Philippine Elections 2010 - The Presidential Candidates

The Philippines will hold its Presidential Elections in May 2010

As the deadline for filing of the certificate of candidacy draws near, there is a lot of speculation as who would be running for the Presidency and who would their running mates be, for the Vice-Presidency. Although a few politicians have already signalled their intentions to run, the majority of them have withheld from the public their intentions, and are waiting until the last day of the filing before publicizing their candidacy.

Senator Manny Villar, the former Senate President, has already made it known that he is a presidential candidate. Also vocal is the former Marikina Mayor and currently Chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Bayani Fernando.

But whether they admit it or not, most candidates are already running their campaign advertisements, disquised as infomercials (information commercial), because under the rules of the Commission of Elections, it is still illegal to campaign for any candidate.

Since the Philippines have a muti-party form elections, there are many candidates, each vying for their parties' nominations.

Here are some of the possible presidential candidates:

Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan
Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan

1. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan (Political Party: Liberal Party (LP)). The husband of the popular actress Sharon Cuneta.

Jejomar "Jojo" Binay
Jejomar "Jojo" Binay

2. Jejomar "Jojo" Binay (Political Party: LABAN (Lakas ng Baya). The current mayor of the City of Makati.

3. Joseph "Erap" Estrada (Political Party: PMP). Former Philippine president who was convicted of plunder but subsequently pardoned by President Gloria Arroyo.

4. Noli "Kabayan" de Castro (Political Party: Independent). A popular newscaster and journalist and currently the Vice-President of the Philippines.

5. Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro, Jr. A member of the Cojuanco clan. The current Secretary of National Defense.

6. Bayani Fernando (Political Party: Lakas-CMD) - Former Marikina City Mayor and currently Secretary of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

7. Loren Legarda (Political Party: NPC). A journalist and currently a member of the Senate of the Philippines (Senator).

8. Mike Velarde (Political Party: Buhay). Founder of the El Shaddai Movement.

9. Eddie Villanueva (Political Party: Bangon Pilipinas). Christian evangelist.

10. Feliciano "Sonny" Belmonte, Jr (Political Party: Lakas-CMD) - the current Mayor of Quezon City.

11. Eddie "Among Ed" Panlilio (Political Party: Independent) - the Catholic priest governor of Pampanga.

12. Francis "Chiz" Escudero (Political Party: NPC). A member of the Senate of the Philippines (Senator).

13. Jamby Madrigal (Political Party: Geniune Opposition). A member of the Senate of the Philippines.

14. Richard "Dick" Gordon (Political Party: BAGUMBAYAN). A member of the Senate of the Philippines and former mayor of Olongapo City and also a former administrator of the Subic Free Port.

15. Mar Roxas (Political Party: LP). A member of the Senate of the Philippines. To be married to a popular Filipino journalist and newcaster, Korina Sanchez.

16. Miriam Santiago (Political Party: PRP). A member of the Senate of the Philippines.

17. Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes (Political Party: Geniune Opposition). A member of the Senate of the Philippines. Currently incarcerated due to his complicity in the Oakwood Mutiny.

18. Reynato Puno (Political Party: Independent). Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III
Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III

19. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III (Liberal Party). Philippine senator and the only son of the former President Corazon Aquino and former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. The brother of the popular TV host and actress Kris Aquino.

Former Senate President Manuel "Manny" Villar Jr.
Former Senate President Manuel "Manny" Villar Jr.

20. Manuel "Manny" Villar Jr. (Nacionalista Party). Filipino businessman and former Senate President of the Philippines. The most visible presidential candidate who has announce his presidential aspiration years back. His ad campaigns have been going on for quite sometime. Seen by most as using his money for his utmost advantage in the coming presidential election.

Election News Update


  • Senator Mar Roxas has announce his withdrawal from the 2010 Presidential Elections to give way for the candidacy of LP party mate Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino, the son of former President Corazon Aquino.
  • Everyone is waiting for a confirmation from Senator Aquino who is scheduled to give a news conference.
  • Senator Benigno Aquino held a press conference at the Club Manila but did not confirm any decision to run for the presidency. He is going to a Carmelite reatreat until the weekend and promised to make an announcement on a later date.


  • Noynoy Aquino has accepted the challenge to run for the Presidency last week. His running mate is still unofficial, although people are expecting that it would be his partymate Mar Roxas.
  • The Nacionalist Party (NP) is about to hold its convention today and might announce it candidates today.

Philippine Elections 2010 Resources

  • Political Parties of the Philippines - A comprehensive list of the different political parties. It contains links to the respective article on each party. Wikepedia, the free encyclopedia.
  • Senate of the Philippines - Official website of the Senate of the Philippines that you can consult for more information on senators that are possible canditates to the presidency.
  • Commission on Elections - Official Website of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) of the Republic of the Philippines. Please be a little patient with their website. It is election period and it could be swamped with visitors and could become really slow.

Philippine Elections 2010 Video

15 October 2009 Election Update

From Malaysian Mirror,

AQUINO LEADING PHILIPPINE PRESIDENTIAL RACE - MANILA, Oct 14 -  The son of revered former Philippine President Cory Aquino has taken a commanding lead among potential candidates for the 2010 presidential elections, an opinion poll said today. The poll by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino favoured by 60 per cent of respondents. Senator Manuel Villar, in the lead in opinion polls before Aquino announced his candidacy last month, was second with 37 per cent. Read more...

Ex-Philippine President Estrada To Run Again in 2010 MANILA, Philippines : Wednesday, 14 October 2009 16:31 - Former Philippine leader Joseph Estrada, ousted in a popular uprising in 2001 and later convicted of graft, said Wednesday he would run again for president in next year's elections. The announcement by the charismatic action movie star will excite his loyal fans, but observers said it was also likely to create constitutional controversies and dilute opposition efforts to oust the ruling coalition.  "Yes, I will run," Estrada, 72, told AFP, when asked to confirm local press reports of his decision.

Presidential Election 2016 Results

% of Total
Benigno Aquino III
Liberal Party
Joseph Estrada
Manny Villar
Nacionalista Party
Gilberto Teodoro
Eddie Villanueva
Bangon Pilipinas
Richard Gordon
Nicanor Perlas
Jamby Madrigal
John Carlos delos Reyes
Ang Kapatiran

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earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Thanks, I have been following it on BBC radio out of Australia.

Angel Of Love profile image

Angel Of Love 7 years ago

That's quite a long list of presidential candidates!!!

LVM profile image

LVM 7 years ago

I thought Gloria Macapacal will be running, too.

David Kellas profile image

David Kellas 7 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

wow, relevant google adsense ads, just might click one hehe (i require that service and luckily your webpage provides it to me, what a relief) - pleasure to meet you Manila Girl. by the way manila girl, incase you have not seen it already - click this now honey :)

(you really do need to watch the third video first... I think the first and second bideos you already know for sure :) Respect :)

Manila Girl profile image

Manila Girl 7 years ago Author

David Kellas, nice to meet you and do you really see ads relevent to my hubs?

billythekid98 profile image

billythekid98 7 years ago

good informative hub, thanks very much.

Manila Girl profile image

Manila Girl 7 years ago Author

billythekid98, thank you too for dropping by.

MIKO 7 years ago

Wow I never thought of finding this much info about the elections in 2010. Thanks manila girl!!! You just saved a student from his report at school.I'm from Chiang Kai Shek College(CKSC) by the way.

1247 Padre Algue St., Tondo Manila (CKSC Address)!!! >_

Manila Girl profile image

Manila Girl 7 years ago Author

MIKO, you are welcome. I hope you get a high grade for your report.

Rick Marlow 7 years ago

I meant to tell you yesterday,great hub. It`s very informative.I wish I would have had you as a teacher in school.I wouldn`t have had to study on homework.

Manila Girl profile image

Manila Girl 7 years ago Author

Rick Marlow, thanks for your nice comments, but you have to do your homework.

conundrum profile image

conundrum 7 years ago

Very detailed, nice job. Thanks for reading mine, too.

thewildjoker profile image

thewildjoker 7 years ago from Clarksville, Tennessee

Very Good excellent way to get people involved in the election process.

Allen Resha


mtd-anna 7 years ago

can you please make an update on the list? Thanks!

Manila Girl profile image

Manila Girl 7 years ago Author

mtd-anna, I just finished updating this article today, as per your request.:)

Thank you too for visiting and reminding me.

emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines

It's really getting interesting with the coming elections here. Even the privilege speeches given in the Senate are somehow linked to the elections. I do hope next year, we'll have a president everybody can trust. Personally, I don't know if Noynoy (who's on top of the survey) is that president but we'll see.

R.G. San Ramon 7 years ago

I think you should have only included those candidates who are sure to join the presidential elections. I doubt if santiago, puno and trillanes are planning to run for the presidency. And, mar roxas is already out of the running. Follow mtd-anna's comment. Please update this, and make it accurate. You obviously are not following the news. It makes Filipinos like us look like people who write about things they don't really know.

Manila Girl profile image

Manila Girl 7 years ago Author

@R.G. San Ramon,

Thanks for your comment but there's a lot of Filipinos who don't know how to read or understand what they read. Or plainly dumb.

It's still September and the filing of candidacy for the presidential elections is from November 20 to November 30.

That being said, I can even safely include YOU AND ME OR ANYONE I LIKE in the list.

There's no official list yet.

Please read the start of the list which was written in bold and I quote:

Here are some of the possible presidential candidates:


verdi252 7 years ago

I think it's interesting how many journalists are mentioned in the list whether as candidates or as 'to be' wives of candidates. Does this mean they will be more honest than western politicians I wonder?

An excellent post which I thought made Filipinos sound very intelligent, well informed and good researchers.


undefined 7 years ago

great job.!

Manila Girl profile image

Manila Girl 7 years ago Author

verdi252, the list includes people who are well-known for their honesty and integrity. We just hope the Filipinos vote the right one.

eric divinagracia 7 years ago

All of mentioned 20 aspirants may be 4 or five of them will run for highest office (president) and the rest will settle to vice president candidacy - As i can see all of them are qualified. Each of them should have their flatform of government to solve out country's economic problem is that right? However, whoever wins in 2010 presidential elecrions should lead the country. I am hoping that the new president elect should gather all the ideas of those candidates who did not win, and their flatform of government that might be used to contribute the progress of the country as a whole. Let us help our country to move forward from poverty. Sana huwag maging mabuhay ang mga tanga! Para sa pag pili ng presidente ang wise at makabayan na presidente ang ating kailangan...

sky 7 years ago

current political topics relevant to the issues in our country today: you may visit here:

nathalie  7 years ago

hi po may questions po me sa inyo kung iboto ko po kau anu po ba magagawa niyo sa bansa natin para umunlad naman ito

paul bryan bron 7 years ago

sorry but noynoy has the right position for the president unlike with the others who are u know... so go noynoy

Reyban 7 years ago

>Most of the comments on Noynoy Aquino is lack of experience!!! Careful assessment must be taken into account in here…, “Sino bang candidate pa lamang for President ang magkakaroon na kaagad ng experience sa pagka presidente ng hindi pa naging isang presidente”???

>If you don’t mind, I’m a simple person with a slight understanding in dealing with computerized equipments. We’re facing an automated computerized election voting, probably this coming 2010 election. Now, my worry, and concern is the sincerity, and purity of the result??? Yes!!! they may declare that the automated machines are absolutely can’t be tampered!!! But, what if trick, and cheating was inserted during the processing of the equipment program software? That will only be triggered if the votes result are in terms of higher millions, so that during simulation test no abnormality can be detected. ( example. “IF candidate A > 10M, then add 1% of the excess to candidate B. If not, resume counting!!!). This is merely a simple hint of high caliber cheating!!! …. Reyban

normal guy 7 years ago

they are all the same they're all corrupt

susan amatong 7 years ago

they are all no crebility to run for presedent

LHOI 7 years ago


miden 7 years ago

I think Noynoy just used the political fame of his parents. And people should not based of what a certain politician family background,But the leadership and works he has presented to the public.

midwify2008MDC 7 years ago

Gud to have news like that .. published more..


juan tutri 7 years ago

mga kabayan, wala akong presidentiable na sasabihin sa inyo kung sino dapat ang iboto pero ang akin lang ay kung talagang nagising na kayo sa arroyo regime ay wag na wag nyong iboboto si gilbert teodoro! napakasimple lang eh, pag siya ang naging presidente at si gloria macapagal arroyo naman ay walang katalo talo sa lugar nya bilang congresswoman (kung buong bansa nga nadaya niya eh yun pa kayang isang distrito lang) ang gagawin lang nila ay ilalakad nila ang pagpalit ng gobyerno mula democratic to parliamentary at si gloria naman ang gagawing prime minister! imposibleng hindi backup-an ni teodoro ang hangarin ni gloria dahil sa laki ng kanyang utang na loob dito! pag nangyari na, ayun! si gloria na naman ang lider natin! napakasimple kaya magsigising na kayo! iboto nyo na kung sino ang gusto nyo iboto wag lang si gilbert teodoro!!! nawa’y magising na kayo at sana’y patnubayan tayong mga Pilipino ng Panginoon sa pagpili ng ihahalal sa darating na eleksyon 2010. May God bless us all!

R.G. San Ramon 7 years ago

@ Manila Girl: Then your hub runs the risk for being flagged for being deceptively titled. And no, I am not dumb.

Manila Girl profile image

Manila Girl 7 years ago Author

@R.G. San Ramon, If you think that this hub is deceptively titled, there is a "flag this hub" button above these comments. Go ahead and click it.

As for being a dummy, well, you're entitled to your very own opinion. Who told you that you are, anyway?

Mhing 7 years ago

better yet stay to where you are

Mhing 7 years ago

better yet stay to where you are

magno bahaghari 7 years ago

no comment!!!!!!! self-explainatory!!!!!!! Go!Go! Manny!!!!

henry loyola 7 years ago

For me politics is a corrupt mentality,if you

looking for a the right leader who will save

the world,you must be in denial."JESUS" Sacri-

ice "HIM" Self for the Curse of our political

Lawlesness."HE" went to the cross for you to

have life,and for the forgiveness of your sin.

Hindi kayo humihinga sa mundong ito nang dahil

sa inyong dangal.Its not about Aquino legacy,or

Edsa power,or your generation.History is "GOD"

Story.If 90 percent of our population dont have

"GODLY" Moral Principle,or "GODLY" Moral Respon-

sibility 90 percent of our population will suffer.

our form of Leadership,or our form of Government

is base upon "GOD" Standard.Depart from "HIM"our

worse enemy live inside us.Pride,Ego,Selfishness,

popularity.This are the greatest sin in the Bible.

"GOD" is not religion,"GOD"is about Relationship,

and Responsibility.kong hindi tayo magkakasundo

tayo lang ang sisira nang mundo.It took courage to

humble our self to one another. "GOD BLESS"

alvin 7 years ago

sana po magkarun ng pwesto sa palasyo ang may mabuting saloobin at may paninindigan sa Bansang Pilipinas. sana po, pumili po tayo ng mabuting pinuno ng ating bansa sa presidential election 2010.

henry loyola 7 years ago

in regards to Mr:Alvin Matagal konang naririnig ang mga

salaysayin mo,its nice to hear,and many of them will say

good things about them self.marami ang titilaok,at many

will be impress by their own righteousness,and many will

be decieve,and many will suffer.If your looking for poli-

tical must be leaving in fantacy world.just

like "JESUS"said the world will be corrupt,because the

world will deny"ME".pasalamat tayo "HE" did not wipe us

all during typhoon Ondoy,just like "HE" did during Noahs

time.lahat naman tayo maganda ang hangarin."JESUS" said

let us not into temptation,but deliver us in evil. ang

ibig niyang sabihin.We have to over come our own enemy.

our flesh are dead into temptation.we have to fight our

own stupidity,because temptation is every were.wickedness

and lawlesness.many are wreckless,and Irresponsible.

our mind say yes,but our flesh is weak.Depart from"HIM"

we cannot do anything. 7 years ago

we are for rigtheousness, we are for bro. eddie

guest 7 years ago

can you update the list pls? thanks, i'd like to more a little about ther platforms too. yes, i know i'm lazy. i'm a cheap shot...

aimie 7 years ago

sana naman yun gmananalo ngayon ay di masyadong corrupt no?mahirap na ang buhay ngayon!

carlwin 7 years ago


kasama ba cantal sa pres.candidates na kxama ngaun?

byteexp 7 years ago

it is disheartening to see our countrymen fooled by trapos claiming "the chosen one, clean/walang bahid (kasi walang nagawa???), para sa mahirap, para sa kinabukasan, and many more

most of the candidates are too-good to be true - pag ganyan ang sistema - maraming pangako - asahan natin ang restiveness.

let us choose candidates na hindi namumuhunan sa kamalian ng iba, hindi nagpapaasa sa imposible (eradicate corruption?)... choose those that have leadership qualities, decisive at yung nagsasabi na gagawin ang achievable at hindi yung panaginip.

my case, i trimmed down my choices to 3, watched them speak on channel 2 and channel 7 debate, read and watched their views pre and post filing of coc and now im decided.

original choices were:


gordon/bayani - (if you dont like these men, means you dont give a damn about the road and urban discipline)


Raul V. Jallorina 7 years ago

I have a vision that Noynoy Aquino will be the next President of the Philippines. The same vision I had with his mom former President Cory Aquino. I had a vision of seven coup in the clouds at Santo Domingo Church. I had also a vision of Laban sign in the clouds in Cordillera Street in Quezon City. I had also a vision of Jesus Christ at Jollibee Restaurant. I hope and pray that my vision will be pushed through, Amen.

Ramon Guico 7 years ago

The most important element of government, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders.Whoever the president will be, I hope he will provide solutions to the worsening economy.

romel A.C. 7 years ago

Eduardo Cruz Villanueva is no ordinary born-again televangelist. Check out this fairly dramatic bio.

Hailing from an entrepreneurial background, ECV studied economics, commerce, and law; then lived life as a labor leader and communist activist, from which he later converted, to become a born-again Christian and founder of "Jesus Is Lord," one of the Philippines' largest evangelical movements. He has family in politics, he knows how to manage, organize, speak, and fight, and he has the considerable backing of the JIL denomination. He has a principled yet non-theocratic platform, and I'm pretty sure we know where he would stand on justice where the Marcoses are concerned. This is a guy I could stand behind for the presidency -- if only he had more political experience under his belt.

MoDs 6 years ago

some of the candidates in this list are talk shits...

trickescota 6 years ago


to discipline everyone.. discipline Filipinos..


kenneth 6 years ago

i think that trickescota is having a good choice for the national candidtes... and i agree with that..

aside from dick gordon and bayani fernando(the transformers. heheheh)there's also gibo teodoro who's running under the party lakas-kampi-cmd..whom he is a sensible, credible, and smart leader and that was proven already in some presidential forums and debate particularly in TV stations forum. let's not judge the candidates on who are the people behind them or surround them but on who they are and what they can do for our our country or on what they've done already.. let's take this chance to change our country by not voting to those who belong in 'traditional politics'.. make sense for our votes!! gibo teodoro for president!! God Bless Philippines,.

kabataan 6 years ago

gusto ko ng presidente na tlagang may takot sa hindi kayang magnakaw sa kaban ng isa lang ang nakikta ko na kayang mamuno sa ating bansa...i vote for bro.eddie villanueva

neptunianz 6 years ago

para kay noynoy

-tama ka hindi ka nga magnanakaw

kuripot ka naman!

para kay villar

-sige! ikaw na ang tunay na mahirap!

meron kaming tanong sayo

-nakaligo ka na ba?

a. sa gitna ng kalsada

b. sa dagat ng basura

c. yan ang tanong namin

d. tunay ka bang isa sa amin

para kay gibo

-sulong gibo!magkasya ba kami

lahat sa eroplano mo?(?posible?)

para kay binay

-sa makati na lang kami titira!

ganyan na kasi kayo sa makati!

joanne 6 years ago

no cno ti kyt ko nga ibutos isut lattan.....agyaman nklang unay kanyanan ket spay kuma ta adda maawt ko knyana nga kwarta uray 2000 laeng panlalakik lang apo.


Philippine Elections is all about money and popularity. Even if a candidate is popular, he/she still needs big business to bankroll his/her campaign. Are the leading presidential contenders can say NO to big businesses/interests? That's the reality of Philippine politics. In our country, politicians run for office just to protect their business interests.

jks 6 years ago

gibo kami!!!1

momay_babes 6 years ago

mga kababayan,

HIndi pa poh ako pwedeng boboto ngayon pero ang masasabi ko sa lahat ay:"Piliin poh natin 'yong taong karapat dapat na maging pangulo ng bansang Pilipinas.Hindi poh dahil sa kamag-anak o mayaman sila Y sila na ang ating iboboto.Dapat poh nating ipanalangin sa Panginoon ang ating mga kandidato kung sino poh sa kanila ang dapat at hindi dapat.

Maraming salamat poh at nawa'y patnubayan poh tayo ng Diyos araw-araw.

SAyo nArA!

Prokopyo 6 years ago

I cannot believe that these are all running for Presidency of 2010... That's why people are mocking Filipinos here in the US because we have a lot of candidates that are literally a joke. tsk tsk...

Prokopyo 6 years ago

come on... Erap? Miriam? El Shadai? Binay who is the most corrupt person i know since i am from Makati? newscasters? and why do we have so many candidates???? that is ridiculous... pick the lesser evil i guess... but no matter what, Philippines is over...

Binibini 6 years ago

FYI Prokopyo,i know you felt so hopeless about the candidates but it doesn't mean its all over!.. as long as we are alive theres always hope and remember were not over! make some change like US did! the president alone can not do all the job but we need to help him to be able to succeed... People wake up! THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS!. YOUR VOTES WILL COUNT! lets make some difference this time! BE THE CHANGE!

botsok 6 years ago

wla lang masabi

PilipinoPoAko 6 years ago

HOW, REALLY, DID MANUEL BAMBA VILLAR, JR. GET TO BE RICH? It may bear and serve the Filipino nation well to investigate and know that Manny Villar may actually have broken through Tondo-ragged accountancy to billionaire-rich presidentiable by allowing himself to be used as a foreign investor’s dummy in the Philippine real estate business. You see, the conduct of real estate business in the Philippines is made exclusive by law to Filipino citizens, necessarily because it involves business affairs that affect sensitive issues about territory, patrimony, and national security. Wasn’t that a debonair American who was smilingly visible every day at the offices of Crown Asia, Inc., way back before the Villars became politically ambitious? Unfortunately, sighting that American presence at the Crown Asia, Inc. organization deteriorates to zero visibility in hot election weather, especially nowadays! As Manny Villar embarked on a political career, it naturally became strategically imperative to avoid flaks of damaging controversy about being economically beholden to foreign influence, especially from nationalist camps of the likes of then Senator Teofisto Guingona Jr. who was one among those instrumental in passing the general law limiting the conduct of real estate business in the Philippines to Filipinos only. In fact, it was from 1997 to 1999 that the bespactacled, middle-aged, happy American investor (silent or express?) of Crown Asia, Inc. was last regularly observed at the 18th Floor of Cityland Herrera Tower. Most of us do have "humble," sometimes "rotten," beginnings; yet being transparent about such beginnings can do more good than harm. Perhaps good Senator Manuel Villar may want to comment on this matter at this time?

EOC 6 years ago

Philippine election always a Joke...bribe people just to vote for them...Shame

danica flores 6 years ago

,,oh common guyz,,you should know that if a politician will spend lots of money sa panahon ng pangampanya,,at manalo cya of course babawiin nya ang nawalang pera sa kanya pag nakaupo na cya sa pwesto,,politicians are smart enough to make a way during elections,,so we also need to be smart enough too, in choosing the right person to sat at the malacanng palace,,so panawagan ko sa inyo guyz,,vote wisely,,its the only way to save the phils. from corruption,,,

michael 6 years ago

para kay mayor jojo binay! try muna natin maging senador ng pilipinas. hindi naman sa minamaliit ang kakayahan mo. pero wala kang ibang pina prioty kundi makati lang huwag mong i han tulad ang makati sa buong pilipinas. dahil namuno ka lng sa local government hindi sa national government. napaka liit lng na problema ang nahawakan sa makati. baka hindi mo mabilang ang problema ng buong bansa. at masanay ka lng sa problema ng makati lang? buong makati lang yata ang susuporta sayo. huwag ka ng umasa sa suporta ng buong bansa. dahil makati lang ang natulungan mo...hindi namin naramdaman ang tulong mo sa ibang parte ng bansa. gayahin mo muna ang mga senador tulad nila: loren legarda, mar roxas. na tumatakbong vise president.

pol 6 years ago

kita nyo ung mga nagcomment sa taas.nagpapaloko sa mga politiko natin,akala naman nila mawawala corruption dito sa atin pag naupo sila,dalawa lang klase ng tao sa pilipinas,isang nanloloko at isang nagpapaloko.tnx!

JUAN DELA CRUZ 6 years ago


: sumikat sa sariling kakayanan


: sumikat dahil sa magulang at kapatid


: C5 scandal pero maraming nakinabang


: Luisita massacre; main road scandal


: 80+ laws ang naipasa


: walang batas na naipasa


: isa lang ang asawa


: maraming babae


: sariling pangalan ang ginagamit sa kampanya


: ginagamit ang magulang sa kampanya


GORDON: TUTA NI GLORIA pero hindi sinuportahan

ERAP: Matanda na. May hindi magandang record.

EDDIE: Pwede pero walang kakayanang iaangat sa kahirapan ang bansa

JAMBIE: Galit c Juday sa kanya dahil sa binitiwang hindi magandang salita sa mga artista.

6 years ago


: sumikat sa sariling kakayanan


: sumikat dahil sa magulang at kapatid


: C5 scandal pero maraming nakinabang


: Luisita massacre; main road scandal


: 80+ laws ang naipasa


: walang batas na naipasa


: isa lang ang asawa


: maraming babae


: sariling pangalan ang ginagamit sa kampanya


: ginagamit ang magulang sa kampanya


GORDON: TUTA NI GLORIA pero hindi sinuportahan

ERAP: Matanda na. May hindi magandang record.

EDDIE: Pwede pero walang kakayanang iaangat sa kahirapan ang bansa

JAMBIE: Galit c Juday sa kanya dahil sa binitiwang hindi magandang salita sa mga artista.

Mano 6 years ago

it is a long list , i think u have to update the list?

Ramon Guico for Senator 6 years ago

I hope you will also feature the senatorial candidates.

felix 6 years ago

parepareho lng kayo.wala na kayong pagbabago.isa lng ang hangangrin nyo,may napala ba ako sa inyo sa loob ng 50 years wala nakunan nyo pa ako.grabe naman kayo wala kayong awa sa mahihirap.

alexandra of jeddah 6 years ago

ke haba naman ng presidentiables,halos lahat gustong maging presidente,nung estudyante ako sabi ng prof ko ang salary ng president mas malaki pa ang sahod ng ibang nasa abroad bakit nag aagawan hidden agenda ba?...

realisticpeople 2010 6 years ago

villar: c5 nakinabang ka nga, nakinabang pa siya

noynoy: luisita massacre, kinakamkam ng iba ang lupa mo wala kang gagawin. kung ako man ipaglalaban ko rin kung ano ang akin.

at bukod pa ron hindi lang siya ang mayari nito sila lang ang namamahala. aba naman ibigay niya lahat hindi lang siya ang may share doon

villar:sumikat dahil sa asawa, naimpluwensiyahan dahil sa yaman ng asawa, at gumawa ng sariling pangalan. kahit sino kaya yun.

noynoy: kinaiiinggitan dahil anak ng bayani. anak pa ni cory na butihing ina ng bayan. hindi gaya ni villar walang ginawa kundi manira.

kung ako tatanungin mas mabuti pa si gibo totoo

o di kaya si erap tunay na may malasakit sa mahihirap, biruin mo gagawa ng illegal na jueteng para pangpondo sa mga charity para sa mahihirap.

puwede rin si gordon may nagaw kapag kailangan sa mga sakuna

at sa iba pang presidentiables na hindi maxadong matas ang ratings pero mabuti ang hangarin para sa bayan.

wag lang si villar mapagkunwari, inggitero, desperado, at napakasinungaling.

Paul 6 years ago

Side-by-Side Comparison of the 2010 Presidential Candidates

Please vote wisely!

ama 6 years ago

wag na kayo tumakbo kurakot lang naman ang gagawin nyo

markt 6 years ago

Candidates profile for May 2010 Elections: Presidentiables and Vice-Presidentiables

ryu 6 years ago

Only a man who has a transformed LIFE can TRANSFORM the nation...

Magsilbi SA DIYOS at BAYAN!!!

Bro. Eddie will be the next president!!!

and that's a fact.......

Jon 6 years ago

Wow - this is the first video I've seen telling people to think and vote the right person for President. I still can't believe Erap is running for Pres. Come on people have we learned enough about him when he was in the office???? We're trying to make this country better!!!! Think think think!

ela 6 years ago

though nonoy is a good man but it is not enough, he is too week. He is a congressman fot 9 years did he ever stand alone? He only stand at the back of cory aquino. A good leader needs to be strong and brave enough to stand what's good for his countrymen. Take time to read the profile of GIBO. He top the Bar Exam and he mastered in Harvard university.. We need a leader like him. Running a country is like a business, to manage the country he must be intelligent enough to solve hilarious problems as the filipino citizines facing nowadays.

JADR 6 years ago

Kapag ELECTION maganda ang mga pangako, kapag tapos na Mahalal wala na ang pangako, ang lahat ay napapako, mahabaging panginoon kailan niyo po kami padadalhan ng MATINONG PULITIKO...Sana magbago na tayong lahat lalo na kayong mga nasa nagpapalakad ng bansang Pilipinas natin....

Leysam 6 years ago

@JADR Tama, kaya nga dapat pag isipan natin ang pag buto.

Basta wag lang nating kalimutan na ang pagbabago ay dapat mag simula sa ating mga sarili.

Hipolito Salazar 6 years ago





snerf 6 years ago




Wendi Jones 6 years ago

I now realize that the management of health providers really do not desire to provide health services to all patients. Those managers have clever excuses to deny services. They will allow a certain level of service only to defend company assets. Their acclaimation for compassionate customer service is a farce. They are sho shrewd.

Maria Elam of USA 6 years ago

I have faith in Noynoy's hand.If we want freedom and who loves the masses go for him. Forget about Estrada Villar is only good for being a businessman.If i can only vote i will surely go with Noynoy.Go Go Go Noynoy here's my email address

Praveen from Sri Lanka  6 years ago

Anyway have to say Until filipinos not thinking about their country 1st B4 their Stomach, Philippine will not be a Rich Country..!!!!

Its a filipino's Fault...Not a Government fault ..

That's what I think as a Philippine's Lover..

talal  6 years ago

if yu wnt to know who is the winner before to make election you should bring from lebanon ( michel el mur ) to manage the election and he will give you result 100% before your election voting finish.

abdul musa 6 years ago

mga kababayan kyo man mging president or senator kailangan magtulongan tyo s bansa ntin ibaba ang mga bilihin.tingnan nyo mraming naghihirap s buhay ng pamilya wla ng makain at hindi npaaral ang anak nila dahil crisis n talaga kwwa nman.kya mrami crimen or isnatser wla trabaho sila dhil di tpos pag aral/kya maawa kyo s mhirap god knows k.s.a mausi

amtl-alex 6 years ago

C'mon! All of them will steal of course. I just hope that the people will choose a leader that will steal less than the others.

nOne Of yaa buiisness 6 years ago

wOohOo we fOund theee hubpagee thiingyy , thiis can be Ours nOw true uhhh nOo !!

Attaitedath 4 years ago

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JOSA 3 years ago



Johnf809 2 years ago

Keep working ,impressive job! ebaegeebegke

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