Wing (at Zamboanga City)
  • Rajah Buayan Air Base – located at Gen. Santos City, Cotabato
  • Lumbia Airport – located at Cagayan de Oro City
  • Wallace Air Station – 580th Control and Warning Wing

Philippine Air Force Modernization

The Philippine Air Force modernization has been set up for quite some time now and it seems it is still in a float in the air. It has been rushed and after a change of commands and government, seems it remains overdue and unaccomplished. The plans are still in study and they are stunning plans though. Before acquiring anything, it requires a huge budget. And it's gonna be in millions or billions of pesos perhaps? The present modernization plans and proposals can’t be made possible without the support and approval of the commander in chief of our dear country. I wonder what President Noynoy would do with this…and I also have that what if question…and thought about what would Gibo Teodoro would do with this. Because he could fly a plane and was a secretary of the national defense. Air Force is really in his line. *Now this reminds me of Air Force One the movie* The Philippine air force modernization I hope though must show positive results this year. So the air force could strengthen their wings and boost the country’s air power and territorial defense. It’s 2011 for helicopter’s sake. Let’s not wait another year.

Philippine Air Force Planes

The Philippine air force really needs new and modern aircraft and planes. Obviously, acquiring new aircraft is a major part of the air force modernization plans. If you wanna know the air force’s planes, you can view them in the video I’ve uploaded in this hub. I hope they could acquire more new fighter jets and amazing modern aircraft. More PAF planes please.

Philippine Air Force Ranks

I’ve included the complete list of PAF ranks in this special hub for those who like to know the ranks from the highest to lowest. You’ll love this if you’re dreaming to join the air force or simply just curious.

The Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

The Philippine air force museum is has been relocated and is now known as PAF Aerospace Museum. It’s located at Villamor Air Base near the NAIA airport terminal 3. It’s cool to visit because the facility looks new and fresh. I’ve been here last month and it was an amazing tour.

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dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

Interesting. I never really thought about there being a Philipean air force.

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

Make sure to tell President Noynoy to get bids from Europe and the U.S...get them to compete for the best deal.;)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Thanks Dahoglund! Were you in the air force?

Hi Prof. A! I've never heard a thing about Noynoy except about his so-called-lovelife LOL

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Sounds like being in the Airforce is a nice career, Fehl. Have you ever thought of joining? You sound like you really know a lot about it. This is great information. Oh what about Noynoy? Anything juicy in the lovelife there, Cassy is asking. LOL. Okay onto the next hub. :D

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

Actually I was in the U.S. Naval Air reserves.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

@Cathy - yeah sounds nice. Nope, never thought of joining. Just wrote these hubs coz they're 'hot' here. lol Noynoy had celebrated his 51st birthday I heard. Never heard any political feedback from him. Every time I hear bout him, either it's bout his love life or his life style LOL His new car, his new dates..Hello to Miss Curly! How is she? More interested bout her book than Noynoy LMAO Tell Cassy I said hi and I miss her comments in moi hubs :) Cheers! XO

@dahoglund - wow, sounds an awesome career :) Another interesting topic. You should write bout it :)

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

Please don't make too much of my reserve duty. In our day the United states had a policy known as Universal Military service which meant that all males had an obligation to serve in the military unless classified as unable to serve.This could be served by joining any baranch of the service or reserves or wait to be drafted. I chose to to join the reserves and had no obligation to active duty unless activated.It depended on the contract requirements at the time of enlistment.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Times ago it's like that here too. :)

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

I am becoming more of a fan of the Philippine airforce by the minute! Heh! This is great! You must have had a great time writing this, Great read, Fehl! Aw, you missed moi comments? Miss Curly is back! Noynoy sounds like he has been quite the ladies man! My book is slowly getting there, Fehl. Take a lot of my time. Have a great day! Have a Halo halo on me! :D XO

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Holly triple forces! Yeah? I'm glad you became a fan after reading moi air force hubs :) Yes, Miss Curly is always wanted in my hubs coz my fans are waiting for whatever she has to say LOL Please I can't wait to flip the pages. Cheers! XO

jan 5 years ago

buy new aircraft all wheather like phamtom 2 f-4 e

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

lol and don't forget to give me a ride ;)

kismet 5 years ago

The Philippine Air Force, a.k.a. Hukbong Himpapawid ng Pilipinas used to be the greatest air power in Asia especially during the Marcos years. As time flew to years, the used to be strong air force was left behind by the other neighbor countries. Anyway, let’s soar about the Philippine Air Force history, news, planes, ranks, modernization and further…

how will they rate the PAF after Marcos??

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hmm out of 10? I'd rate is as 5. We need more modern and brand new aircraft but then I know they're frickin expensive. What do you think?

Archean Satina 5 years ago

sana makabili ang pilipinas ng modernong eroplanong pandigma para sa seguridad ng ating bansa,at para hindi rin tayo apihin ng ibang bansa tulad sa nangyari sa ispratlys na inagaw sa atin.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Agree! Thanks Archea :)

EJT 5 years ago

sayang, gusto ko pana man sanang maging airforce pagdating ng araw,. :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

why, what's stopping you? Go for it! Become part of the airforce :)

AstEroid 5 years ago

vEry interesting.. i have thoughts of joining even before i graduated in college but haven't got the chance now im stucked in this damned office with no thrill and choice at all.. and years had passed now im 26 years i still have the chance? :))

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

You wont know until you joined the PAF. :) Dont just sit there. Soar high and fly in the air force. :)

airdreaming 5 years ago

its like a flying coffin....

Glomer 5 years ago

Pag katapos ko mag aral papasok ako ng PAF nag babasa basa nako tungkol sa kanila kya ako napadpad dito napaka gandang forum nyo ^_^

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

good luck on your airforce career :)

KAFlores 5 years ago

I suggest that the PAF should purchase F-22s or F-16s before the end of January 2012. War is on our borders and our first line of defense should be improved as much as possible.

hearthrob33 5 years ago

hi everyone... to those interested in joining the PAF here is a list of date and venues of the testing center for PAFROPP(Philippine Air Force Regular Officer Procurement Program):



580TH ACWG, LA UNION 4-Dec-11











TOG 6, ILO-ILO 8-Dec-11






hearthrob33 5 years ago

and before i forget.. here are the requirement for who are interested:


-4yr course graduate board passer or not

-5'0" height for female sa males d ko pa sure kung pinatupad na rin ung 5'0" but originally 5'4" ang required


-transcript of records (TOR)

- NSO copy of birth Certificate

un lng po....

other requirements such as clearances will be after passing the preliminary exams...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

thank you so much for the useful information. This will help a lot of interested people who want to join the Philippines air force :) Bless ya!

John 5 years ago

thank you so much for the information...

jay-r 5 years ago

puwede po bang mag PAF kahit 72units lang ang natapos?

Fidel M. Moreno 5 years ago

gaano po ba katagal ang training po???

to hearthrob33 5 years ago

so confused....inconsistent ang ibang mga posts regarding the height requirement for male...

fhariz 5 years ago

Tapos na po kame nag Exam last Dec 8-9 2011 sa EAAB airbase..kelan po ba ang RESULT MAKITA?.. at sa mga hindi naka pasa po pwede rin po ba makita ang RESULT????

Please reply !tnx

Lesly 5 years ago

kuya hearthrob33 ..may reviewer po ba about sa EXAM ng PGC at AFPTAB sa Air FOrce??.. ! pwde po ba penge number mo?


evy 5 years ago

@heartrob33 kelan po ba next exam?

CARL 5 years ago

KAILANGAN BA 4yr course graduate PAG MAG PAF


CARDING profile image

CARDING 5 years ago

kailangan ba 4yr course graduate pag mag PAF?

CARDING profile image

CARDING 5 years ago

hindi kc ako graduate ng college,, pero gusto ko mag PAF

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I think it is required and you must pass their exam

CARDING profile image

CARDING 5 years ago

yes :)) ..salamat sir ..san po ba pwd mag exam malapit lng po ako sa taguig

me&me 5 years ago

@Twentyfive: You haven't heard bout Pnoy anything else but his lovelife probably because you only listen to showbiz news?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

hehehe now that's so funny :)

gerald and jeffrey 5 years ago

kailan po ba e post ang resulta sa examenation during december 8-9 2011 sa phillipine airforce zamboanga city..........

jay 5 years ago

may result n po b ng exam taken last dec 8?

ramos 5 years ago


ung ng exam po nung dec.08 2011 my result n po b?dito sa zamboanga?

wedgess 5 years ago

kelan ang result ng exam noong december 08 and 09 2011,,thnx!! more power

Darwin Basa 5 years ago

sir meron n po b ung result ng exam d2 s cauayan nung December 8 2011

mjpalisoc 5 years ago

goodeve...anu po ung link ng dec.14 cs exam?

may result na po ba?hope you'llrepl..thanks!

cadiz hyacinth 5 years ago

good day!!! me result nah poh bah ng examination dito sa iloilo?

JON 5 years ago

Good day po! kaylan po ba talaga ilalabas ang result nang exam noong December 8 2011?

karla 5 years ago

can u pls post a link if ever someone knows the site, showing the result for pafropp 2011 tnx a lot

erol 5 years ago

kailan ang result ng examination december 8/9 2011 mpost?? thnx,,,plzzz reply sa email ko,thnx

joevanny 5 years ago

...good day po,kaylan po ba mkkita ang result,yung mga nag-exam sa legaspi city....

albert 5 years ago

good day poh meron napo ba result ng exam last november 2011 na exam sa airfocre

eugene 5 years ago

sir my result n b ng examintation last dec 4 2011? lipa batangas

robert uy 5 years ago

kelan po ang result ng mga nagexam nung dec 14 2011?kc sabi po nila nung dec 28 pa,pero till now wala pa kaming balita sa resulta po..san po ba maki2ta ang result kc hanap aq ng hanap sa website ng pafpmc d q po talaga makita eh,,pls help nman po plss..tnx po..

hilario quiniano 5 years ago

good day sir..ask ku lng po kung kelan ang lalabas ang result d2 sa legazpi,sbi po kc dec. 28 hangang 1st week of jan. mkikita npo..di ko po kc mahanap..tnx po..more power..

carmi 5 years ago

kelan po exam sa paf 2012

marcjon m.bengcang 5 years ago

GUDMORNING,SIR kailan ang result lalabas yung resulta ng exam nung dec.14 2011....thank you SIR

kenneth Agustin 5 years ago

sir gud evenin ask kuh lng puh kng kelan po ippost d2 sa google ung mga passers po ng exam last dec 14 2011?? tnx u sir!

ricky 5 years ago

sir when is the result be post last December 09, 2011 exam..... rply

marry jane pangan 5 years ago

sir kilan ang result ng exam nung dec. 15 2011?

gerald from pampanga 5 years ago

sir.mam /gusto ku sanang mag airforce kaso 24 nku nung oct.19 2011 gusto ku sanang kumuya ng age waver.

. pano b kumuha. dapat poh e extend nin u ung age limit para maraming makapag apply.. maraing salamat poh. .

liban mel 5 years ago

gud pm po sir maam asked ko lang po kung may result na ang entrance exam na PAF held at loakan airport,Baguoi cty last december 9 , pls. reply sa email ko salmat po

jr lito 5 years ago

kaylan po yun exam sa PAF ngayun 2012 dito sa pasay?

reply nalang po kayo kung sino nakakaalam :))) thanks!

anna 5 years ago

kailan po next exam sa PAF ngaun, 2012 dito sa cavite? paki email nga din po ako kung sinong nakaka alam.. tnx

nikko 5 years ago

WHEN will be the next Recruitment exam for the philippine airforce im very interested to join... hope for your immediate reply thanks so that i can prepare my requirements..thanks

nikkomartinez 5 years ago

kailan po next exam for PAF this 2012 reply lng po kung cnu po nkaka alam..

dashboard 5 years ago

may result na po ba yung exam last december?

CY 5 years ago


joy ann 5 years ago

kelan po ung result ng exam nung dec.4,2011 s 580th wallace air station?

jilin 5 years ago

gud pm.. wen poh ba tlga ipopost result sa net??

arnel 5 years ago

kaylan po ba ang release ng result ng exam sa pafropp nung dec 12 sa villamor air base

chiqks 5 years ago

kelan po makikita ang list of passers nung dec 12,2011 exam for PAFROPP and CS here sa puerto princesa city palawan.. sabe kc 1st wek ng jan. til now po kci wala pdin eh.. reply po kau thanks!

jak 5 years ago


Aljhoren Abdulla 5 years ago

Hi sir/ maam have a nice day when po yung result ng paf exam last dec 9 sa EAAB z.c. thank you po ... ito po new num ko kasi nawala cp ko last dec 28 thank you po ... 09156850371

mitch 5 years ago

maam, d ko mahanap ang result,

emjay 5 years ago

greetings of peace..

i really wanted to take the exam for the pafropp but then i dont have any information which regards to the schedule of the examination for this year (2012)..can you please give a heads up which regards to this...thanks thanks...

CHANLEE 5 years ago


jonh mike Taguinod 5 years ago

gud morning.... nais ko sanang malaman kung kelan nyo ifill ang result ng exam ng philippine air force last december 4 2011 dto s tuguegarao city... umaasa po ako at mga ksma q na ngtake... etow po contak number q 09261735449 kung skaling merun na po... God bless... tnx a lot

marvin 5 years ago

sna e post na ang result ng paf exam last dec. 08, many tkers from davao city look 4ward 4 that.

jr 5 years ago

kaylan po next exam for PAF this 2012 reply lng po kung cnu po nkaka alam?



em 20 davao 5 years ago

kung pwd po sana etxt nyo aku kapag may schedule na for 2012 PAF exam ..

Bulok 5 years ago

Sabi ng friend ko tga villamor my result na daw kaso di pa pinopost dahil daming pinapasok na di nkapasa my padrino system kac sa loob ng A1! Kaya ganito ang pilipinas eh! Walang asenso!

guest 5 years ago

Dear Maam and Sir,

Ask q lng poh if my result n poh ung nagexam noong last dec.14 2011 sa paf cs sa villamor airbase kc hnd poh nmen mkita if anu ung result till now.Pls help poh para mlaman poh nmen if nkapasa poh aq salamat poh...

angelo calimag 5 years ago

sir bernardo...wala poh ba email na ipapadala para mlaman resulta ng exam dito tuguegarao december 03,2011 po

narutz 5 years ago


ask ko lng po san po b mkikita ung result nung ng exam noong dec 12 2011 s villmor airbase hnd ko po kc mkita tnx po

Bernadette C. manalo 5 years ago

wala pa po ba hangat ngaun ang result? matagal man po ang result,,,,tnx po god bless,,

LOVE BEARIS 5 years ago

wala pa po ba result nong exam last dec. 14 2011...

Jr Suelan 5 years ago

Sir kailan poh ba ang Exam nang PAF? year 2012 poh salamat poh sa zamboanga city poh kasi ako sir...thanks

bemz 5 years ago

sir sana"po mapost na ang result ng exam noong dec 8-9 2011 sa zamboanga city'''! Kc matagal n kami naghhintay"kailan kaya ang result?

bebs 5 years ago

sir kailan po ba ipost ang result ng 2011 examination sa zamboanga city?

castillo, 5 years ago

san site po maki2ta ang result ng exam tnx godbless

barrientos 5 years ago

anong site po pwdng tingnan ang mga nkapasa s exam ng afp dec.2011 batch?tanx po gbu

eerv 5 years ago

kelan po b epost ang result ng paf nung december 9 2011 held in cauayan isabela air base?

zaldy sabelao 5 years ago

kailan po aplication d2 sa pasay?

nikkk 5 years ago

bat hndi pinopost ang result sa internet? bias na ba ngayon ang airforce?

cgpaf 5 years ago

matagal ng may result mga sir, baka this week maipost na sa sa mga nag-exam baka isa ang name nyo sa mga na slash sa list, kaya goodluck.

ken 5 years ago

my result na d2 sa zambo,my na received akong text mula sa knila,so pag punta ko dun andun name ko,sana mkapasa sa physical. ok lng ba if my anak ka pero di pa kasal?

MAE 5 years ago


hilario quiniano 5 years ago

kelan po ba exam sa airforce sa villamor airbase pasay?

michael john b. britanico 5 years ago

sir nagexam din ako..pwede ko po mlaman kung my result na..nasnatch kasi phone ko pati cimcard..heto new no. ko pkicontact nlang po if ever my result na po. #q po 09484206125

michael john b. britanico 5 years ago

heto din po e-mail account ko

5 years ago


MS. Dan 5 years ago

good day! how would i find the passers of PAF examination last december 5 2011? it is very hard to find it in your address. please help me do so. thank you much!

ernesto s. saldo jr 5 years ago

sir/ma'am,saan ko poh mkikita ang result ng air force, last dec. 8 2011,,,,,

jeff 5 years ago

sir good day,

sir im uadt reserve now in cebu.. sir i would like to ask na pwede rin ba kaming sumali if merong sports fest sa afp? like tennis? or etc?

James Angelo A. Eliponga 5 years ago

wala naman pong nakapost na result sa site nio.san po ba makikita?

franklin a dimacutac 5 years ago

kelan po olet ang exam ng airforce paki email namn po ako tnx po

mary ann fernandez 5 years ago

kailan po ba ung result sa airforc eexam??

frelyn 5 years ago

kailan po ba mpost ang result sa airforce exam?

bodx7812 4 years ago

i recommend PAF to purchase F15 EAGLE,F16 FIGHTING FALCON F18 HORNET..speaking of air superiority this plane is tested for several years and it can perform any hostile mission and it can defend our airspace anytime.....

gripen 4 years ago

I think the PAF should purchase 2nd hand F-16s from the USAF inventory and should negotiate for the purchase of modernized versions of F-5s from Singapore as they are at par with early versions of the f-16 with modern armament

CHOLO 4 years ago


Edhmond L. Balicong 4 years ago

ma'am,sir- meron n poh bha ung resulta ng exam sa air force last december 9 s baguio

Michelle Ann Marie 4 years ago

Hi! I kept on visiting the web for a new set of schedule for the exam this 2012, unfortunately, I wasn't able to open it. Could you please help me to know the schedule?

Gecel valero 4 years ago

Sir. gusto k pong malaman kong kylan uli ang entrance exam ngyung 2012? myron po ba dito sa gensan? tga dito po kac ako sa koronadal.

yhen 4 years ago

I would to ask if when yung examination this year? thank you.

RHEA ADEA 4 years ago

Good am.pwede po ba kahit 26 years old na.may age waiver po ba?thanks.I really want to join PAF

eric jopida 4 years ago

i undergrad. of bs nursing i have one subject lft. but i dont want to pursue my career in nursing anymore. i want to join in paf.pwde ba kung mag join khit under grad gusto ko kcng mging airforce this is my dream since when i was a kid thanks..

roan david 4 years ago

sir/ma'am, kylan po yung exam this 2012 sa villamor airbase pasay? for cs. thanks!

mae 4 years ago


jack 4 years ago

sana makabili tayo ng f-16c/d multirole jet fighter. magagamit naman natin yun as ground support sa mindanao and air patrol lalo na sa disputed island sa spratly. yun na kasis ang pinaka mura na multirole jet fighter price is $18-19M compared to f-18 and JAS 39 Gripen $40M up ang halaga. sana makabili tayo ng 10 units.

als 4 years ago


can you post the date of examination for enlisted personnel and for pafropp for 2012 with their designated areas... please... because i want to join the Philippine air force.

als2 4 years ago


kailan po yung exam this 2012 sa tog 10, cagayan de oro city? pwede paki txt yung date!!! salamat!

eto po number ko: +639279340191

rein 4 years ago

hello po, tanong ko lang po schedule ng exam this 2012 dito po sa baguio city.. thank you po. :)

reynald fruto sangalang 4 years ago

sir/maam: goodnoon, ask lng po ako kng kailan poh ipalabas ang resulta ng exam kasi mag mayo na, wala pa rin kami nakuhang resulta sa binigay niyo na website..pls follow up naman po. sasa,davao city,..

jen 4 years ago

any info. for schedule for filing and exam for 2012?

emjay 4 years ago

im really interested to take pafropp exam however i don't have any idea which regards of the schedule... apparently i was looking for that through net but i wasn't able to find the exact date... im a criminology grad... currently working as customer care specialist which is definitely not in line with my degree... im a graduate as well of rotc coqc (advance).. thanks...

from Lj of batangas 4 years ago


kaylan po ang examination dito sa airbase lipa batmgas po? dusto ko po maging airforce. tagal ko na po ito pinapangarap,kaya lang sa kadahilanan nagkasakit ang aking ama he need me. but now ok n po lahat.pwd p po ba ako magtake ng exam? i am a graduate of associate in computer technology 2yrs.course,in 5`6 height,single.paano po yun pwd p po ba ako magtake ng exam i am 24yr old ka24 ko lng po last feb`17,1988.sana po bigyan nyo po ako ng chance na makamit ito. please kahit na po magtraining ako ng 6months above makamit ko lng po ito at maging isang member of airforce of tge philippine,ihope you understand thanks po. pakitext nalang po ako kung kailan ang exam at sa application na rin po.ingat!


Arnel Aldave of Zamboanga city 4 years ago

G'am Sir/madam

pwede ko bang malaman kung kelan ang exam ng philippine air force this 2012 dito sa zamboanga city?

please reply my msg.

thanks you.

antayin ko po yung reply nyo. +639056989552

Pvt. Villapania 4 years ago

Mam/Sir kailan po ba examination date ng PAF 2012 sa lipa Batnggas?eto po number ko 09079212907

Mr. Arnel N. Asne 4 years ago

Mam/Sir, i love PAF...

mark from tarlac 4 years ago


mark 4 years ago

good day! hello po, im mark from tarlac ask ko lng po kung kelan ang exam ng paf..kindly email me at or txt me at this number, 09462577226. Thanks. God Bless!

lorlie 4 years ago

hello po. pwede po bang malaman if kailan po yong examination ngayon may?? taga dau mabalacat po ako

maraming salamat po..

rizz 4 years ago

sir/mam kelan po exam dz 2012 s baguio? e2 po eadd,tenk u po

bobav 4 years ago

I hope that our PAF will acquire newer jetfighters kahit pa 10years old basta meron tayong panlaban sa mga Chinese intruders. Hindi bale, bumagsak lahat against chinese jets basta di tayo matatalo nang di lumalaban.

marco lucero 4 years ago

kelan po examination ng air force here at villiamor pasay this month of june ...

thank you

sonny olivar 4 years ago

sir/maam kelan poh b ang exact date ng exam nagung 2012,,,from marikina

gustung gustu ko po kasing member ng PAF txt nyu po q s 09094720059 tnx po.

john lloyd jacinto 4 years ago


kelan po ba ang exact date ng exam dito sa nueva vizcaya..

gusto ko pong maging member ng PAF txt nio po qoh sa 09068621700

tnx poh..

remilda yago 4 years ago


from davao city po ako. ask ko lng po kung kailan ang exam for PAFROPP dito s davao? pakitext nmn po aq para mhanda ko po requirements. ito po contact ko #09076787861.

maraming slamat po. sana mkareply po kayo.

HAROLD 4 years ago

. ask ko lng po kung kailan ang exam for PAFROPP dito s zamboanga city ?



ricky 4 years ago

san b pwede mag inquire,gus2 ko sana pumasok sa reserve airforce,im now 34 yrs old

bell 4 years ago

sir/ma'am.. my 2nd batch po ba ngayong 2012 exam sa airfore? at kelan po? here is my contact # 09266092565 zamboanga city

zahra 4 years ago

sir/maam good day!

ask q lng po..kung when ang examination for PAF in zambo. city..interested po ako to be PAF,nursing grad po aq last april 2012 kaso im turning 25 this nov. do i stil have a chance to join in PAF?ito po contact number q 09486923697/09162974774..thank u poh. 4 years ago


i am interested to join PAF po..kaso di ko po alam kung paano po..matanong ko lang po kung pwede ang rotc/army.?.yun po kasi humahawak sa school namin.. thank you po.. GOD BLESS PO and more powers to PAF..

cotact no. ko po :09161640438

steve rosaldo 4 years ago

gud eve po..mgtatanong lang po kung my exam pa po ba ngayong taon na ito sa HPAF,villamor airbase...thank you po... Ito po contact no. ko...09461620954

ronie p conor 4 years ago

sir kelan po ulit mag continues hiring i want to apply e2 # ko po 09463447376

Justin Bryan Jabines Beriña 4 years ago

Good afternoon po Maam Sir pwede po ba malaman kung may schedule na po ba ngayon ng EXAMINATION this year 2012?????

Here po just add me on my f.b account at or you can txt or call me anytime to this number 09108443978 , 09464607740, or 09104834051!11

In advance Thank you po! september 20, 2012

Elbert Milliam 4 years ago

Good morning po Mam/Sir, kelan po ba exam dito sa palawan? Gusto ko lang po mag exam thanks po. Ito po contact no. ko: 0912-495-3743/0935-972-4101.

karl 4 years ago

AETC, Fernando Air Base, Lipa City, Batangas 24 November 2012

TOG 1, Loakan Airport, Baguio City 24 November 2012

580th ACWG, San Fernando, La Union 24 November 2012

600th ABW, Clark Air Base, Pampanga 28 November 2012

TOG 2, Cauayan Airport, Cauayan, Isabela 28 November 2012

TOG 5, Legazpi City 28 November 2012

570th CTW, Antonio Bautista Air Base, PPC, Palawan 01 December 2012

PAFPMC, Col Jesus Villamor Air Base. Pasay City 04 December 2012

noel 4 years ago

sir san po exam sa baguio,san po bnda sa baguio..examination ng PAF,,november 24 2012

yam 4 years ago

ask ko lang po if kelan ipopost yung result ng exam nung dec.1 2012?

bryle ylaya 3 years ago

can i ask kung kailan yung entrance exmination for 2013 in cebu airbase lang po?

leah 3 years ago

good day sir/mam, tanung ko lng po kelan next sched exam paf dito la union area dis year? tnx po.

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